Seth's Suggestions on Learning to Channel?

Hey there, I was just wondering if there is anywhere in the Seth Material where Seth gives suggestions on how people could learn to channel for themselves. I’ve looked around and tried using the Seth search engine site but didn’t find anything yet. Thanks!

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Direct cognition is a good method of allowing information to surface from your inner self - being to your conscious waking self. You are channeling yourself, your inner selves. Beliefs allow or restrict, as always. – ron.

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Seth comments about “automatic writing”:

([Mary Ellen:] “Is my automatic writing legitimate?”)

You are opening up channels to the inner self and, hence, hopefully beyond. Consider then what you are doing quite legitimate as a means, but not an end. Do not take everything you get as the holy word of God. You are working through the subconscious, and you must work through the subconscious in order to clear the channels. To know this does not mean that you should not trust what you are getting. It simply means you should look to it subjectively as well as intuitively.

You are on a pathway and you have a good beginning. There is debris in your way. This is not the fault of the pathway and the debris is perfectly legitimate for what it is so do not be discouraged but go your own way, slower, more calmly, and with inner confidence. Do not question so severely, for underneath you have been wondering whether or not you are reaching only the subconsciousness. To reach the subconsciousness itself is quite an endeavor and worthwhile. You must work through this in order to make communication with other layers.

And you have received some legitimate information in regard to your family. Information that helps you relate to them more clearly. Now, whether or not it is couched in reincarnational terms, it offers clear, precise and excellent insights as to how those within your family operate and what stimuli is important to them. Be thankful for it.

DECEMBER 8, 1970 - The Early Class Sessions Book 2

Now Rob made extensive use of the pendulum and received legitimate feedback.
You may like to know that years after Jane passed, Rob and Laurel used THE Ouija board and Seth briefly came through. I happen to have written proof of this.

Also when ron visited Elmira in June of 2019 for Rob’s 100th birthday celebration, I brought along The Seth Museum Collection with THE Ouija board, and Oshara and Kate played it, and Seth briefly came through and I took notes. When I later returned in 2020 to obtain the “Hill House Horde” consisting of Laurel abandoned considerable Jane, Rob and Seth material, much Jane and Rob never before seen artwork, from the lady who bought the Hill House from Laurel in 2010, along THE Ouija board, and, once more, Kate and Oshara played it and I took notes while Seth came through.

However, a portion of the parent Seth entity, or, WE ARE SETH, resides within each and every person, who has direct access done so through their beliefs and their inner self–being. Additionally, WE ARE CHRIST exists within us all, however, beliefs can stymie access to the inner self, you understand. Seth session…“Those who speak on my behalf…” Seth for 2023 is quite different from Seth in the 60s and 70s, as all Seth entity teachers wear clever guises and different personas. – ron, a personality with a message.

Thanks for you replies. I did try automatic writing a couple of years ago but never stuck with it because I was always questioning whether what was coming through was ‘real’ or not. But I do find that sometimes when I am journaling, it’s almost like the writing becomes automatic and the thoughts just start flowing. Sometimes I even get new ideas doing that. But it still feels like ‘me’, even though it might be a more inspired part of me.

But I must say I am a bit surprised if Seth never came through explicitly about giving people instructions for channeling in the way that Jane channels. I guess there different sources online that can teach this, but I really tend to trust Seth the most. When I listen to other teachers sometimes I am thinking in the back of my mind “are they giving negative suggestions here that can actually hinder progress because of their beliefs?” For example if they say “in order to channel, condition X must be met”, which might not actually be true. So even when I look to other teachers, I’m still looking at them through a Sethian lens.

If you are just looking for a more conscious, in the moment communication with source, I would suggest begin with meditation combined with listening after you pose a question. example, while in deep meditation mull over a topic or question and see what begins to come through. After a while you get good at fine tuning that information. I find that you have to start the conversation with a question and pay attention to what “new” information “pops” into your thoughts. Be patient. Anyone can do this, just most people don’t put the effort into quieting their minds enough to hear the reply.