Seth's comment about his direct contacting of Philip, a.k.a. John Bradley!

Quote from: TES5 #206

"I also told you that we would discuss some implications arising from the fact that Philip was able to hear my voice, and we shall not overlook these matters.

(Philip is John Bradley’s entity name. See the 204th session. Jane and I were certainly hoping Seth would go into John’s experience, whereby John heard from Seth, more deeply.)

The conditions simply happened to be excellent the evening that Philip heard me speak to him.

There is no particular reason why others could not hear me , but practically speaking the ego is usually on guard to prevent such communications. The ego regards anything but itself as an alien, even the portions of the individual’s own subconscious. Since these are so often denied by the ego, it is no wonder that voices such as mine only infrequently break through.

If Philip did not already have a familiarity with me in these sessions, it would have been very difficult for me to have made my voice clear to him. It also happened that I was speaking in warning, and therefore his own subconscious was willing to let the contact take place.

Philip was not consciously thinking of me, and his ego was not on guard. His subconscious mind however did consent to the contact, because I impressed upon it the fact that I considered the situation potentially dangerous to him."