Trump and the hurricanes—politics and our physical enviornment


The Nature of Mass Events. That’s the book I need to get my hands on. I have read excerpts, but now that you informed me that it also covers WW2 and Nazis, I MUST read it and soon.
Many thanks. You may have just answered the topic I posted today about sliding into Fascism.


I must disagree with you on several points. I call myself a progressive, hanging on to the Democratic party by a hair, and I also have many friends who have opinions close to mine. Here’s the thing:
Not one of us believes that global warming, globalization and free trade are inevitable. And of course there are atheists among us who may agree with your godless and soulless interpretation of Darwin and Freud, I would posit that a healthy majority of them still believe in some unifying energy in the universe, and take the work of Darwin and Freud as groundbreaking theories of their time, but we have grown far beyond their ipso facto ideas about man.

I regret making this conversation into a kind of debate - no animosity, simply each speaker presenting his supporting arguments to bolster his initial hypothesis. I enjoy that kind of thing. I sincerely hope neither you nor the rest of the Seth group was offended in any way. If I did offend or rankled anyone, my sincere apology, for it was never my intention.