The Slide into Fascism

What with the disturbing trend around the world towards extreme nationalism, xenophobia, strong arm dictators and full blown fascism, I am interested to know if Seth ever addressed this phenomenon. I am familiar with the section about mass events, which does address some of the issues. Did Seth ever address other eras, such as our own now. What allows half of a population to simply swallow the kool aid?

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It is disturbing to watch, not only our nation, but our world, seemingly slide into such political fury. The more I follow the news the more upset I get. So, now that my son has moved out and I no longer have to watch the news with him (long story, but I caved into his request to keep informed) I am much happier and more relaxed to watch other things. More peaceful things. It is all real, yes. But it is also all just an illusion. There is that odd duality to reality.

I can watch Trump politics or some police officer in England safely lead a mother duck and her ducklings across a busy road. I will take the duck story, any day.

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For the record…the leaders of the Democratic party are the Fascists and quickly moving into communism via “Democratic Socialism”(a semantic trick since there is nothing democratic about Socialism).

Your thinking is the problem and the fact that someone can stumble upon this material and yet bark a problematic statement like that is beyond me.


There will be a correction. In the US, it’s pretty evident that both sides are insane. :wink: Or maybe that’s just my opinion.

There is a solution, and it’s actually tractable, but awareness is extremely minimal at the moment. (That will change, you can’t deny something that is mathematically superior.)

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There’s clearly a reaction if not correction at the moment. The protestors and some politicians and law enforcers in the US and beyond are questioning established modes of authority, especially those paired with violence.

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Seth said something like: a generation that hates war won’t bring peace; a generation that loves peace will bring peace.

All these crises are created by humanity’s anger, hate, and ultimately fear that got out of control. I’m afraid we’ll see much worse until we’ll see better.


I’m not in the US, but I’d say there’s a pulling the veil back moment there, where the reality of American violence is being exposed for its own people to see. I have seen footage of quite large protests where the protestors were peaceful. Some have anti-X placards, where X is whatever they want to make a point of disparaging or rejecting. Some of that may be counterproductive to the attainment of peace, if paired with divisive intent. But, I would imagine that many people, whether physically at the protests or not, have a deep desire for peace and at least some of those marching are doing so with that foremost in mind.

In some cases police officers have accompanied protestors. And, there may be many, at home or work, not obviously participating in a protest, who’ve had enough of violence perpetrated openly or under cover, whose preferment of peace has an effect too. The physical removal of statues symbolising dehumanising practices and behaviours may be a type of reality adjustment, one where those activities are lessened in the public psyche and therefore experience. Then again, tearing down statues may in certain instances be counterproductively a demonstration of the ideology of violence the protestors claim to be against.

I suppose my point is I don’t think a reorientation to more peaceful coexistence is incompatible with activism. Saying ‘F you’ to perpetrators of violence is surely not the same as orienting one’s world around hating violence.

Rioters, looters and wannabe authoritarians are having a go at claiming space, so maybe ‘peace-outers’ have to hold their ground too, only with non-violent cheerfulness or similar.

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Bottom line, we experience what we focus on, even when others mislead us (e.g. media, politicians, also gurus, dogmas, …), or our own intelligence and emotions lead us astray.

I am sure that you read in your media things that you see around you to be different than what they present there.

For reference this is what somebody else (who lived and lives in US) wrote, on another Seth forum:

The media wants us to believe we’re more divided than ever. They present a very small portion of the trillions of actions that people make everyday that reinforce this belief. The overwhelming majority of these trillions of actions, mostly made while off of the phone, show that people are getting along and harmonizing on any given day.

Whenever we see documentaries about the 1960’s, they instantly go to scenes of protests, riots, the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago, American soldiers fighting an unseen enemy and burning huts in Viet Nam, the assassinations, “All Along The Watchtower” (Hendrix’s version), hippies tripping out on acid in San Francisco and twirling like insane people, etc. One would think that the 1960’s must have been the most divisive, hellish, and nutso time in the history of the world. I grew up in the 1960’s, and that was not my experience, and it wasn’t for most Americans on a daily basis. If we turned on the news, it sure seemed like a nutty hell out there. But in the primary realities of most, it wasn’t.

As far as the media is concerned these days, the only things happening in the world is a deadly virus (that isn’t very deadly in reality), Trump tweets, and violent protests and looting in the streets of America. They are telling us that we’re the most divided ever. I even see headlines about civil war on a daily basis. But I don’t buy into these beliefs.

There is still a lot of real compassion out there. There is a lot of love out there. Trillions of kind, loving, and harmonious acts on a daily basis. And in my primary reality, I bring creativity, love, kindness, and compassion to the beings that come and go, come and go, through it. And of course to those who keep hanging out (like my wife). And that’s what it always comes down or back to: my energy, actions, creativity, and love. In the present moment–the point of power.

I’m not a Biblical scholar, but believe there are some gold nuggets in that grand storybook. One is “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This is at the heart of retaining compassion and love for the individuals who might riot and loot or cause mayhem, or even for the individuals who use their news machines to manipulate beliefs systems. Sure, on one level they know what they’re doing, but at the same time they’re doing so under some deeply held false assumptions that is blinding them to the truth that we’re not separate.

Hi inavalan,

Yep, I’m aware of the difference between media portrayals and personal experience, but obviously on the other side of the world I’m not experiencing this out my front door.

My view is purely that people will act and react in line with their personal orientation, and I actually don’t care either way what they do because their lives are as free as my own.

I see all of the participants as acting out a larger play, where rioters and looters, as much as anyone else, have chosen actions that fit and meet their needs and understanding. I don’t have any judgement against or in favour of them.

I don’t hold any of them in forgiveness because there’s nothing to forgive. I do hold visions via my inner senses of the world I prefer, since I’m actively interested in reality creation or co-creation. In terms of compassion for others; I know they’re all creating their own realities, with or without a day-to-day conscious awareness of doing so. I have no problem with that and anyway it wouldn’t help me or anyone else even if I did! :relaxed:

I’ll add that my sense of a “pulling back the veil moment” has nothing to do with media portayals: that’s an inner perception, not an outer one.

I can tell you that I live in US and I don’t know of anybody, even acquaintance of an acquaintance to have had this latest virus, and haven’t seen anybody protesting, looting or rioting. I have relatives that are medical doctors, and I have relatives that live in the biggest US cities. All they know about those events is only form the media. I don’t say there aren’t some bad circumstances, but you expressed a personal impression about the US based on something you don’t (and can’t) have accurate information. That’s why I quoted somebody who lived through other much talked about American tumultuous times.

Misinformation in population leads to the increase in the pool of anger, hate, and fear, that are the source of the mass events.

What do you believe to be the reasons for these (virus, riots) mass events, which actually manifest at global level?

What inner senses are you using, and what do they “tell” you? This sounds very interesting, and I’d like to know more about.

Also, what is your compassion for if you can’t help those who stir it in you, and if you know what this camouflage is? If you create your reality doesn’t your compassion automatically create reality that you perceive to need more compassion? To what end?

It is like you feel compassion for those that have nightmares, doesn’t it?