The greater knowledge is buried within the layers of the self

You must develop your own abilities. You must probe into the intuitive self, for you will find much knowledge there. Books will help you, but the greater knowledge is buried within the layers of the self. You all have abilities, and you all have liabilities.

Both of these come from past experiences in other lives. The inner portions of your personality know the details of your past lives. The abilities that you have now have been developed in past lives. Those problems which you cannot solve on a psychic and mental level, you will have to solve in the physical system.

TES, Book 7, Session 329


wait a minute, if it’s all happening at the same time, how can I have developed abilities and have issues that have become liabilities; how can I yet have problems which have to be worked out in the physical world just because I haven’t as of yet resolved them mentally?

I used my last name simply because Lynda has been a very active name in our groups.

The last line of the quote is particularly evocative. It reminds me that I have always wondered if there is something about the nature and substance of physical reality which was a materiality in its own right and that FW1 was not just the experiential after effects of things done in FW2 or that Physical reality was not merely a stepping stone to elsewhere.

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learning by trial and error?

Still mulling over this. I have a personal syllabus and system of study and this week the focus is Brain, brainwaves, mind and the mechanicisms which make the experience of physical reality possible.Not sure that the ‘intutive self’ is such a great designator- its been by new age over much . However what strikes me as conceptually possible is that the Mind is a Continum and an ephiphenomena of Consciouness. But that Consciousness is an ephenomena of Self. Though I have to wonder if Seth uses Consciousneness and Self interchangably

anyway the quote to me point to something more profound than rummaging around memories of past lives ( which seems like a parlor trick) i think of this passage:

The ego is a state resulting from the third creative dilemma, which happens when consciousness of self attempts to separate itself from action. Since this is obviously impossible, since no consciousness or identity can exist without action, because they are inseparable, we have our third dilemma. A note of further explanation here. The difference between consciousness of self as a result of our second dilemma, and ego consciousness as a result of our third dilemma, should be made very clear. Consciousness of self involves a consciousness of self within, amid, and as a part of action. Ego consciousness, on the other hand, involves a state in which consciousness of self attempts to divorce itself from action, an attempt on the part of consciousness to perceive action as an object. Here we see that ego consciousness, in this attempt, strives to perceive action not only as separate, but to perceive it in such a fashion that it appears to ego that action is not only separate from itself, that is separate from the ego, but that action is initiated by the ego, and a result rather than a cause of ego’s own existence. These three dilemmas represent three areas of reality within which inner reality, or inner vitality, can experience itself. And here we have also the reason, or one of the reasons why, inner vitality can never achieve complete materialization. The very action involved in vitality’s attempt to materialize itself adds to the inner dimension of inner vitality. Action basically can never complete itself. Inner vitality, materializing in any form whatsoever, at once multiplies the possibilities of further materialization. At the same time, because inner vitality is self-generating, only a minute fraction of inner vitality is needed to seed a whole universe. Inner vitality attempts therefore to materialize itself completely, and yet because of its very nature, with each materialization it increases itself, making the attempt impossible. This is the basic dilemma, from which all types of reality spring. This of course leads us to the necessity for further discussion concerning the nature of inner vitality itself

The Early Sessions, Book 3, Session 138

Which reminds me not to waste time with trivial psychic pursuit- there is bigger psychic game in play here. The Physical experience becomes materiality to assist work things out but the trigger and impetus for that endeavour is of a different magnitude and physical relaity is not their inception. The more I sense what the Ego is up to, the more impressed I am by its construction.


Here we see that ego consciousness, in this attempt, strives to perceive action not only as separate, but to perceive it in such a fashion that it appears to ego that action is not only separate from itself, that is separate from the ego, but that action is initiated by the ego, and a result rather than a cause of ego’s own existence.

deep thoughts, I like the way your psychic and semantic abilities complement and function in harmony. please continue posting.

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Sometimes things come up on my fack book feed and then they dissapear, this feels very pertinent to the natural depth that I do my thinking at- well some of my better thinking - by CS Lewis-

There is no reason to suppose that self-consciousness, the recognition of a creature by itself as a “self,” can exist except in contrast with an “other,” a something which is not the self. . . . The freedom of a creature must mean freedom to choose: and choice implies the existence of things to choose between. A creature with no environment would have no choices to make: so that freedom, like self-consciousness (if they are not, indeed, the same thing), again demands the presence to the self of something other than the self.

and so once again I think of the grand enterprise and i don’t think of a restful heaven with angels or its equivalent to which I will retire after my sojorn into the physcial.And what do I do with all that ‘choice’?That choice creates new bodies of ‘knowlegde[s]’. The more I think about it the more fascinated I am by the construction of the self and the ego self.I think of All that is constructing Entities-Oversouls-Souls- Innerselves-Outterselves- aka egos. Creating like a Boss.


Hi there Lynda, thanks, most likely i will.Its quieter on this forum and the feel of it to me is a space where folks are less likely to jump in with good advice and ‘allow’ the thinking -exploring process to evolve.

Semantics I see as a metacraft of language.A subtle one which along with grammer and syntax touch upon a feeling tone of expression, like notes ,rthymn , tone and timbre in music.Some times there is a bluntness to how language is used which mushess everything together and I am uncomfortable with it.Its just too blunt and clumsy. Its why I will only really read the seth material I tend to feel ‘at last a spook who can speak english’! I do not always have a frame of reference for his conceptual articulation, but at least they make sense :slight_smile:


This also encourages me to mull over the huge and somewhat courageous task the ego takes upon it self, knowing as it does one of the first things that will happen is to forget its origins as the shade of physical reality descends…If it was easy every consciousness would come here.

The race also realizes well the advantages and disadvantages of the physical reality it has adopted. It knows for example that there is a tendency to go to extremes. I mentioned earlier that the rewards, the challenges and the dangers exist precisely because so much freedom is allowed.

Those within the system know this. Regardless of what you may think of their present performance at any given ‘time’ in quotes, it is from this system that the greatest potentials emerge; for having dealt with it, consciousness undergoes one of the severest tests in learning to handle its own energy.

The horror and the results of mismanagement, and the vulnerability, are the teaching methods that each consciousness has accepted before entering your system. There is no way out but to learn or to ruin the entire system. In no other field of reality are the terms so drastic. For this reason the inner self withholds much of its knowledge.

There must be no leaning upon the very basic fact that behind and within the system there is relief. You must believe in the physical reality and accept the vulnerability.

The Early Sessions, Book 9, Session 498


definitely worth words of reply…I would go on forever. many questions, even concerning authors who write books on Seth, and so, are meaning (?) to help translate to the masses as well as discuss implications and ramifications. We are not supposed to judge ourselves but go with our intentions and beliefs weeded as intensely as we possibly can…but we can cause such extreme effects. ‘going to extremes’. is that why we must constantly remind ourselves we are living in a safe universe, as vulnerability is not to be equated as failure…? (I have only best for author/publications) but this seeming relation I could not pass by.