The vaccines and ill effects

Here is a little puzzler i would love to get some different perspectives on: If beleif is paramount in creatimg reality, why are some people who get, and thus presumably believe in the efficasy of, the vaccinations getting very ill or dying? Its bothering me somewhat and I’d really enjoy hearing what you guys thoughts on this current aspect of the shared reality we all appear to be in the now. :heart::pray::heart:

…ron speaks…No one dies who has not already decided to die, and to die for their own reasons. There are no accidental deaths, nor births for that matter. There are no accidents, and no accidental meetings and relationships. There are reasons, and there are journeys of consciousness no one can take but you, so your reality creation is personal to you. A person who dies at age 18, may have lived a richer life than one who dies at age 80. Every life and death is unique to the individual and their chosen reality creation. Visit SETH FORCE on Facebook.

The way I understand it, they get sick because of their fear of getting sick. They got jabbed because they were afraid. As I remember Seth said the same about insurance: you buy insurance because you’re afraid. That fear is what causes in your reality negative situations.

Same works for anger, hate and such: no matter how justified they may seem. Probably on the same idea JC suggested to “turn the other cheek” when slapped. That means to “unconditionally love”: not to hate, not to be angry. It isn’t for the other’s sake, but for your own.

Seth said not to bottle up and repress anger, but to quickly express it, then move on; don’t give a second thought to the past matter.

• “TPS4 Deleted Session December 12, 1977 inoculations speakers diseases preventative medicine
[…] The specific nature of inoculations, however, means that more and more become necessary in that system, for the fear of each newly discovered disease becomes paramount—and no time is given, in your terms, now, for the body to respond naturally to those natural conditions, and therefore build up a natural immunity, biologically speaking.”

• “[…] You had difficulties yourself with the Salk *(polio) *vaccines. […]”

• “[…] There is a passage Ruburt read somewhere: “Do not take counsel from your fears”—an excellent piece of advice.”

• “► NoME Chapter 2: Session 814, October 8, 1977 flu season shots 806th preventative
[…] The idea of prevention is always based upon fear — for you do not want to prevent something that is joyful. […] Not only does the idea [of prevention] continually promote the entire system of fear, but specific steps taken to prevent a disease in a body not already stricken, again, often set up reactions that bring about side effects that would occur if the disease had in fact been suffered.

• “The official mentioned, by the way, that there was indeed no direct evidence connecting past flu shots with the occurrence of a rather bizarre disease that some of those inoculated with the flu vaccine happened to come down with.4 All in all, it was quite an interesting announcement, with implications that straddle biology, religion, and economics. […]”

• “So the Christmas season carries a man’s hopes in your society, and the flu season mirrors his fears and shows the gulf between the two.”

—NoME Chapter 2: Session 814, October 8, 1977

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Aye, I’m down with this reply. I remember seth saying that there is no unconscious, just beliefs one takes to be ‘facts’ which are uninvestigated. It does stand to reason then that the belief that an illness can kill you, taken as fact, will take presidence over ones HOPE that a vaccine can save one from such. And as you say, we choose when we leave so if tjats the route, then thats the route.

Indeed. I do not nor have i ever had any sort of insurance. That goes for medical interventions that i do not need also. Fear still arises in me at times, ot about illness though. Jist about what saying no to certain thimgs could come to. Fairly fruitless, i know. Cant be helped, i gotta stay real and let the flow flow, if you know what i mean. Sometimes the waters get muddy, but with patience and love it always settles back to the point of power, clear as crystal.

…ron speaks…You do not inspire health by instilling, promoting a sense of fear of disease. Spiritual ignorance is at the basis of so many people’s problems. Visit SETH FORCE on Facebook.

So, that points to what we should do: get our awake-conscious in touch with our inner knowledge and guidance.

