The Symbology of Illness

I find this funny and fascinating as a topic. In another post Rachael from Seth Talks quote posted about Rudy, an original class member of Jane and Robs, walking through a plate glass window and getting all cut up and injured, while he struggled with his fear of “invisible beliefs.” His pain is not funny, but the event he created is.

Seth told Jane that her arthritis was a result of repressing movement impulses. As mentioned in the preamble to Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.

I myself, in my marriage to my now “ex,” from repressing and ignoring strong impulses to get out of that marriage and move on, developed a “tired” disease, where my own body attacked the thyroid gland and rendered me constantly exhausted and too tired to move or do much of anything.

It might just be hindsight, but it seems so obvious, how the illness or accident matches up with the metaphysical and emotional situation.


I was just thinking about why I keep manifesting illnesses in those few months ( spine injury + tooth injury…)

Its crazy to me to realise the lay I created those illnesses to get out of my abusive family home and have an excuse to get out of the home and have some freedom!

I just wanted a time away from this family and without having a job + a car and being abused and traumatise …) the best I could do is this! ( very sad)

I am now contacting my body consciousness and trying to figure out a way to get my Freedom and raise my self care standards so I can have good time being free happy and away from my toxic family without creating an illness!

So interesting how we create illnesses and how unnecessary it is!

Hi Samahaseth,
I remember back in college at the end of every semester, the culmination of all the stress and exhaustion (working a job and taking wayyy too many classes) I would get sick. I would come down with a horrible case of bronchitis and be in bed for weeks, during what should have been a vacation from schoolwork and classes.
I thought about it and bargained with my body to stay in bed and rest like an invalid for days after the semester end, instead of being forced to with illness.
It did work. I learned to take it easier, work a little less hard too, more naps and fun stuff.
But the illness was necessary, it caught my attention and allowed me to address a problem. Pretty sure that is what all illness does???

I love having a conversation with other deeeeep people like yourself and also I enjoy reading your posts :sparkles::woman_in_lotus_position:t2:

Let’s just stop creating illnesses for a change lol :sneezing_face:

As I understand Seth, only you can cause and cure, and only your illness, so we can’t stop creating illnesses in general.

In these kind of statements, we have to clarify who is this “you”, because your personality has several aspects, that become dominant function of your attention / state, each aspect with its own attributes, and for the most people those aspects aren’t harmonized, not even aware of the other aspects of the same personality.

What the conscious you experiences is the result of your subconscious’ creation, in the framework of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, directed by your inner self and your inner guidance.

    *Nobody else creates anything in your reality!*

Besides harmonizing your conscious self with your inner self and your subconscious, you can consciously work on your beliefs, emotions, thoughts.

When you experience something, you can always trace its cause to a belief that may be conscious or unconscious. You can’t find it using your intellect and reasoning, and most likely you can’t rely on your intuition either.

The only way I know, and practice, is by working directly with your conscious and your inner guidance.

With them I can identify the belief that caused the experience, and the moment and circumstances that established that belief. Then it is a matter of working with your subconscious to suspend, remove and replace the limiting belief with an enabling one for whatever you want instead.

The right attitude is to be creative, and not reactive. When a problem arises, think about what you want not about what you don’t want. For example you don’t want the “pain or illness to go away”, but you want “to be healthy / feel fine”, and be confident about the result, not worried or fearful.

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Hi Samahaseth,
I agree, it makes much more sense to create health! :blush: But it is so fascinating that we do this to ourselves. The book I read that really hit home, more so than Seth just saying you create your health, was a book by Caroline Mace. She was a healer and got so overwhelmed by how much in demand she was and wanted to empower people to heal themselves. She also noted that many times she would heal someone and they would just invite the illness right back because they did not realize why they were creating it in the first place. It was a fascinating read because she touched on the psychology of many aspects of why we create the health we create. And she used many case examples that also lead to greater personal insight.