Small Event Predictions

I was reading one of the Nancy Ashley Seth guidebooks the other day and came across a section that describes Jane and Rob’s attempts to predict future events by writing down whatever random thoughts came to mind with that intent.

I decided what the heck and gave it a go. I came up with and wrote down these three words / items:

Susequehhanook (no idea what this actually is but I’ve heard it somewhere)
Friendship bracelet

That was about 4 days ago. During that time I remembered the items on a couple of occasions but I didn’t encounter anything that seemed like the ‘prediction’ coming true.

Until today, when I was in a shop with a small selection of books. One of them immediately drew my eye. It was a kid’s book on how to make friendship bracelets. I chuckled to myself when I saw it.

Seems like a good result, although only 1 out of 3. Has anyone else tried this with similar results?


I tried this a long time ago, Martin – havn’t got my diaries/notes at the mo’ - but it would be fun to try it again – :-)))

I’ll give it a go … !


Well it definitely worked for me Rachel, the result is hard to argue with! I’m going to have another go soon.

yes, it worked for me too back when, I just don’t recall the details. :-)) –

Lets have some fun. I usually notice this during the day anyway, but to sit down and make physical notes of impressions/stray thoughts is another matter. Get back to it when…

looking forward to your new adventure… ! :-)))

Well, lets see … I havn’t tried this recently as I recall it suggested - relax, write down whatever comes to mind and see what happens…I remember now, that it became such a part of my daily life to ‘predict’ that I only tried it once or twice - and have to say that that is still the case. Sometimes the ‘psychic’ is heightened and sometimes nothing comes along -

The last few days I’ve been in a ‘mood’ and had a lot on my mind, but even so I guess things on TV , when I’m watching it: the first time it was the price of an item bought for auction, how much it might be worth: I thought: 10 to 15.000 Kr. - a second later they said: 10 to 15.000 - - - that kind of thing.

Just now, which is the reason I am finally writing this - I am watching a program about Josephine of France, who I know nothing about. Her early years, and since I didn’t see it from the start I was wondering where in the world she was brought up. There was a sugar plantation, slaves, a hurricane which destroyed her parents plantation etc. but no name… - some island across the Atlantic, I thought - which one? Immediately the name Martinique came to mind so I checked the TV program and voila - Martinique. :-)) – I love that.


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That would be very useful in quiz shows Rachel :smile:

I had another go at writing down predictions but so far nothing. I dont’ think I did it with as much enthusiasm the second time though. I guess someone’s desire to make accurate predictions will have an effect on the outcome…

heheheheheheh - yes - but I’d have to be ‘seriously’ interested. I have the same experience that you have - nothing comes when there is no personal interest; curiosity, wonder, desire - …

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