So Quiet On The Frontline

Hope everyone is doing well. The oddest thing I noticed during the pandemic here, is how quiet this chat room got. Being as we all know how it is we create our own reality, and talking about something usually leads to more of that thing you talk about, probably best to also realize that analyzing something in an intellectual way for personal growth is different than just worrying or fretting over something.

That being said, it is interesting to observe the world, the world news (and yes in a very detached way and just as a social barometer) and think about the things Seth says in regards to the Nature of Personal and Mass Events.

So, if anyone wants to chat about their observations and conclusions I think that would be an interesting conversation.

Even life as normal, and Sethian insights would be a lovely topic. Halllooooo, anyone out there???

Now other Seth forums, chat rooms, have been quite busy…Ronald H. Card on Facebook.

Here and at times overwhelmed, but doing well. Don’t look at the event see the desired pay off which had created the event.

Hi Sandy,
Oh I like that thinking. Focus on the change that is being created.
Glad you are doing well.
I also, for the most part, am doing well.

I had a recent example of how I think this works; I’ve felt for some time that my husband shouldn’t be driving - so he had a minor accident (no one hurt) which put the car out of commission and effectively ended my husband’s driving. Very effective and no family nagging necessary. So creating the accident (event) resulted in a very positive outcome (pay off) that everyone wanted. I have looked back and find many such scenarios which at the time seemed terrible but outcome very positive. Won’t go into the why he shouldn’t be driving here, but you get the idea.
I enjoy your posts and will try to post more myself. FB is an abomination and never go there on principle.

There is a fine line between premonition and reality-creation. I look at events more from the perspective of reality-creation. I believe this is what Seth teaches too.

I agree on fb, and extend it to twits, and other such “antisocial” media.

Hi Sandy,
What is interesting about this is that you feel you created his accident, metaphysically speaking, to end his driving, which he should not be doing (reasons irrelevant). Seth and Abraham both say you can not create in another persons experience, you can only create in your own experience. But your story illustrates how you wanted a situation to change and it did.
So many questions about that. I remember this guy lived on the corner and had a very aggressive dog, it would charge my son and scare other children. I meditated and imagined that guy moving to another house where he would be happier, I meditated on that daily for about a month. One day the police showed up at his house, turns out he had a puppy mill in his basement and had so many animals in such dreadful conditions in tiny cages. All dogs and puppies were seized and no doubt found good homes, and he did some prision time as it was not his first offense and the conditions he kept those dogs were apparently horrific.
Did my wanting him off my street cause that? I would have to say it played a part, it sure feels like it did. Although, he did not go to a happier place like was in my meditation. But he did go.

Hi, of course the event was mine, my reality and what I wanted. The idea I was trying to express was that a positive outcome can be the result of an event that might seem negative (accident) but created the desired positive outcome. I see so many examples in my life of seemingly unwanted events that turned into wonderful, loving experiences.

I see those examples as well, in my life and with various situations. It also speaks to your, or one’s, personal outlook. That at any given time one can focus on the positive aspects of an event, or stay focused on the negative aspects.
It also speaks to the power we have over situations and things. I guess that is where probabilities come into play.

Hello everyone. I am not a very demonstrative person but I may have something to contribute on the aspect of creating reality. I have been a Seth fan since the first book was published.
How reality comes to form is much simpler than we may imagine. Recall that All That Is comprises the Greater Reality; it includes all that is & all that is not.
To form physical reality:

  • firstly a void is/was created in the All That Is (picture a black spot in a continuum of white light)

  • next, inside the void a space is/was inserted ( picture a 12 sided solid, a dodecahedron, a 12-
    dimensional space)

  • then, inside that spatial geometry a ‘drop’ of All That Is/was was placed.

  • the drop expands to fill the space just created. (the Big Bang + Let there be Light)
    This is the universe we currently occupy and how it came to be. All material universes, created by All That Is, follow this disarmingly simple model.

    From this sequence, it becomes apparent that we humans & indeed all matter is made up directly of the White Light. We, Consciousness, condense intent into physical matter to express itself / ourselves. Be assured that everything that happens in this world is carefully planned & thought through by every atom in existence, individually & in concert.
    We actually have to re-form reality every second of the day. Matter, on its own, does not last any time at all, (this is elegantly demonstrated in quantum physics). It occurs instantaneously & is gone to be re-created again with slight changes. When we perceive these slight changes we include them in the continuity of all the micro changes we have just experienced. This then provides our illusion of sequential time when, as we have just seen, time is actually simultaneous in nature.
    We, consciousness, can indeed have premonitions of a possible future event but free will always comes into play & changes to that probable future will indeed occur.
    You see, whereas half the world is in darkness at any one time, one could say basically half the world is in dreamtime constantly. When we dream we collaborate with All of physical existence to work out scenarios for the coming day. ‘We’ includes plants, animals, rocks, smells, sounds, everything we can apprehend physically. Don’t forget, the same consciousness that creates a rock is the same as your own. The entire universe is but a smidgeon of All That Is incarnate, matter made solid.
    The night world thus dreams the day world into existence.
    But the agreed upon outline for the day is only a guideline, It is subject to the decisions of free will at every step of the day. This is why predicting any future is so difficult. At best we can see broad strokes but in no way will we be able to constrain the ability of free will to change things on the fly.
    In this way then, we can see there is no paradox between free will & destiny, fate, pre-determination. They are simultaneous phenomena. Only our day to day conscious mind & our inner consciousness are vexed by this seeming contradiction. It is when we access our unconscious & super conscious that we learn to view reality in stereo as it were.

It is almost always interesting to see how others interpret the Seth material, adding whatever they rationalize that Seth meant. It applies even to Jane Roberts and her husband.

What is the reason we are here, and what are we meant to do while here, in your opinion?

Life is fun and easy. If it is not fun stop doing it. Life is being as opposed to not being…ron.