Unusually Quiet On This Site

What is new with everyone? Any new insights or experiences to share?

I come here for that special conversation that deals with the more mysterious, behind the scenes workings of the universe and everyone’s part in it. I love this type of conversation. Love to hear about the lives of others who are also digging deeper into this reality…how are you doing?

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I found out that as you can ask and experience True Dreams from the Gates of Horn, you can do it for the awake state too.

Inavalan, very intrigued, want to share an example? What would a true dream during an awake state experience look like or be?

It isn’t about a dream while being awake. It is about viewing the symbolism of the situations I experience while awake similarly to the symbolism of the situations I experience while dreaming.

I haven’t read Seth explaining exactly what would one get from asking for true dreams from the Gates of Horn, beyond harmonizing the part of your being (if i correctly recall his formulation).

My experience with asking for true dreams from the Gates of Horn is that they bring you messages that aren’t as much symbolic as they are direct lessons you witness, and can learn from them.

The symbolism is needed to minimize distortions, but if you’re aware of receiving messages, and if you establish a good connection to your inner source of knowledge and guidance, you can bypass the symbolical translation.

You can ask for, and look the same way at the situations you experience while awake.

This seems to also stimulate your use of your inner senses like direct knowledge, conceptual view, past and future, …

Hi Inavalan,
I remember, back in the 90’s, asking for a deeper understanding of how I play a role in what I experience, and was hit hard by a series of events that were up in my face so fiercely and quickly, it took my breath away. I could not figure out how any situation could come about so quickly. Once I connected the dots, and realized that this is just what I asked for and processed it and took it all in and made the honest self realizations, it all went away just as quickly. Very emotionally painful situations that just came and then vanished.

In general, it was a time in my life when I was meditating 3 or more hours a day, which really seemed to speed up my access to spiritual evolution. I guess that would be like requesting a True Gates of Horn experience, rather than say, a dream.

Funny thing is, I kinda forgot about that, but now am realizing that it could be interpreted as a request for a True Gates of Horn experience.

So, it is interesting that the universe can taylor such a mind expanding lesson.

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I have been using the request for a dream from The Gates of Horn a lot. I think I only heard about it a few months ago, but I am not sure. In any case, it has been profoundly helpful, and I thank whoever shared the excerpt I read.

You mention using it in the awake state, which is an idea I have been pondering myself. A few days or couple of weeks ago, I did request a dream, but did so very much in daylight hours and so felt the immediate start of it in psychological time, a bit like a psychic foreshadowing of my sleep time. I do not recall any topic associated with it, only a palette of colour and texture and associated feelings.

I will try the fully-conscious in the physical world variant, I think. Thanks!

In my experience and understanding, dreams can be symbolical or not (a.k.a. true). You have to translate / interpret the symbolical ones if you want to understand their messages.

I believe it is the same with the reality created by our subconscious, directed by the inner-self.

For example: the pandemic. It is a symbolic message. My interpretation is that it isn’t about the effect on humanity, or such, but about how it is handled by each individual. In my case, it is part of a pattern, and precedes a major turn in my life. It is a pattern I experienced a few times before. It is also tied to having the humility to accept that being right is not enough.

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Regarding the ““true dreams from the Gates of Horn”, there is an easy speculation that their effect is due to the “horns” regions in our brains, and their function. My inner source of knowledge indicated that actually the effect is simply due to asking for “true dreams”, emphasis on “true”, not symbolical” which is the default.

I still find myself pondering the notion of the asking for a true experience during waking time. Would that look like a vision, a dream experienced during the waking hours??? Or would it look like a physical event???

But then I think, aren’t all our experiences dripping with information and insight were we only willing to notice?

I love the abstract concept of how plastic and malleable reality is and how everyone can experience things, things that seem like the same thing (like the pandemic for example) so differently.

One can walk through what seems like utter chaos and come through it all, literally unscathed.

And it seems like it always boils down to beliefs and belief systems.

I’m thinking in terms of the reality that our individual subconscious creates as directed by our individual inner-self. So, I’m thinking about the physical manifestation being the language used by our inner-self and inner source of guidance to convey us messages (lessons and tests). Messages are symbolical by default, but can be “true” when requested. When “true”, besides not having to interpret the messages, that also contributes to the harmonization of the various parts of your personality: inner-self, outer-self, subconscious. It results in more conscious creation, less suffering.