Seth Searchable on Kindle for Mac

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Having had much satisfaction with kindle on the Ipad, i downloaded Kindle for the desktop/lap top. Its almost magical. There are onky a few sethbooks I don’t have as a kindle. This evening I decided to look up ‘brain’ in the ES8… WOW!!!. each enetry comes on the side bar and I still have a full screen to read the page. On the ipad the excerpts and the search results slightly overlap- though there must be away to adjust this.

The reason why I knew someone somewhere must be doing this is that I have noticed in many seth groups large extracts/new extracts being posted from the kindle editions and I guessed/assumed no one was painfully typing them out.

I cannot see anyone duplicating what kindle does so well. its simple

1-Get the kindle app
2-purchase the ebook via amazon
3-upload the ebook
4-search for anything you want, all day long

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