Seth reveals who was really crucified, by ron, Seth practitioner

…ron speaks…Nothing is more real than myth and legend, and add in flat-out mis and dis information. In part, the New Testament was based upon beliefs that were not true in actuality. Parables, allegorical tales steeped in myth with no basis in verifiable fact, stories purposely told in ancient times for ancient reasons geared to simple, illiterate peoples with 1,000 word vocabularies.

The Speaker–Teacher’s knowledge transcends time by remembering and teaching lost and forgotten information and wisdom that rises from the inner being that needs to be told to those with open minds and hearts. Speaker–Teachers help straighten out the entangled mess that ego man has gotten his followers into by spawning deceptive religions that hold people back from true inner enlightenment and spiritual progress.

Briefly,Team Christ was a multidimensional, multifaceted energy personality gestalt that chose to express as a group of closely connected physical beings born during those times whose volunteer, dedicated jobs it was to bring about a new direction in thinking in place of the stale, obsolete religions of the day that were going nowhere. What, a war-like God who killed the enemies of the Jews? No god ever killed. Period.

There was no immaculate conception, nor was there a virgin birth, Joseph was in his 40s and Mary was in her teens, that was typical for those times, and they had sex in the usual method, and they agreed to have Jesus. Nor was there a historical Christ personage crucifixion, another man, who thought that he was the Christ, was drunk on wine, raised his hand, and it was he who was crucified, while Christ and Mary M looked on from the audience, nor was there a resurrection and an ascension rising up into heaven…at 40,000 feet, or was it 80,000 feet? The church controlled the flow of information, that it mostly created or changed to suit itself for several reasons that have to do with, greed, gain, power and control by EGO man.

Gleaned from my no-name teachers in Seth University, Dream Campus. During a 1970s Seth session concerning Christ information, when Seth revealed that Christ was not crucified, Rob was most curious and asked a burning question of Seth; Rob asked Seth who, then, was crucified in place of Christ, and Seth was rather reluctant, and insistent that although he would divulge the name, however, due to the times back then, Seth, being all-knowing, insisted that Rob keep the name to himself for his personal satisfaction and not record it, for protective reasons, and also a publisher who would not agree to print such controversial inflammatory religious information. So we have unpublished Seth information, no book reference.

Seth had a Christ Book already for Jane to dictate, he said, “You may have the Christ Book anytime you like,” and she refused, was not comfortable with the idea, due to her beliefs and Catholic upbringing, and Seth revealed the name in his book along with extensive Christ family–Team Christ information. Seth’s Christ Book is not “dead” however and it is still waiting to be handed off to another through the dream state. The Jane who lived into her 80s in a probable reality, who lived in Miami, Florida, and Seth went into detail here telling her and Rob about that successful, creative life in Miami, did agree to dictate Seth’s Christ book, as well as several other Seth books, like the Atlantis Book, for example, and others.

All Seth sessions, published and private as well as all ESP class sessions are available for psychic perception and recall, that is, they can be psychologically audited in an altered state of consciousness as time does not exist in actuality, and any past event is still alive for the psychic exploration. You imagine yourself there, a projection of consciousness.

The name of the man who was crucified in place of Christ was Simon of Cyrene, the man who carried the cross for Jesus, as the story goes. Rome was satisfied that it had its messiah and killed, and in year 2022, it is safe to make this known, Rome no longer kills people, for the times, they are a changin’.

Team Christ has never left working the earth plane, they just operate in the background, so to speak, and they wear different guises for educational purposes, but their messages are basically the same–LOVE.

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Claim: Jesus was resurrected.
Fact-checked: TRUE, because He was vaccinated.

What if everyone of us is an immaculate conception. The parents can make a baby body, but is the soul not introduced in it on a immaculate way after conception and sometimes at the moment of birth?

Spiritually, you could say that everyone is an immaculate conception, however, on the physical side, it still takes TWO to “tango.”

Millennia ago, Joseph, in his 40s, had sex in the usual manner with Mary, in her teens, ( that was normal back then) and there was prior psychic agreement for them to bring forth Jesus into the world, no virgin birth. Jesus was a portion of WE ARE CHRIST energy gestalt, and, together with John the Baptist, and Paul, or Saul, plus the Disciples and Mary Magdalene, and others associated with the movement, formed, TEAM CHRIST, and they appeared at a point in early earth development for specific reasons of putting forth new beliefs, in place of the old, stale and rigid beliefs that were getting nowhere. Ron, a personality with a message and a NON-religious practitioner of New Are wisdom, who promotes the Seth material.

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After I made the reply, I read the daily message of Suzanne Giesemann channeling Sanaya… and guess what…there was said that it is the Force ( the divine creator, All that Is) who birthed us all. Speaking of synchronicities.

…ron speaks…There is no personified, objectified supreme creator, that is an ancient belief that stays in the 100s AD. What exists, and the true meaning falls off the edge of words, is the existing electrical universe, or ALL THAT IS. Simply put, what you call God, is the energy force from which all existence springs. You and everyone and everything is the god force. You were never externalized, you were never apart from god. You are god incarnate.