Seth search engine


Woo hoo! Thank you so much, I’ve been using the search engine a lot. It’s a wonderful thing…


The search engine is FANTASTIC. Just used to to get more info on psy time and Seth’s thoughts on yoga and got a ton of great info. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Chris!!!


That makes me so happy!!! Thanks for saying so. :wink:


Thanks so much for providing this brilliant search engine :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Added The Personal Sessions Books 1 - 4.


Hi Chris, great news on the Personal Sessions. Any plans for The Seth Materials? Also, I spend a lot of time using your search engine, I think it’s wonderful. Sometimes I’ll search on a word or phrase simply for some accelerated learning. But once in a while I’ll get “429 Too Many Requests 1000 per 1 day” when I try to access it. Not often, I was just wondering if you’re aware of that?

Update: I just got the error again. This time on the second page of search results.


Thanks! I’m aware. It’s supposed to only give that message for the individual that reaches the limit, but it’s clearly not working. I’ve been trying to fix it the last few days. If it doesn’t work this final time I’m simply going to conclude that the feature isn’t designed the way I thought, and remove it entirely.


Sorry, I just noticed I got a message from you, I just updated my message from last night. Today I’m on a different computer, different browser. Does it keep track of IPs, is that how it works? If so, yep, it’s not working right because I have definitely not searched 1,000 times today, lol. Or, as it just told me, 200 per hour.

I absolutely love the search engine.


I removed the entire “feature”. Should work fine now.


Thanks, it’s working great now!



Mr. Galpin: Came here from Facebook because I’m working on creating a hypergraph of words (vertices) connected by relationships (edges) so that users can express ideas as “mental shapes,” a kind of tech tool that is a flattened version of telepathy that came from a vision 30 years ago about Seth’s description of his way of communicating among his colleagues. Also, as a newbie web designer (I’m managing a friend’s website and delving briefly into online marketing to help his small business), I’m intrigued by references to Beautiful Soup and other terms so I bookmarked the search engine. I would like to ask you ask a few questions now and then about your search engine and perhaps web design in general and where would be the most appropriate place to do so (here or elsewhere in cyberspace). Kindly, David Farthing


Sounds fun. Are you a coder then? Right here is a perfectly good place to ask about the search engine. :wink: The code will be public (soon I hope) as well.


Thanks, Chris, for kindly letting me ask you those types of questions here. Yes, I am a coder, too. As I mentioned it may be some time before I ask you those questions since the code will soon be public and I tend to be busy these days. Sincerely, David


Hello, Chris, it’s David again. I was searching for the terms “after death” and “animal” and the following heading appeared: Results 1 to 10 of 28 for (stemmed:“after death” AND stemmed:anim).
I was wondering what software package or tool you included to stem your terms. It looks similar to the Stanford Natural Language Processing group’s code that I use. I would like to know what web dev package or whatever it is that you are using since your search engine has inspired me to think about a website for editors to contribute to an online rhetorical device collection. Thank you.


Hi. :slight_smile: The engine runs on Whoosh, a pure Python search engine library.

There is lots of information in the documentation:

Whoosh includes several stemming algorithms such as Porter and Porter2, Paice Husk, and Lovins.

I use the Porter default.

The official Porter algorithm page has implementations in many languages.

Whoosh’s implementation seems to have a speed improvement over the Python version from the above page.

It’s interesting that the bottom of the Porter page actually recommends Porter2, which Whoosh supports. Maybe I will switch it to Porter2 later after some investigation. :wink:


Hi Chris,
I have been using the Seth search engine for awhile and just
want to thank you. Profusely!