Speakers Manuscripts?

In “The Nature of Personal Reality” it is written

Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time, The Speakers, and some Sumari poetry are being combined into a book that will be published soon by Prentice-Hall. I consider it a companion book to this one.

I know “Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time” exists as a book, but does it contain the mentioned Speakers Manuscripts? I am curious, where they are found. The passage in NoPR makes it sound like The Speakers manuscript had been delivered and written.

Does anyone know? :slight_smile:

I wonder if they might be in “The God of Jane” in some form?
“Dialogues” is poetry.

There are the “codicils” in the God of Jane and there is interesting information related in The Oversoul Seven Trilogy. Beyond these if you have read and understand and use the material in The Early Sessions books, you should have no problems accessing whatever you are looking for, providing it is really important and that you are honest with your self. All is yours.

Thanks @Christian!

I have so far read Seth Speaks and am working my way through and enjoying The Nature of Personal Reality right now. I do have the early sessions on my reading list :slight_smile:

I assume you mean by applying the exercises and teachings I can tap into the speakers knowledge myself, right?

Yes. There are no rules which is what attracted me personally to the Seth material in the first place. I believe that if you are looking to your inner self for answers, you will get them. Seth provides a development course although it’s not called a development course. Roughly, if you were to follow along from the first session in the Early Sessions, and stay discontent to understand only with your intellect, and crave the real experiences… Seth gives the methods. He basically taught Jane and Rob. We are all unique and different than Jane and Rob, but we all have abilities and the only way to know is to use them. At first you may expect distortions, but Seth is a great coach and addresses many concerns throughout the early sessions and early class sessions. It’s a powerful do it your self course for self motivated people who are in it to really know themselves, and to fulfill their abilities. I’m doing the best I can and it’s humbling but also the most empowering training I know of.

Thanks for pointing all that out! Resonates with me:-) To me, the whole body of work Produced by Jane/Rob/Seth is the most excellent workbook/guide out there and just right for me at this “time” :blush: and I am so, so grateful for having access to it now

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