Shift to probable realities

So I have read briefly about probable realities that every life decision we make, the opposite is being lived out by another of our probable selves. My question is, does Seth speak how we can shift to these probable worlds?

Suppose I want to shift to another version of myself where I made a different career choice?

I suggest again: focus on creating reality now! It is easier and less risky. Change your career now!

The “probable realities” are widely misunderstood. There are no parallel probable universes the way most people imagine.

The only parallel universes / realities, as Seth actually said too, are those that each one of us creates for themselves, in which each one of us is the primary construction and everything else is secondary construction.

All thoughts create thought-forms, so when you ponder a decision you create a thought form for every alternative you think of, but there is only the one you decided on that is part of your reality. The others can only be explored for making choices. They don’t belong to “copies” of your personality.

Again, my advice is to learn and practice to create reality now!

This is a good question. When you shift to a probable reality, it is the sensation of of course realizing that you are already there… and not feeling any shift at all. E.g. you will not know that you came from “elsewhere”, because everything has become “hereswhere”. And indeed this is happening continually.

But there are definitely practical benefits to wanting this specifically, and nothing wrong with that. You can use the “now”, to alter the past or change probabilities in the way you desire. Your desire here is completely appropriate.

I’ve been re-reading (listening actually) Seth Speaks and there are several chapters about this.

I’m writing you a hasty reply before taking a much-needed nap, maybe we can follow-up more concretely in a bit. :wink:

Thank you! That was helpful. I had similar thoughts but wanted to know from others who are familiar with Seth books than I am.

I was in a Seth discussion group 5 years ago (it since broke up), and one of the members, Amy, was telling me about this meditation where you visualize going to this other dimension and talking to the other “you” and ask them for use of the talent or whatever you are wanting, that you don’t have, that they do have. I did this with painting, and right away, my painting skills improved so radically, that I was a staunch believer in this process. Probably shaved decades off of any real time learning skills I would have had to go through.
So, I have used that technique since, for other things. It always works. If it is something that I have a lot of negative beliefs around, it does take longer, but it does eventually happen.
So, seems like the more light hearted your feelings around this, the easier it is.
There could be many explanations as to why this works, but it does work.

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