Trust and worthiness in application of creation

I have been going crazy with questions on this forum as of late but I just find you all so helpful and I can’t help myself, having too much fun :smile:

And now for my question…
I believe that trust is majorly important when it comes to creating the reality you want so I just would like some comments on this subject. What does trust mean to you in regards to your reality and your creations? In your experience with studying the Seth material and applying the content to your life, do you find that trust in yourself becomes more and more automatic rather than something that has to be worked on?

Currently trust is something that I find if I lose sight of, I tend to feel more ‘negative’ and doubtful. Also worthiness I feel goes hand in hand with trust.


This is something I’m currently struggling with a lot - trusting myself, being positive, trusting that I can and will create what I want/need, etc. Currently for me I feel like it’s something that has to be worked on, but I don’t think that’s actually how it should be, and I think I’m tripping myself up with some negative beliefs. So I don’t really have any answers to your questions (although I’m sure other, more experienced people will :relaxed:) .

I just wanted to tell you it’s awesome that you have so many questions. They’re very often things that I’ve wondered myself that I’ve been trying to figure out. So it’s very helpful for me to see the answers and it’s extremely helpful to know I’m not the only one on this journey, progressing through this stuff. Thank you for always asking things!


Hi Sam.
I have actually once managed to walk away from a negative situation that I had created. So after a serious bout with a self-pitying-hissing-fit. I remembered what Seth says about choosing a probability.

So I made a conscious decision to take it as a challenge and create a positive probability to walk into.

Long story short everything fell into place and I learned a valuable lesson in creating abundance in my reality.

This lesson cost me 490$ and all my cards (I lost my wallet)but it came back 10 fold in so many inexplicable ways.
Hope this helps :blush: This was a lesson for me in trusting the material.:grinning:


Hi, the first thing I may be able to help you with is the importance of learning to direct the focus of your attention. While this may seem like a no-brainer to some of us, I’m finding that many of us don’t realize the importance of focusing in the present moment. The present is where there is no associative thought, thus the inner-self is much more accessible and you may conduct your attention to any place of your choosing. Beyond this as we learn to focus in a proactive rather than a reactive manner, it becomes easier to focus on feelings of choice as well.
Trusting Self, of course is essential as well, though trusting Self becomes much easier when you have first accepted your Self as that inner part of you that is in fact “part” of you (your objectively focused self). Myself, I’m developing a personal relationship with my inner-being and am learning to communicate ( mainly through feeling). This is allowing me to go beyond traditional objective focus and therefore somewhat disregard rational cause and effect (to some extent) which I would usually regard as my main mode with which I would base my decision making…Curt