The Nature of the Psyche

"It is your natural state of being"
My all time favourite Seth quote :slight_smile:

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“It involves conditions in which direct knowing primarily operates”

Direct knowing, is within us :slight_smile:


"The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression is the fourth book written by the energy personality essence known as Seth, speaking through Jane Roberts. In session 752, Seth said:I am writing this book through a personality known as Jane Roberts. That is the name given her at her birth. She shares with you the triumphs and travails of physical existence. Like you, she is presented with a life that seems to begin at her birth and that is suspended from that point of emergence until the moment of death’s departure. She has asked the same questions that you ask in your quiet moments.

Her questions were asked with such a VEHEMENCE, however, that she broke through the barriers that most of you erect and so began a journey that is undertaken for herself and for you also – for each of your experiences, however minute or seemingly insignificant, becomes part of the knowledge of your species. Where did you come from and where are you going? What are you? What is the nature of the psyche?

I can only write a portion of this book. You must complete it. For “The Psyche” is meaningless except as it relates to the individual psyche. I speak to you from levels of yourself that you have forgotten and yet not forgotten. I speak to you through the printed page, and yet my words will rearouse within you the voices that spoke to you in your childhood and before your birth.

This will not be a dry treatise, studiously informing you about some hypothetical structure called the psyche, but will instead evoke from the depths of your being experiences that you have forgotten and bring together from the vast reaches of time and space the miraculous identity that is yourself. […] Hopefully in this book we will put you in touch with your own being as it exists OUTSIDE of the context in which you are used to viewing it."


1975.08.04 (753: NPs*, PS3)

Note: Short paragraph not published, according to Mary Dillman.

"If you are traveling around the world, you have to make frequent time adjustments. When you travel through the psyche, you will also discover that your own time is automatically squeezed out of shape. If for a moment you try to imagine that you were able to carry your own time with you on such a journey, all packaged neatly in a wristwatch, then you would be quite amazed at what would happen.

As you approached the boundaries of certain psychic lands, the wristwatch would run backwards. As you entered other kingdoms of the psyche your watch would go faster or slower. Now, if time suddenly ran backward you would notice it. If it ran faster or slower enough, you would also notice the differences. If time ran backward very slowly and according to the conditions, you might not be aware of the difference, because it would take so much “time” to get from the present moment to the one “before” it that you might be struck, instead, simply with the feeling that something was familiar, as if it had happened before.

In other lands of the psyche, however, even stranger events might occur. The watch itself might change shape or turn heavy as a rock or as light as a gas so that you could not read the time at all, or the hands might never move. Different portions of the psyche are familiar with all of these mentioned occurrences – because the psyche straddles any of the local laws that you recognize as “official” and has within itself the capacity to deal with an infinite number of reality-experiences."


"If you are reading this book, you have already become weary with official concepts. You have already begun to sense those greater dimensions of your being. You are ready to step aside from all conventionalized doctrines, and to some extent or another you are impatient to examine and experience the natural flowing nature that is your birthright. That birthright has long been clothed in symbols and mythologies.

Consciousness forms symbols. It is not the other way around. Symbols are great exuberant playthings. You can build with them as you can with children’s blocks. You can learn from them, as once you piled alphabet blocks together in a stack at school. Symbols are as natural to your minds as trees are to the earth. There is a difference, however, between a story told to children about forests and a real child in a real woods. Both the story and the woods are “real”. But IN YOUR TERMS the child entering the real woods becomes involved in its life cycle, treads upon leaves that fell yesterday, rests beneath trees far older than his or her memory, and looks up at night to see a moon that will soon disappear. Looking at an illustration of the woods may give a child some excellent imaginative experiences, but they will be of a different kind, and the child knows the difference.

If you mistake the symbols for the reality, however, you will program your experience, and you will insist that each forest look like the pictures in your book. In other words, you will expect your own experiences with various portions of your psyche to be more or less the same. You will take your local laws with you, and you will try to tell psychic time with a wristwatch."


I was weary of the old. Great to be excited with the new :slight_smile:

This is my Seth recital :smile:

Now in larger terms, in the predream states you are aware of all the activities of your own greater psyche as it participates in - and contributes to - the infinite existence of psychic consciousness as you understand it, and becomes aware of the Psychological realities that form the framework of its own stability.
Now what I have called the predream state here is actually one in which you are always immersed whether you are waking or sleeping, or whether in your terms you are alive or dead.
It involves conditions in which direct knowing primarily operates.
It is your natural state of being.
In it’s larger aspects, then, nature involves states that include both life and death in far more expansive frameworks of reference.
This is characterized perhaps most of all by more perceptive psychological organizations.
In the predream state you participate in such organizations, although you bring back home to your physical self - in the form of dreams - only data that can be recognized and used in physical terms.
It is highly important to remember that your experience and knowledge grows at those other levels of actuality.
The dream state can be used then as a psychological or psychic platform to view other realities and to glimpse the inner mechanics by which non physical events become actualized in your world.
In terms of history some ancient races achieved such goals but in your terms so long ago you cannot find evidence of their knowledge.
Throughout the centuries various individuals have come close yet had no vehicle of expression that would enable the members of the species to understand. They possessed methods, but the methods presupposed or necessitated knowledge others did not possess.
You are everywhere surrounded by, supported by and a part of psychological entities infinite in their variety.

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“It is your natural state of being” :slight_smile:

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