The physical laws of reality in relation to obesity and health

I was doing some thinking tonight, and I have some questions/thoughts on the physical laws of reality and how they relate to health (specifically, how they relate to obesity). As far as I can recall, Seth doesn’t specifically list ALL of the laws. (I know he does talk about a number of them.) I’m pretty sure I’m recalling correctly when I think that he doesn’t specifically talk about obesity being inherently unhealthy at any point, although I could be wrong.
I know that we’re able to cure ourselves of ailments through positive beliefs - we can cure ourselves of cancer, disease, illness, etc. So the power of beliefs is obviously quite strong.

There has been much talk in recent years about obesity, and how it’s a killer. How it causes people to die young, how it causes numerous health issues. And I’m curious, do you all believe that that’s a physical law of reality? Do you believe that obesity being inherently unhealthy is a physical law of reality? If you do, why?
I can’t think of any reason that it would be (at least, no reason that’s Seth supported, although I’m all ears and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s perspectives on this). It seems like just another “health issue” to me, that can be cured by the power of beliefs. Furthermore, I don’t see any reason why someone with very positive beliefs about obesity, their health, their body, etc. couldn’t be obese and be healthy. If obesity is serving them in one way or another, if obesity is a positive experience for them and contributing positively to their life, but they also have extremely positive beliefs about their health, is there a reason they couldn’t exist in tandem? Is there a Seth supported reason that a person can not be obese and perfectly healthy, that they can’t live a long and full and “normal” life?

(I know you all would probably only give me Seth supported reasons because you guys are quite awesome at that, I’m just being highly specific here because I’m very aware that there’s tons of “scientific” evidence for obesity being inherently unhealthy. But there’s also tons of scientific evidence for a large number of things that those of us who follow the Seth Material know to be untrue.)

Anecdotally, I’ve often heard about people who are classified as obese (and they look obese, it’s not just the BMI being it’s usual screwy self) who have all sorts of medical tests done, and their doctors say they are perfectly healthy and perfect examples of good health… except that they’re obese.
I’m not falling back on science/modern medicine to justify my thoughts (since the bulk of modern medicine says the opposite of what I’m saying ;)), but I think those people could possibly be real life examples of the paradigm that I’m describing. Real life examples of people who are obese but also perfectly healthy, due to incredibly positive beliefs.

Thanks in advance for any responses, I’m really curious to hear what other people have to say about this. :relaxed: :heart:

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Diets do serve momentarily as outer signs that you are in control, and can seize the initiative; and as such they can be important. Usually, however; a pattern of unsuccessful diets occurs, operating then as a series of negative suggestions. The resistance is the result of conflicts in beliefs. You think you are overweight and accept this as reality. Steps to lose weight do not make sense in the face of that belief. They are ‘unrealistic’ or even impossible.

"The same applies to underweight conditions.

In each case frequent attention to the scales serves as another negative stimulus, reinforcing the condition.

The effort to eat more will be as resisted by the chronically underweight, as the effort to refrain from eating will be by the obese.

Not only will these reactions occur, but opposing tendencies will be brought to bear. The concentration upon not eating, and the resulting tension, may instead cause increased consumption. And the underweight person may actually eat less the harder he or she tries to eat more —the latter being interpreted as an impossibility by the overriding belief in the underweight condition.

"The best thing to do is to stop all such efforts, but instantly begin altering your beliefs as instructed in this chapter.

“The reason why some lose-weight groups succeed in their therapy, at least momentarily, is that belief in the worth of the self is stressed. Unfortunately, weight is attacked as 'bad ’ or 'evil, symbolic moral judgments enter the act. The therapy seldom has long-reaching effects because from then on any gained weight is even more negatively charged.”

Session 660 The Nature of Personal Reality



Drop the mere concepts of “over-” and “underweight”, they are limiting and harmful.
Defining a certain range as “normal” is useless as it only serves to assure insecure people that their physique is socially acceptable while it excludes other people telling them their physique is not or less acceptable.
Of course the act of defining such concepts again serves a purpose, but to find out why the concept of physically fitting in with a given norm is of such an importance is something everyone has to find out for themselves through belief examination.
Regarding extreme cases I believe they only exist because of the strong negative connotations of extreme under- or overweight in the first place.