In Sethian terms, I think that the breakthrough Covid infections occur to people who have conflicting beliefs about the efficacy of the vaccine. On the one hand, they have a strong belief that the vaccines are effective and get vaccinated, but also have significant doubts.
Although I’d like to be able to say that as to health matters I’m bulletproof, but realistically, I’m in the category of people who Seth suggests continue to see doctors because I don’t believe strongly enough that I can heal myself, or better yet, not get Covid at all. Seth makes this point in a number of places. Examples:
NoPr Session 631 “I am not suggesting that you not visit doctors or not take drugs of that nature, as long as you believe in the structure of medical discipline that the Western world has evolved. Your bodies have been conditioned to it through the use of such medications since birth.”
NoPr Session 641 "There is another consideration involving medicine; though as I mentioned earlier (in the 624th session from Chapter Five), if you accept Western medical beliefs I am not suggesting that you suddenly forsake all doctors.”
NoME Session 870 “Generally speaking, for example, if you are seriously worried about a physical condition, go to a doctor, because your own beliefs may over-frighten you otherwise.”
More to the point, I got the Moderna vaccine at the first opportunity and I can’t wait for the booster.
So, what about you? Will anybody else share whether they got vaccinated and why?

Hi Klinglerm44,
I am pretty sure that I have had Covid at least three times, seems to hit at about every 6 months or so. Third time it came on with all the symptoms like a freight train and then left just as quickly, all in a matter of 8 hours.

My belief is that it was because of my diet being a whole food vegan. That having a body, that is not riddled with systemic inflammation and thus inflammatory diseases, is what is protecting me, not from getting covid, but from having a disastrous result from getting it.

However, that is just my belief and I recognise it as such.

Maybe at the end of the day, the best course for anything. is to work with a belief system you can get behind. If I believe that eating fast or processed food would affect my health in a negative way, they I probably should not eat fast of processed food.

Easier to work with ones beliefs than to change them. I believe that whole, fresh fruits and veg, whole grains, cooked from scratch and or eaten raw (fruit, nuts, veg) ect, you get my point, is best for my health. So, if I want a top notch healthy body, I need to follow those beliefs and eat thus.

I am also mindful that I eat this way, because I love the beauty and color of the food, growing it and gardening, farmers markets and the tastes and textures of the vegan world. To me, this food, whole and fresh is teeming with life and is vibrating, radiating that love and joy I feel about gardening and color.

If, at the end of the day we are just consuming the energy of our emotions and feelings about the food we eat, then one should eat things that one feels strongly about in terms of its health giving or nutritional nature. Again, or ones belief about such.

I have also known vegans that were sickly looking, frail and always seemed in ill health, so clearly it is about our belief in what we do that trumps the food and situation itself.

Also of note is Abraham, who is like Seth, and said, if you believe the vaccine will help you, it really will.

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Really getting that ‘work with your beliefs’ thing. I’ve not had covid at all. But then, I don’t believe in it. I believe other things are going on and that all is absolutely not as it seems. Really don’t believe in the safery of vaccines after ending up with an autistic son, and knowimg others whos kids changed over night after one shot or another. So i will take it over my dead body, which will then kinda defeat the purpose :rofl: I’m not vegan, i don’t eat a lot of meat because i can’t stand to see thier poor wee dead bodies so much any more, and i get my milk from a farm who loves their animals and doesn’t take babies from the mama, but thats also because i just don’t like cruelty to other creatures. I do eat a whole foods diet. Junk food makes my mind cloudy and my thoughts racey. And its a belief i really can’t be fussed changing. I’ve often felt a really odd energy that i can’t place with Abraham and Bashar and the like. Probs just a me thing, but i have never felt at all drawn to their stuff. Seth is just dandy for me. And really, there was a post you commented on somewhere where you saod somsthing to the effect that Seth repeats himaelf often and the basic message is just ‘trust yourself, you create reality with you belief’. Thats kinda all i need now. Which is nice.

Hi Cate,
I am with you on that one. Pretty much all of it.

I think of Abraham as “Seth Lite.” Abraham targets an audience that does not wish to be challenged with the more metaphysical aspects of creation. And the other guy you mentioned, I have never listened to. I think it does all boil down to “we create it all.” And I personally love the behind the scenes machinations insights that Seth offers, that info really quenches my thirst for the mysterious and further wonderment.

I saw the movie Vaxxed and was pretty much horrified in regard to the FDA and vaccines, especially when you consider all their coverups in regards to the thalidomide debacle. I am sorry to hear about your son, but can also only imagine that he is a beacon of light and love.

