Seth search engine
Search (nearly) all of the Seth material.



  1. Improved omitted paragraph counts to exclude blank lines.
  2. Fixed first and last omitted paragraph counts.
  3. Fixed a rare date parsing error.


  1. Fixed searches containing results with single paragraphs (envelope experiment captions).
  2. Fixed viewing single results from a date range search.


  1. Changed site URL from to, also added SSL support (HTTPS). Both changes are good for SEO I imagine.


  1. Removed bullets. Excerpts now display with numbered paragraphs when ordered by relevance, and as a single document with “[… X paragraphs …]” omission indicators when ordered by position.


  1. Changed the default excerpt ordering for single sessions to be chronological, instead of by relevance. The multiple result view is still ordered by relevance by default.


  1. Added “Did you mean …?” query corrections. I personally supplemented these with US/UK word variants from Wikipedia, so a search for analyse (which finds results like analyses) will also suggest the useful analyze.
  2. Accented characters are now handled intelligently, a search for résume or résumé will yield results.
  3. Added a “Similar sessions” section to search results of a single session. This includes queries without any actual search terms, e.g. a simple query like (a how-to for “psychological time”) will link to similar sessions.


  1. Added a simple little “search term coverage” % indicator when viewing an individual session.


  1. Search now supports stylized quotation marks “ and ”.
  2. The rare sessions that span multiple chapters now display full paragraphs for both hits, e.g.:


  1. Modified “[…]” omission links to appear at the beginning and end of excerpts where applicable, not just between fragments.
  2. Added “More…” links to so you can tell explicitly when all excerpts are visible on the result page.


  1. Added date search, though crudely. (An error will remove the date portion and continue.)
  2. Added sorting results by earliest, latest, or the usual, relevance.
  3. Added sorting excerpts by their original position in the document.
  4. When viewing a single result, all excerpts are now full paragraphs.


  1. Added meta og:description tag for Facebook to include quotations in link previews.


  1. Added The Early Class Sessions: Book 1.
  2. Added The Early Class Sessions: Book 2.
  3. Added The Early Class Sessions: Book 3.
  4. Added The Early Class Sessions: Book 4.


  1. Added hover text explanations to the example searches.
  2. Likewise, book abbreviations show the full name on hover.
  3. Added quick links for searching the multi-volume books.


  1. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 5.
  2. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 6.
  3. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 7.


  1. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 1.
  2. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 2.
  3. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 3.
  4. Added The Personal Sessions: Book 4.
  5. Hopefully fixed the rate limits to truly be per-user.
  6. Improved the Kindle store link now that Amazon has a means to link to eBook filtered search results.


  1. Added automated citations when copying an excerpt to the clipboard, this (among other things) only works in modern web browsers.
  2. Adjusted hyperlink styles to better indicate visited links, highlight omissions between sentence fragments, and hint that the leading ► symbols can be clicked to expand the full heading.


  1. I reverted an earlier change. Stop words (common words like “the” and “are”) will no longer be searched by default. It’s just faster and better this way. I added the common keyword to search with them explicitly. E.g.‘we+are+seth’/
  2. Added support for OpenSearch. Certain browsers will now recognize the page as a search engine. (E.g. in Google Chrome you can perform a search from the address bar by simply typing and pressing Tab.)
  3. Most symbols in URLs, such as ~() should no longer be converted into their ugly %126 %28 %29 equivalents.
  4. Links to single sessions are now shorter for better copy and paste, e.g. instead of‘292+October+10+1966’+beer+OR+wine.
    This is only done where possible.
  5. Renamed to Seth search engine.
  6. Fixed a bug when searching for apostrophes. They are now changed to spaces (this is how Whoosh handles them internally, so this is necessary to get the results you’d expect).
  7. Fixed a bug where clicking Search wouldn’t take you to the first page if you were on a later page from a previous search.


  1. Finally implemented pagination. Can now browse all the results of a search instead of “Top 7”. The same excerpt limits are in place.


  1. Fixed a major (though hopefully seldom encountered) bug which broke certain searches. is now working. Problem was within the sentence fragment formatter due to CommonMark’s use of HTML entities such as " whereas BeautifulSoup converts them.
  2. Fixed it so links to headings with symbols between letters (like Q&A) should now work, e.g. TES8 Rob Pendulum Q&A June 12, 1967.


  1. Can now search with exact: to avoid stemming, e.g.:
  2. Can now search for common words, which makes this search possible:‘we+are+seth’/‘we+are+seth’/
  3. Numbers are now allowed in the key-terms lists (except the session’s own #). Fun to see years jump out like in
  4. Single quotes now persist in the the address bar (instead of %27) when clicking search button, just like arriving from a link.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 9. Eureka!
  2. Fixed a bug which left out the sessions (mostly ESP class) from the appendix of Seth Speaks.
  3. This bug also left out the final session 873 from NoME, now included.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 8.
  2. Added missing headings to TES4-7.
  3. Switched from a whitelist to a blacklist approach for TES7, TES8, and TES9 due to an exceptionally large number of unique headings.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 7.
  2. Fixed sentence fragment excerpts to no longer end on Dr. Sr. Jr. Mr. Ms. and Mrs. or a single letter period, like F. in Robert F. Butts.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 6.


  1. Key-term links are now displayed next to session headings. This gives an excellent summary of a session and enables casual browsing, a search like gives a browsable summary of the entire book.


