The dark side of the force

I am sure you are all familiar with the Star Wars movie and Darth Vader and the dark side of the force. Seth mentions the power of the dark side in his books. I wondered how many of you had noticed this statement. Anyone want to post a comment with the quote?

oh . . . and using Sir Christopher Galpin 's Seth search engine would be cheating <chuckle> Have a wonderful day my friends :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,
I am curious to what he said about this, care to post the quote or book?

Seth explained in some detail that science and religion are myths, then said “ Such tales are myths. They do indeed have power and strength. In those terms they represent the darker side of myths however, yet through their casts you presently view your world.” Session 821

Ok, I do vaguely remember Seth talking about the power of myths from many of his earlier books. There is also something I came across recently where Buddhist monks create a Tulpa ( Tulpa is a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created). Created through a group of people focusing on and with the intention of creating an entity. I find that an interesting bit of spiritual lore.

So, if we do indeed have a dark force, we created it.

I personally do not believe in “evil or the devil or demons” as being anything more than energy that people have created or embodied: lost souls, confused about or with, anger, pain and power.

There is a Seth writing I am reading now, “The Magical Approach,” where he is talking about getting in touch with the palpability of the creative energy of “thought.” And I would agree, that we as a modern people have lost touch with the power of mysticism. Perhaps mysticism could be looked upon, more of a tool than that of an ancient concept.

Something about the power of the midnight sky and sitting around a campfire out in the wilderness that can drum up the energy of our own mysticism and magic.

Although I think you are off on a different tangent than I am right now.

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all tangents are necessary in the limitless expansion of consciousness