Trump and the hurricanes—politics and our physical enviornment

When I read the Seth Material I am struck by the connection of all things, and it makes sense to me. Interesting if you step back from what is going on in the USA today, 9-10-17, the discord of our political environment, with the, wild fires, and fierce hurricanes that are ravaging the country right now.

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The word I used the other day, in a text sent to an acquaintance, was ‘tumult’. There’s a lot that’s been stirred up, clearly! And, the status quo isn’t the status quo any more.

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Right, I think it is interesting to see those connections of mass political “tumult” and then what we commonly think of as natural disasters. Even up where I live in Washington state I have noticed since the election, how much the weather has changed.

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Hello Whirled Peas -
Funny, one year that was the "veggie’ theme of our State Fair - Wow, was that in more peaceful times!
Anyway thanks for the post. Here is a quote from that very ‘timely’ Seth book: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events’.

“A country is responsible for its own droughts, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes — and for its own harvests and rich display of products, its industry and cultural achievements, and each of these elements is related to each other one. If the quality of life that is considered spiritually and biologically necessary fails, then adjustments occur. A political problem might be altered by a natural disaster if political means fail. On the other hand, the rousing creative energies of the people will emerge.”

I am so ready for the rousing creative energies part!


Hi Liza,
That is what I love so much about the Seth Material. Beautiful quote from his writings by the way, and boy doesn’t that just ring so true. Although interesting in a sciency kind of way to see this chaos unfold, it is also a bit creepy because, we are all in the thick of it. And I know myself, for a while I was watching YouTube videos getting caught up in the political melodrama so am well aware of my part in it also.


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Here is another reference to Natural Disasters - Recently I was amazed during the latest two hurricanes here in the U.S. that a lot of people seemed to expect the meteorologists to be able to predict exactly how the storm would move and play out. And that there was anger when obviously they could not. I guess it surprised me that so many have forgotten the wonderful mysterious wildness of nature that surrounds them. So this quote speaks to that …

From The Nature of Personal Reality

“The more “civilized” man becomes, the more his social structures and practices separate him from intimate relationship with nature — and the more natural catastrophes there will be, because underneath he senses his great need for identification with nature; he will himself conjure it into earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, so that he can once again feel not only their energy but his own.”

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These are wonderful Liza, do you by chance have the sessions these quotes are from?

Hi Cindy,

The ‘more civilized’ quote is from The Nature of Personal Reality Ch 18, Session 665, May 23, 1973

'A country is responsible…" quote is from The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events Session 803, May 2, 1977.

The back drop for Mass Events is the 3-mile island nuclear meltdown and Jonestown mass suicide. Also there is material on fanaticism and paranoia, Hitler and WW2. All very pertinent material, sadly still so true.

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Thank you Liza!!! What I love about these quotes is that they remind us of our responsibility for everything.

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Cindy and All,

So the question seems to be finding the balance of not adding energy to this negative construct we are seeing…with an acknowledgment of our part in an ongoing probable direction. And while I am very interested in looking at these ‘mass’ events from more of a Framework 2 perspective, sometimes even the small amount of ‘News’ I let into my life is outrageous enough to set me off. (Loud Electronica is a good anodyne sometimes, Not sure my neighbors would agree! Haha!)

But, as you say we have a responsibility as well as an impact on things. So while I intellectually understand that the example of our own lives can add to a more positive reality, it often seems anything I can do on my own is just a drop in the bucket, barely effective. I realize that that in itself can be a limiting belief - as in, my puny unworthy self could never help in any real way.

And because the results of our individual contributions are often not readily apparent or more immediate to the senses, we feel powerless and confused by the grand sweep of things. At least I do. I suppose that until we realize the associative connections that are a result of our actions we just have to have ‘faith’ that our good intentions help ease all the pain and suffering even if it is just a little bit. I am learning not to be too impatient for faith…

I ramble, but I am glad there is the freedom to broach the subject of politics on this forum, I certainly am grappling to understand the ‘tumult’ (great descriptor) of it all!