  1. Fixed a bug where result links weren’t working if they didn’t have a session, e.g. an appendix.


  1. Clicking a result heading now narrows the search to just that session and gives up to 50 excerpts (ought to be all of them). The top few paragraphs are full, the rest have intentionally fragmented sentences. Example:‘615+September+18+1972’+‘conscious+mind’/
  2. Added a little Kindle icon image and linked that to the book in the Kindle store. The book cover image now links to the physical copy on
  3. Replaced the <details><summary> spoiler tags with actual JavaScript so that the heading link and images are both clickable. You now have to precisely click on the arrow to view the longer book/part/chapter titles.
  4. Fixed a bug where […] was inserted even if there wasn’t an omission.


  1. Can now link to specific searches. Check it out!


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 5.
  2. Fixed some incorrectly bold excerpt text (due to different implementations of Markdown I suspect).
  3. Sentence fragments should now be italicized correctly… probably. Took some trickery.


  1. Now only the first session excerpts are full paragraphs, the rest are only sentence fragments (for each term, so potentially the entire paragraph). Thanks to that I’ve increased the number of search results!
  2. Performance has been significantly improved. (After fixing the previous bug I realized a slow workaround I was using was no longer necessary.)
  3. Fixed a major bug with the paragraph/excerpt ranking. Should now see the true top ranked excerpts of each session.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 4.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 3.
  2. Linked title to blank search page.


  1. Added The Early Sessions: Book 1.
  2. Added The Early Sessions: Book 2.
  3. Included links to Rick Stack’s book store and specifically the digital section (as best I could) of Jane’s books on


  1. Added “Unknown” Reality Volume 2.


  1. Added “Unknown” Reality Volume 1.
  2. Added headings that are found only in the table of contents (e.g. session summaries in Unknown Reality).
  3. All book sections have been added, even those without sessions (e.g. introductory essays). (25+ hours non-stop work later!)
  4. The chapter field has been renamed heading.


  1. Can now filter by chapter heading and session in addition to book.
  2. If you specify one or more of the above without any actual words to be searched you will get a list of sessions. Very handy. Search by name, date, number, whatever!
  3. Added examples of the above.
  4. Fixed a bug where sessions in the preface or appendix were left out (e.g. SS & NoPR).


  1. Added some quick-access book filter links.
  2. Examples are now clickable.
  3. Paragraphs with equal rank are now sorted consistently (earliest first).
  4. Added a “Results for: <your search query>” header.


  1. Can now search within, or exclude, specific books.
  2. Dropped number of sessions in results from 10 to 5, remember you can narrow by book for “more”.
  3. Added book thumbnails.
  4. Fixed it so sessions that span between chapters are no longer missing their second half (e.g. the beginning of NoPR Chapter 16).


  1. 3 days of development time later (and 10+ years of coding experience, haha) I launched with the following books: SS, NoPR, NotP, NoME, TMA, DEaVF1, DEaVF2, WTH

Awesome! I had been looking for the reference to the more you know the more mysteries appear…or something like that I remembered. I had written it down somewhere. Just two days ago I spent several hours looking through notes and text to try and find it… never did.
Literally at my fingers in fifteen seconds!
Thanks Chris! Beta-on!


Thank you sooo much Chris. I have been thinking about this for a couple of decades :slight_smile: Very much appreciated.




Hey, thanks, Chris! I just now typed in the word “forgive”, and apparently forgiveness is not a concept that Seth found particularly necessary. This makes perfect sense in a universe wherein there are no victims; when the word did come up it was only used as a figure of speech.

I’m looking forward to using this search engine a lot in the future.

Thank you so, so much for doing this! I think you may expect a great upsurge in the membership here. :sunny:


This is a Sumafi’s dream come true. :sunny:


I typed in blueprint body consciousness and what came up was incredible. I stopped reading only because I began to feel tired from watching a couple of YouTube videos which were quite long. I will definitely be using your wonderful search engine a lot. Thank you Chris


Fantastic stuff @Christopher, we’ve been crying out for something like for ages! This is going to make my life so much easier :smiley: Think you’ll be able to add all the books eventually?



For certain.


Chris, would it be possible to publish a list of the books which are included in the search engine and update this list on this forum?

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It’s written at the top of the search engine page. I just edited it to be slightly more prominent because some other people were asking me the same question. :wink:

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Just added book specific searches.

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Hi Chris - that search engine you built really put a smile on my face - it’s great!! I don’t know anything about scripting and I’m not sure I can even imagine how much work, effort and love you’ve put into building it, but it is so appreciated!! I get regular seaching and I’ve got a basic understanding of using boolean operators, so I’m going to have fun with this for a long time and learn a lot too. Thank you, thank you!


Hi Chris, I just heard about the search engine and tried it out. Fantastic! It works like a charm. For a long time I’d wanted to make my own collection of Seth quotes on specific topics, but this is even better and probably the only thing of its kind available on the Internet. Thanks so much!


Have you considered adding a link to Rick Stack’s online book store? He sells audios as well as all the books.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I should do. The site’s layout is atrocious though, ugh. I guess I’ll link to

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The site’s layout is atrocious though, ugh

I agree. Hasn’t been updated in years.

I do have a quick question: When I’ve searched on terms, I get, for instance, “Top 7 of 48 results for content:xyz.” Is there a way to access more than the first 7 results?

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Not yet but that will come eventually.

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