I went vegan due to chest pains, high blood pressure headaches, shortness of breath and diabetes, all of which went away on the vegan diet within a short period of time. And this stumps me a bit, because I didn’t know I believed in it, but thought, what the heck, give it a try. I often wonder if there is biology at play, given we are biological beings. But in the end, what does it matter, if something works, stick with it. And truth is, I only developed a strong sense of compassion for the animals after I went vegan, which is backwards in my thinking.

I also come back to what Seth says about the body and its natural ability, strong ability to heal… as long as we do not get it the way. Which is more challenging than it seems on the surface.

Best book, non seth, that I ever read was “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.” It speaks of the emotional charge around illness and such, why we might invite in illness. She talked of one case she worked where this environmental advocate who was very engaged in protecting the planet, and outraged on a regular basis about how we are killing our planet and thus our own environment, that he died of environmental pollution. And she thinks it was his hatred and loathing of pollution that killed him, and it was something he needed to work out in his lifetime. I, myself, have seen miraculous healing with a mental and emotional shift.

Which in the end, always brings me back to we create our own reality and we best be aware of what we think and feel and believe.

As for the animals that we eat, the ones I used to eat ect. In regards to the Seth way of looking at things, they chose it for a reason, that life. Maybe it was to generate a global sense of compassion, maybe it was to make a point, or maybe they needed that experience for some reason we can not comprehend. Seth said he was a dog in one lifetime, I often look at my cats and think, they have the Zen thing going on stronger than I do and honestly came to help me get through the Covid lockdown. That they saved my sanity on many levels. That all animals are beings. So I commend you for searching out cruelty free animal products, or as cruelty free as possible. But, it is not any of my business and I do not think otherwise. Our experience is between us and the beings we experience things with.

How are you doing with the world these days?

I got the vaccine and will get the the booster. I’m 86, very healthy, take no meds and have no illness. So you are not alone and I will look more closely as to why I got it though feel it was the right decision for me at this time.

Many happy returns of the day! :smiley:

Hmmm, I’m doing fairly well. Beginning to understand the differing energies of ‘personal reality’ and mass created events and probabilities and the like with all the thimgs happening in the world and wide array of divergent opinions on why such things are happening. Its certainly an interesting time to be alive. As for the food thing, and what you said about not realisimg you held certain beliefs aroumd food until after you changed your eating habits: given that our cells have their own sort of consciousness, and given that our bodies areade up of many different gestalts of other beings (bacteria makes up a large part of what we call 'my body) it stands to reason they have their own preferances in terms of fuel and when we sit quietly we might hear their calls for something other than what we desire at a given time. Just a theory, but my preferred one.

Hi Cate,
Glad you are doing well, and that you are having fun with the Seth stuff. I also have fun with it for the most part.

Interesting theory, that our bodies have their own gestalt and consciousness…
I remember in my 20’s I had met a man who could take you out of body from a sleep state, and you would remember it all, and at the end of the walk around was back, standing in front of my body at looking at it, just gazing in the wonderment of the, being out of it and all. And my body opened its eyes and looked at me. I was so freaked out I woke up immediately. I asked him how my body could move without my consciousness being in it, and he replied “it is alive, it is more than just your consciousness.”

Very interesting to think about the bodies separate corporeal reality. Which also makes me think there really is something to biology vs belief, that they both play a part. And that the body itself has food preferences.

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Data proves that some vaccine lots were “hot batches” that were very deadly and others weren’t. It’s also been proven some shots were saline, so this perhaps explains the latter group.

But I agree with others above that in Seth’s terms there are no accidents, so that all this is known telepathically and worked out in advance, and for those who left the body this way it was used as a method to do that.

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Hi Kemo,
I think you also have to take into account that the end result of taking a vaccine has a great deal to do with ones beliefs on vaccines. If one believes that the vaccine is dangerous, they will most likely have an adverse reaction to it. If they believe it to be helpful, they will have a positive reaction to it. I don’t think it is the thing itself, but the conscious and subconscious belief that affects the reaction.

You may consciously believe that something is good for you, but that doesn’t make it good for you. De Nile doesn’t extinguish your fears.