The Slide into Fascism


What with the disturbing trend around the world towards extreme nationalism, xenophobia, strong arm dictators and full blown fascism, I am interested to know if Seth ever addressed this phenomenon. I am familiar with the section about mass events, which does address some of the issues. Did Seth ever address other eras, such as our own now. What allows half of a population to simply swallow the kool aid?


It is disturbing to watch, not only our nation, but our world, seemingly slide into such political fury. The more I follow the news the more upset I get. So, now that my son has moved out and I no longer have to watch the news with him (long story, but I caved into his request to keep informed) I am much happier and more relaxed to watch other things. More peaceful things. It is all real, yes. But it is also all just an illusion. There is that odd duality to reality.

I can watch Trump politics or some police officer in England safely lead a mother duck and her ducklings across a busy road. I will take the duck story, any day.