Using the material in daily life

I had an appointment with a doctor today, and have been stressed about it the past few days. Checked the clock 15 times this morning, but then a thought crossed my mind. I remembered where Jane had a dentist appointment and had put herself into a light trance to deal with it.

I thought about the suggestion, briefly, and relaxed more. On the way into town I also briefly imagined myself just being there, answering questions calmly, letting the doc do whatever he needed to do - and it turned out to be the least stressfull experience I’ve ever had with a doctor. (I’m not a fan) It was even enjoyable. He had humor and we bantered a bit at my expense, lol - but I like the quiet humor that Danes can have even when I am the brunt of it, it isn’t mean.

Below the event I remembered reading about. It just popped up in the midst of my morning stress.

Rob: "(This morning Jane had an experience that pleased her greatly. Putting herself into a light trance state, she used appropriate suggestions before she went to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. Such cleaning has always been very painful for her because of heavy tartar deposits, but today she withstood an hour’s heavy scraping with practically no discomfort.

(Her dentist was so puzzled by her exceptionally good reactions that in the middle of the session Jane had to explain her apparent insensitivity to pain; usually it takes two trips for her to achieve the same results, with the use of Novocain. Today she had no anesthetic of any kind, and in addition her dentist reported he was able to do a much more thorough job."

TES4 Session 152 May 5, 1965 - by Jane Roberts © L. Davies Butts


@Rachel : I do that all the time too: before workout, before reading, before driving, etc., asking for the optimum trance for the occasion. It varies …

I even learned that when a probable problem appears at the horizon, instead of wishing for the best way to solve it if it materializes, it is more effective to wish to be serene and have no problem (!) :grinning:


I used to use it more as well. I was delighted today because it feels as if my mind has been in lockdown too much. I can’t remember anything anymore, lol - its been like one long grey day, the past year of Covid. And I have been far too isolated. I’ve worried about not functioning the way I normally do, and have felt the stifling of impulses because of the situation as literally painfull. So today was a small triumf.

It ain’t all bad! :slight_smile:

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I took this pic the other day. It is very illustrative of how I have felt over the winter, increasingly so! The sun struggling through the grey.


Yesterday, my niece’s one and a half year old daughter pointed up with her little finger, and said: look! sky! (like in her story books …) :smiley:

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