Seth + Swearing

I’ve been thinking about the layered levels and tone of assertive communication versus violence. Here are excerpts from sessions that indicate the bold and frank language used by and around Seth, including in relation to the concept of violation (similar enough for my purposes):

“(ESP class had really jumped last night. The 32 people crowded into our living room enjoyed rich, active, loud, and even profane exchanges among themselves, with Jane, and with Seth. “Fuck you, Seth!” one girl screamed — which daunted that worthy not at all: Class members hardly agree with Seth or anyone else all of the time. As usual, Jane found herself learning along with her students. She also took time to sing very delicately in Sumari, in contrast to Seth’s powerful deliveries. All was recorded, of course. Class lasted from 7 P.M. until after midnight, and by the time it was over everyone involved was, if not exhausted, certainly well exercised emotionally. We’re to get a transcript of the evening’s Seth material at next week’s class.*)”

—UR2 Section 4: Session 711 October 9, 1974

"A child sits, perhaps three years old, with his finger stuck up his ass, feeling the shit that warmly runs down, and that child knows that shit is good. Then, give him credit!

“You think that the soul is a white wall with nothing written upon it, and so your idea of sacrilege is to shit upon it, not realizing that the shit and the soul are one, and that the biological is spiritual; and that, again — if you will forgive my homey concept — flowers grow from the shit of the earth. And in a true communion, all things of this life return to the earth, and are consumed and rise up again in a new life that is never destroyed or annihilated, though always changing form.”

“So, when you shrink from such words or such meanings, why do you shrink? Because you do not trust the biology of your being or the integrity of your soul in flesh. You are people. You are made of the stuff of the earth, and the dust from the stars has formed into the shit that lies in piles — warm piles that come from the beasts and the creatures of the earth. And that shit fertilizes the flowers and the ground, and is a part of it.”

—UR2 Appendix 24: (For Session 725)

"For now consider this blocked energy. Consciously, most people are already afraid of it — they did not repress it because they considered it good. When I use the word “repressed” I do not mean forgotten, or shoved into the unconscious, or beyond reach. You may pretend that such material is hidden but it is quite within your conscious awareness. You have only to honestly look for it and organize what you find.

“An outright lie may or may not be a violation. A sex act may or may not be a violation. A scientific expedition may or may not be a violation. Not going to church on Sunday is not a violation. Having normal aggressive thoughts is not a violation. Doing violence to your body, or another’s, is a violation. Doing violence to the spirit of another is a violation — but again, because you are conscious beings the interpretations are yours. Swearing is not a violation. If you believe that it is then in your mind it becomes one.”

—NoPR Chapter 8: Session 634, January 22, 1973

“(“All right,” she said finally. “I’ll just tell you this: The whole idea of reincarnation is all screwed up. To unscramble it would really be confusing. What I’m getting is that the idea of just one life in any given time is bullshit — the psyche is so rich that it can have more than one life in one time period, like your Nebene and Roman soldier living together in the first century. But if you tell people that, you’ll just get them all mixed up.””

—UR2 Appendix 21: (For Session 721)

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Funny, I was thinking about swearing just yesterday while driving to the store. I used to swear a lot. Was trying to figure out where it came from. Mind you, not angry swearing, but just throwing around more colorful adjectives than the average person. It was fine in California where I lived, seemed like most people there swear, bigger city talk sort of thing. But I now live in a small town in Washington state, and people here do not swear, and they are somewhat horrified by even non angry, colorful swearing, so I got rid of the “colorful language.”
I don’t think swearing is wrong or evil, just not always appropriate. And I have to admit, not very imaginative when you get right down to it.

I don’t swear a lot myself. What I find interesting about swear words is that they’re often repositories for complexes of emotion that are beyond the capacity of most other words to contain and that apparently require a condensed, explosive style of communication to register the intensity of the feeling. Sometimes they get combined with extender or directive words, not to mention vocal tone, that enhance or clarify the orientation of the outburst, such as ‘fuck yeah!’ or ‘ahh shit!’. I think swear words can be creative in that usage, but when they become filler words or when they are little vents of otherwise intolerably repressed emotion, then they serve the purpose of making expression somehow more vague and blunt, which I find can become dreary after continued and repetitive use.