Stations of consciousness mixed together?! Experience and discuss about stations of consciousness

First guys ! Omg am sooo grateful that I have group of people who can understand me and my interest in studying the nature of reality!

Just prepared my cup of coffee for this :coffee::yum:

Now I had an experience after months of mentally understanding the concept of interwoven stations of consciousness!!

It’s as Seth explained it :

“New paragraph. Basically, however, consciousness is freewheeling. Such realities therefore always exist — in your own psyche — outside of your “home station,” and some portion of your own consciousness is always involved in them. Period. There are bleed-throughs, so to speak, in the form of unofficial perceptions that often occur, or “impossible” events that are seemingly beyond explanation.”
—UR2 Section 4: Session 711 October 9, 1974

We have our home station of consciousness mainly busy interacting with the physical reality and outer world and other stations of our consciousness involved with past future and probable realities !!
Our dreams state for example is a theater for many stations of consciousness to interact with one another!

Let me tell you my simple but quite interesting experience of 2 stations of consciousness mix together where I was fully aware of them !!

I was asleep 2 days ago ! And after waking up I remembered that I had a dream about my neighbors cat sitting under my room’s window!

Now this cat used to come to my home and fight with my two cats and I have to get aggressive with her so she cat stop harassing my poor little cats :cat2:!

After months of my aggression with her ! I never saw here again?:pleading_face:

In my dream she appeared and I was fully awake I’m my dream to the degree when I wake up I felt like “ did I had a dream about my neighbors cat or I actually saw her in “real” life under my window sitting and waiting to attack my cats”

When I wake up I could not distinguish between the two stations of perception!!!

I absolutely did think that I actually saw that cat in my WAKING state !!

But I didn’t !!

Even though this sounds stupid and meaningless! It’s actually soo meaningful when I understood that I actually mixed two stations of reality together!

I saw the cat in a probable reality where another portion of my consciousness was involved and for a moment they mixed together when my memory was shattered into pieces and some other perception entered my home station of reality!!!

That interesting thing is I always doubt myself and my experiences except this one!!!
It’s like with alternation of many stations of consciousness brought to me new way of knowing and new form of knowledge! An intuitive one!!

What do you think?
Dose my experience have anything to do with stations of consciousness as you know it?!!

Can we really perceive more than one blueprint of reality at once?!

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I believe you call “stations” what generally is called “states”.

From what you described, it seems you experienced a vivid dream. I don’t see a reason to believe that you experienced a probable reality.

Dreams are symbolic representations through which our subconscious gives us messages, or describes our non-physical experiences, making them accessible to our conscious perception system, based on our five outer senses. In non-physical we operate on a set of inner senses, that most of us never use while conscious.

To understand the meaning of your dreams, you have to get into a light trance and ask your inner guide to interpret it, while leaving aside all your beliefs and expectations, as they induce distortions. You can’t successfully use your reasoning to interpret your dreams, and there is no dream dictionary that can do that.

You are the one who can best interpret your own dreams, and as you practice it, you get better at it.

Still, if you want, and you recall more of that dream, you can describe it here, and I can try to interpret it, to get you an idea of how I do it.

You asked “Can we really perceive more than one blueprint of reality at once?!”. This question might have a different meaning for you than for me, because we have different beliefs.

What I can reply, is that there is a wider reality, and we can consciously selectively focus and perceive certain portions of it. Our subconscious perceives a much larger portion of the wider reality. Based on that, it creates for each one of us an individual version of that portion, and feeds it to our conscious through our five senses.

When you get in trance, function of its depth, you can access different portions of the wider reality. There aren’t more blueprints.You introduce your own distortions, that make each one’s version somewhat different than all the others.

Probable realities can be accessed through your subconscious in an appropriate trance. In “The early sessions book 1”, there is a session in which Seth explains to Joseph and Ruburt how it would’ve turned out if they made different choices at some specific moments of their lives. While there was a possibility of a better outcome, there were also much worse possibilities, some of them ending in death. Seth doesn’t suggest there, and nowhere as far as I know, to change past choices, to pick another probability. He just wanted Rob and Jane to understand what in their ways of thinking determined their choices.

This is an example of vivid dream, I wrote an interpretation for:

I think you did experience just what you think you did.
There is a fair amount of very rigid thinking when it comes to some of the Seth scholars here. I think some people are still stuck in a belief that there is only one ultimate truth or way an experience can be in order to be valid. I personally think there is no “one way” or “explaination” to reality or non physical. In other words, there are no rules and consciousness is flexible and not sure people experience it in the same way, and why should we.
I think you have stumbled upon a much bigger truth, that your belief in your experience is your validation for it and your validation in your spiritual journey. Which I think is what we are all here for.