FYI: Check out Lynne McTaggart’s American Peace Intention Experiment coming up Sept 30 - Oct 5

And Peace to you all…

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Remember the scene from Little Big Man where Dustin Hoffmans character walks through the battlefield with his blind adopted Native American Grandfather? The old man says, we will be safe, just close your eyes and give me your hand and I will lead you through this and we will be safe. He asked his blind grandfather, why do I need to close my eyes, and the reply was, if you can not see them, they can not see you. It was a poignant and funny bit of the movie and pointed out the danger of buying into any unfolding melodrama and how the reaction will just suck you in and make you a part of it.

Right now, I quit watching news clips of Trump, quit watching the news. I did donate money to the recovery fund, but other than that am staying very much away from the melodrama of it all. Because I do agree that reacting to it will only fuel it…you can not have a tug of war if you drop your end of the rope.


More thoughts on the media -

Although I know the barrage of information was basically in its infancy in the 1970s compared to now, I was curious about Seth’s take on watching the news. There are many references to television in Rob’s commentaries and Jane and Rob watched a variety of shows that Seth commented on. This quote is from Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Session 889 Volume One Dec 17, 1979

Rob to Seth: “ What do you think of my remarks about watching the news on television every day?”

Seth: “It makes little difference whether you watch the news or not— but it makes all the difference in the world what you think of world events. The perspective from which you watch world events is vital, and it is true that communication now brings to the conscious mind a far greater barrage than before. But it is also a barrage that makes man see his own activities, and even with the growth of the new nationalism in the Third World, those nations begin from a new perspective, in which the eyes of the world are indeed upon them. Your country faces the results of its own policies— its greed as well as its good intent, but it is out in the open in a new way. The world will be seen as one, but there may be changes in the overall tax assessments along the way, as those who have not paid much, pay more. The results of fanaticism are also out in the open. Never before, in your terms, has the private person been able to see a picture of the mass world in such a way, or been forced to identify with the policies of his or her government. That in itself is a creative achievement, and means that man is not closing his eyes to the inequities of his world.”

It would be interesting to hear what Seth might say about that “creative achievement” today.

For me, in general, TV/Internet News is too much noise, but my 93 year old mother-in-law has the TV on 24/7 and the news is a huge focus of her life. And though I might wish she would look other directions for stimulation, I admit her interaction with TV vitalizes her in ways that her current limited physical existence does not. She is still very social, mentally sharp and her awareness of world events is amazingly broad and varied. Thankfully, she has always had a basic positive view of humankind, which makes the big difference in how she relates to television. Recently we were both gloriously consumed with the epic finale of the Cassini Mission. Her enthusiasm about ‘human triumph’, as she calls it, was contagious and it was something we could share worth watching!

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My son gets upset that I do not watch the news. My reasons are that the news is too focused on melodrama, I agree that melodrama exists and is part of our world, but not sure anything is to be gained by focusing on it or by believing it is anything more than a construct of the moment. What you focus upon, you get more of, if everything is an illusion, then it seems it would be of greater benefit to focus on joy and beauty and harmony and human kindness and love, that sort of thing. And I am sad to say, that although that exists in abundance on our planet, it is not represented in the news very much. I agree that the news is a sort of barometer for the planet, but I have more fun in my day not worrying about the rain.


I am right there with you…go for the exuberance and joy!

Here is to playful existence!

I’m not so sure that I agree with Seth when he says, “it makes little difference whether you watch the news or not”. My father (in his late 80’s) has the TV on constantly on FoxNews, it’s loud and the constant drone of the talking heads whether he’s focused on the “talking” or not, got to have an effect consciously or subconsciously on the thinking, and beliefs concerning the state of the world and how it supports his beliefs. It is, no different than, lets say, joining a FB group that people post what got stolen from them (in the hopes of catching the perpetrators or getting their stuff back). The constant drone of Trump this and Trump tweet that, got to have an impact on belief. I personally have gotten rid of watching TV, and the drama series, shows and entertainment don’t interest me much any more, because it is so interspersed with subtle and not so subtle suggestions for wants, commercialism, and the latest drug to combat what ever fear that comes with aging! My time is far better served for me focusing on reality creation, since that aspect of the Seth Material is left for each of us to work out with our inner Self and entity. I lay at night and have yet to move past the blackness of my inner mind flat screen, and have yet to find the “power” switch!


Relative to the Seth quote you shared above, I wonder if the escalation of severe weather is actually a dramatic result of generational creators among us who are manifesting the phenomena as a means to draw attention to the selfish and greedy way we have abused the planet, especially in the last 150 years. So which came first? Climate change or our manifestation of severe weather changes?

I think we need a balance of both impulses; ie, the need to focus on positive manifestations while cutting ourselves off from the news balanced with a healthy curiosity of what our fellow man is doing across the planet. I find that prudent exposure to what is happening around us helps me to channel my creative energy where it seems to be most needed at the time. However, I see your point about not wanting to be dragged in to all the negativity. Maybe that’s what Seth meant when he said that it mattered little whether we watched the news or not. Both approaches can be beneficial, and all roads lead to Rome…

Hi Whirled_Peas,

Before I start, let me preemptively try to prevent the flames by saying I’m not a Trumpie, in fact I campaigned vigorously for both President Obama and for Secretary Clinton.

I absolutely agree that the wild fires, and fierce hurricanes are related to discord of our political environment. However, without at all taking a Trump apologist stance (I disagree with just about everything he’s doing), I can say that I was fairly distraught after the election, but a lot of searching for answers in Seth’s writings have led me to a more hopeful perspective.

A lot of people are so fearful of Trump because his utter contempt for facts appears to threaten both our democracy and the fact and science based culture we have built. Yet its clear from Seth that myths can in fact be more real than facts. The ‘fact’ and science based culture (read also the Democratic party and most liberals) would have us believe:

  1. That global warming is inevitable, and that even though we must try heroically to change course, our likelihood of success with that is slim.
  2. That globalization and free trade are inevitable, and for the greater good of the economy as a whole, while very little is said about how many individuals and communities are supposed to deal with that.
    And of course, underlying that, there is the Darwin/Freud scientific view of the world, which tells people they are just accidents of the cosmos and cause and effect, and an unruly subconscious sourced from accidents of childhood.

The average or common person would feel very powerless in the face of all that. It certainly doesn’t sound like a world in which people create their own reality or express their personal power.

Trump is like a great cosmic caricature; what’s most interesting about him is he is a caricature of BOTH sides of the great science vs. religion cultural drama. His business background and ethics are pure Darwinist survival of the fittest, while at the same time he offers shelter for evangelicals and religious people (as well as racists) by making them feel its ok to believe what they want in the face of the ‘facts’.

He is such a caricature that while I do indeed have huge empathy for his many victims, I can’t help but think he is acting out the big elephant in the room in terms of the psychic drama we face right now, exposing for all to see a lot of issues more ‘sane’ or ‘honest’ politicians would as soon see swept under the rug. Because he is such a caricature I don’t see it lasting that long; the Republicans and Trumpies are simply drunk with power right now, and will stay that way until real results come in. Especially in terms of the economy, it takes time for effects to show, but over time I think the U.S. will lose out a lot in terms of economy, respect, and leadership, and the dishonesty and racism will grow tiresome, and then at least the more sane Republicans will finally turn away from him.

  • Rich
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I think Trump is just a barometer and the people make the weather. Trump could not exist without there being a little to a lot of the values he possesses in just about everyone. I don’t think it is a republican or democrat thing, but a greed, fear, sloth, insecurity, power thing. We, the planet, created Hitler and his minions. We, the planet created Trump and his minions. …still looking for that last 100th monkey.

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Reading the book Psychic Politics will shed some light.