What exactly is reality creation?


Magic happens, and it’s so wonder-full when it does!


Maybe not so much distortion as simplification. Like you say it was very early in the sessions so a lot of concepts hadn’t been explained yet, including probabilities, the nature of ‘time’, and even ‘you create your own reality’. Seth only ever doled out what Jane & Rob were capable of grasping at the time, as he said himself.

I think the early Seth material has to be seen in this context, if something seems to contradict what comes later it’s probably because a better explanation wasn’t possible at that point without some other major concepts being explained first. That said though, some of the very early stuff is fascinating for this reason - it’s very direct in some areas in a way that the later books aren’t, and it makes you see the same ideas from a different perspective. Even with these issues its still probably the most internally consistent system of knowledge I’ve seen.

It’s a difficult one to answer, but it’s obvious that there are people born all of the time into what are objectively far from ideal circumstances. But Frank Watt’s life after being born wasn’t dictated beforehand, he chose what happened through his beliefs, etc. He wasn’t destined for a life of suffering that couldn’t be altered. Mostly likely there are probable Frank Wattses that had quite pleasant, happy lives.

I guess you could question deeper and ask it is morally right for an entity to create a personality that it ‘knows’ is likely - but not definitely - going to have a difficult life. But how many probable selves of ours are there that we’ve spun off without even being aware of it, whose situation is worse or even a lot worse than ours? How much responsibility do we have for that? It seems like ordinary human morality is not so easy to apply when it runs up against the infinitely creative nature of ‘God’ / All That Is. Every personality or probable self etc that is created has its own choices and is free to develop in its own way, so ultimately we’re all headed the same way, just starting at different places. That’s one way you could look at it. But this is tough stuff to think about, no mistake!


I dont think Frank was a full personality. He was a fragment personality.


REALITY CREATION TAKEN TO A NEW LEVEL…from ron by way of Oceanside Rick…

“In the past, for example, the ego accepted only knowledge that came through the
senses through the physical surroundings. Now it is open to inner data to a
large degree…”

“The personality is more integrated, yet through its acceptance of inner data,
the ego, to use the term lightly, has expanded. It has not shrunk. It is now
composed of more various elements from the whole personality…”

…This is a cornerstone for consciousness and for personality development. It
is only a first step, however. Without it, no further development of
consciousness can occur.

This particular step is not attained by all within your system. You are at this
point now. This state has been called cosmic consciousness, but it is hardly

The next step is taken when identity is able to include within itself the
intimate knowledge of all incarnations. Yet in this state the independence of
the various reincarnated selves is not diminished.

Each of these steps of consciousness involves identity with the inner
recognition of its whole identity with All That Is.

As each separate identity then seeks to know and experience its other portions
then All That Is learns who and what it is.

Action never ceases its own exploration of itself.

Seth, Session 309

Byron, In a sense, you are I are also fragments…ron


Frank Watts was not a fragment personality. He was/is an aspect of Seth, incarnationally. Seth said Frank was a “make-up” personality, tying up all loose ends for Seth’s incarnations, and a rather “colourless” one, as Seth remarked.


Seth, Why did you send a portion of your overall self to earth to live a rather colorless life as you describe, after you were basically finished with physicalness?

Seth-esque: In a word, humility. I felt I needed a measure of humility to permanently close out my physical earthly experience, and that life worked out and served the purpose well. I’ve had more earthly lives than I care to reveal and I have no desire for any more as my present environment serves me well. Enjoy your brilliant focus.


Is this a direct quote or a work of creativity?


Creativity I believe. Judging by the “esque”.


ahh, i missed that one.


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I don’t believe that entities deal with morality. Morality is for those who need rules. Entities are beyond rules, I think.


It is our own desire for experience that drives us to create such lives. You create your own reality.


I often felt Seth sanitized some things he said for Janes and the reader’s comfort. In a simulation which works with opposites and needs its rules, it easy to believe that even the most outrageous acts could not have an entity neutrality to them. Morality doesn’t really stack up for me as other than as a human concept, but I do feel there is energy and consequences.


I follow exactly even if I don’t understand some of this, by recalling Seth’s info at times when I really don’t have any personal experiences concerning the point in question or don’t know how to relate to it. these future selves, who have already been there before ‘I’ have, finds me open but totally perplexed. I love sharing and reading this.


I am sorry that I don’t recognize the source, but seth did say humility was a main focus during frank’s life. ron just doesn’t keep up with his posts as often as most of us.


I’ve enjoyed reading all of your sharing. I would love to see this thread continue!


Maybe it has to do with an “invisible belief” which is one that you are not aware of consciously. I think he uses the belief of unworthiness as an example. He also says you can work through these safely. I would take a look at the things that throw you off and more importantly the emotions behind them. Hopefully that would lead you to the hidden or invisible belief you may be harboring. Good luck creating :wink:


Cancel that. I should practice that the world is abundant, verdant, supplying all who want it with sustenance; that nations are peaceful, and working to better their citizens and the world. Creativity is encouraged and cooperation is an increasingly large part of our lives. And stuff like that.



Reality creation is the creative extension of ourselves.

Reality creation is the useful spiritual appendage

that brings us closer to the universe, closer to All That Is,

closer to ourselves.

The universe within creates the universe without.

The proof of reality creation is our universe.

If we create with hangovers

so our reality will be hangovers.

This is the age of proof

and proof we shall have.

Our reality creation proves to us

that we have broken through perceived veils.

And we have allowed our inner and outer worlds

to be one, inseparable

in a moment of no time.

The internal with the external = the eternal.

Reality creation is the search for All That Is. – ron card, 11/22/2014