The Prescription Is Joy

“If you need to think in terms of responsibility, then it is your responsibility to have fun! You will not help yourself or others unless you enjoy the miracle of your own being.” --Seth

What a great quote, right? Everything seems to boil down to living joyfully. Focus on the joy of health, focus on the joy of life, focus on the joy.

It is amazing to me just how easily joy can float into my thoughts and well being if I choose to let it…trite, but true.


Thanks – that’s both great and true!

That’s so right! Because without joy, you can’t heal, nor manifest what you choose.

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Having spent a lot of years actively living without joy I can whole heartedly say that I agree 111% with this quote. It is our own responsibility how we view the world and all that’s in it. When one gets done with the lessons of misery and self defeat then finding the path of joy, however hidden and hard to see it is at first, is the only logical and intuitive direction there is to go in. :sparkling_heart:


Exactly what Anita Moorjani says too ( after her NDE and miraculous recovery)


Synchronisities. I read Anita Moorjanis second book right before I started the deleted seth sessions :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: