What exactly is reality creation?

Reality Creation for everyone.

Lets get it started.

I’ve always had the idea that reality creation is getting what you want. Or creating the reality
you want. Maybe Im trying to overcontrol my reality but Im sometimes thrown off by things that come out of nowhere and I cant find the source for via my beliefs. Kinda pisses me off, lol, and makes me feel like “back to the drawing board”.

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Long term and short term goals
Reality creation is goal oriented
Individually focused
And sometimes in need of a complete rebuild :slight_smile:

Im reminded of something I think Seth said. Something along the lines of in the beginning, conscious reality creation might be difficult because it does require conscious effort and focus, particularly because our society doesnt teach it, and currently doesnt operate under the assumption the reality works this way, but with effort and focus we can develop habits that make it easier and we wont have to use so much conscious attention.

do you guys find it hard, to give it your conscious attention, or do you fall back into the “old ways”?

At it’s purest, reality creation would just happen without effort, i.e., we’d go through our lives seeking a goal and things would just fall into place without really thinking too much about it. For instance, my car would be ready for replacement, I’d realize that, perhaps think consciously about it, and things would just happen. I might have enough money to buy a new one or receive a small windfall or win a car that I like, accompanied by running into someone who wanted my old clunker.

Until we really accept reality creation and make it an innate part of our approach to life, it’s like Byron said above: we have to work at it. Practice makes perfect.

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@Byron I find it difficult all the time, I haven’t left the ‘old ways’ behind yet in a lot of areas. I think its especially difficult in a time like ours, when we have access to so much information that can reinforce the ‘official line of consciousness’. It’s hard also because I’m an intellectually curious person who wants to know about all sorts of things, and of course the vast majority of sources of knoweldge out there are incongruous or contradictory to Seth’s ideas. I try to study things now in the context of them being belief systems, that can create amazingly complex and even beautiful things while still being based on some pretty shoddy ideas about the nature of reality.

Always good to remember that ‘reality creation’ is something we’re doing all the time, and can’t stop doing, whether or not we’re consciously aware of it.


I find it most helpful to stick to a daily regimen of Seth exercises. Actually one of the most helpful realizations for me was that I am a very verbal thinker, as I love words, their pronunciations, rhythm, and connotations. Fortunately for me Seth says to use words if that’s easier, and so I do!

I do his “repeat a phrase” exercise, and the point of power “5 minutes concentrate on what you want, make one action in line with it” exercise.

I would and can never fall back into old ways, but if I don’t do these things I may not exactly be moving forward.

Indeed as more people surmise the true nature of reality it will be easier for all of us. For now I simply do not watch television except for commercial-free shows that I either record and fast-forward commercials, or stream without ads. I also do not read the news. I also am not around people that do.

I remember a decade ago or so being presented with the idea that if I stop reading the news and focusing on the negative occurring elsewhere on the planet and so forth, and look for the positive, that it will be overwhelming and my entire view of humanity would shift. I was somewhat skeptical of this because as a teenager I, like many of my other more intellectual fellow students took some sort of intellectual pride in acknowledging all the ills and problems of the world because that meant we were concerned and wanted to solve them! Well! Turns out if you’re concerned and want to solve problems you need to be focused on joy and wonder and solutions, not on misery and problems. :slight_smile:

Anyway it was all true! Today I am overwhelmed on a near daily basis with humanity’s progress. This very discussion forum software (Discourse) is a testament to our improvement. It might seem like a small thing, but it really isn’t. Discussion is improving internet-wide. If you read the history I wrote in the “Welcome to Seth Talks” post you’ll see I find the Stack Exchange Q&A very exciting as well, and these two things are only a sampling. I can see now see avenues through technology like crypto-currencies for incredible improvements like even distribution of abundance, and just that I’m able to perceive these legitimate avenues at all startles me.


Chris, I definitely see where you’re coming from with this. Sometimes I avoid the news altogether too, I’ve done it a lot recently as its just been so damn depressing. But I’m just too curious to ignore it altogether, I love knowing what’s going on and understanding the big issues in depth. It’s one of my strongest impulses - ergo going by Seth’s comments on impulses it’s a good thing! I still have no real idea how or if I will ever do anything as a result of it, but I definitely have the impulse to know. So maybe there’s a balance between being aware of all the shittiness that goes on but not being personally affected by it too much?

I think news that just says ‘X was murdered today, Y causes an increased risk of cancer’ and so on is better ignored and forgotten about. But I read a lot about politics, economics, international relations etc, its fascinating to me. I don’t think I could just switch it off (except at certain times when too overwhelming).

I agree with you that there are some encouraging signs that the kind of future where we focus less on money and differences between people, but structure the world around each person achieving their maximum value fulfillment (basically very similar to the Star Trek future in a lot of ways) could one day come about. But I want to know / see the nitty-gritty of how it will happen as well.


I don’t watch the news either. When I was younger I tried to catch out every injustice being done anywhere by anyone - big or small - and I prided myself on being an ardent activist. Today I practice extending my energies in a way that I consider to be more ‘conscious’, and I consider myself to be an ardent optimist.

I still support Greenpeace (f’rinstance), because it feels right to me, but if it ever stops feeling right to me I’ll quit. :sunny:


I absolutely LOVE trek, especially TNG. When i was watching the show heavily I always wanted to be like Picard. Measured but willing to take action, diplomatic, intelligent, grumpy (lol), interested in philosophy, art, history and music. One of my favorite episodes was when he was shot in the heart and died and Q allowed him to see his life as he was wishing it was. Basically he was wishing he had the knowledge and wisdom now back when he was younger. i often wish I could cheat the system and skip to the end point rather thean going through the transformation that experience forces us to go through.

Anyway, @chris, I find those 2 exercises to be the most direct methods for consciously manifesting your reality. Do you do them until what you want shows up, and then stop? Any instances where what you want didnt show up? What adjustments did you make?

And how do you avoid people who pay attention to the news and want to discuss it? When you are being social with your friends, how do you avoid it?

I have a curious mind that sometimes leads me to the conspiracy side. I bounce back and forth between reality creation world and the world that has forces in it that are attempting to control and manipulate reality. I cant ignore certain historical truths or ignore blatant manipulation and lies that I see, but that is a terrible world to live in. I dont want to ignore “the way the world works” but I also want to consciously control my reality. Its frustrating at times because as much as we create our own reality, we live in a larger one too. I guess this is the part where you’d recommend ignoring the news, lol.

@Martin, you and I are on the same page. I dont pay attention to the everyday news. Its the international, economic, political news that I feel I have to pay attention to in order to be informed, and also its just so damn interesting. Especially when you start to see patterns.

Unlike @Christopher, I take a more darker perspective. I dont think things are getting better, but worse. Especially when it comes to the internet and control and government spying on its citizens and assassinations etc. Maybe its because all of this has been going on but it wasnt coming to light. Maybe things are getting better because all of these things are getting out in the open.

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Geez, I so know what you mean! The episode is called Tapestry, its a good one. I always see Picard as a role model too, apart from the hair :smile:

In areas where I wish to acquire something like tools for my shop, I have no problem. And I’m entering into a weight-loss regimen which is entirely belief based. But I’m a political animal and here in the U.S. there is a political party which has, in my opinion, gone absolutely stark raving stupid. I know what I should do – believe and expect that humanity will address climate change; believe and expect that our financial/monetary system will change, and interest will become a thing of the past; believe and expect that all will be well and that humanity will progress in the best way. But I have trouble focusing on more than one belief and expectation at a time. I’m not sure if I can become organized enough to pull it off. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I guess the moral of life is to always embrace cheating, stabby Nausicaans! Play dom-jot, hu-mahn? LOL!

“There are many parts of my youth that I’m not proud of. There were… loose threads - untidy parts of me that I would like to remove. But when I… pulled on one of those threads - it unraveled the tapestry of my life.”

I like the sentiment and like most of Picards lines its poetic and beautifully delivered, but doesnt the idea hints at destiny, and doesnt the idea of destiny go against YCYOR?

I dont think Ive ever recovered from getting rid of my belief in destiny. A lot of other supporting beliefs were attached to it that brought me comfort and security in life. For me destiny allowed me to project an ideal into the future and be comfident about its coming, which gave me hope and faith that things would be better, no matter the situation.

Has anyone else experienced this when coming to terms with YCYOR?

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Hehe, the entire Edward Snowden affair has been to my reality an absolutely incredibly positive experience. Government and other bodies might be at odds with the will of the people, but that is being actively demonstrated, and it is being actively demonstrated that the “will of the people” is in fact a beautiful, wonderful thing. I believe in people. They do the right thing and make positive choices when they are given the right tools and awareness - that is where we are lacking, and individuals are working very hard to correct it. The evolution of the internet is helping. Ways to bypass censorship in China, the rapid dissemination of information over Twitter, and its ability to expose other censorship and political propaganda. You will also notice that we are constantly externalizing our fears in our works of fiction precisely as a self-corrective method to avoid the nightmare scenarios they depict. I find it fascinating and beautiful. There is a new technology for instance, and a movie takes it to the extreme to warn us against losing our humanity. I could name many examples. Surrogates comes to mind. Also Avatar. You will notice that the most successful films are so because of the relevance of the narrative to our actual problems.

Anyway technology does have the solution for many of these issues. There is, for instance, a means of election that satisfies all of the following:

  • Following a strategy of honesty yields very good (i.e. strategic) results.
  • The vote cannot be split by a “candidate clone” (similar stance on similar issues).
  • Breaks the stranglehold of 2-party domination, does not lead to a 2-party system.
  • Can be processed with current voting machines.
  • Is staggeringly unmatched in simulations, demonstrating the least Bayesian regret compared to all other systems regardless of voter utility, strategy, honesty, ignorance or noise in the system.

It’s called score voting and it’s very simple and you’re already aware of it, but not how ideal of a voting system it is.

The last bullet point is the most impressive and one that appeals to me most as a programmer. In case you’re wondering, yes I absolutely intend this as a method of conducting polls here on Seth Talks.

So you see, if our government were to adopt this system, it would go a long ways to improving many things.

And if you think that’s unlikely - oh they will adopt it. It only takes one tastemaker to send it viral, or a fewer smaller implementations to see its efficacy, and the people will eventually demand it.

There is a somewhat widespread belief that everything important or relevant or earth shattering has already been discovered. “If this voting system is so fantastic, why haven’t I heard of it?” Because you simply haven’t heard of it, or its efficacy. There is no other answer. The status quo is not correct because it is the status quo, we as fans of Seth know this most of all.

It will take time, but whatever enters the minds of the people in large enough intensity will find its way into our institutions. It really doesn’t matter its origin - it can begin even somewhere like broadcasting video games.


“There are many parts of my youth that I’m not proud of. There were… loose threads - untidy parts of me that I would like to remove. But when I… pulled on one of those threads - it unraveled the tapestry of my life.”

Love this quote. I watched the episode only a short while ago actually, after aquiring the latest HD remaster of TNG season 6. I really relate to it also.

I don’t think it does necessarily go against the spirit of Seth’s ideas. If we choose our circumstances before birth, we know beforehand what kind of life and events we’re likely to encounter. Its like we’ve set the loom that will weave the tapestry of our life in a certain way before we begin. Then we’re free, within certain overall boundaries, to weave it as we like.

Seth of course says we can alter our past from the present, so we can ‘unpick’ the tapestry that way. But just as we could change things that are painful to remember, dont we also retain a memory of the ‘old’ past as a learning experience? Mostly what we’re here for is to learn so it would be kind of useless if that learning was lost. Any experience you have changes you, no matter if you decide to alter it ‘later’. This also fits in with what Seth says about every action being redeemed creatively in the end, no matter how negative.

@Byron, could you maybe put your old belief in destiny back into use as a tool for creating a good reality? If you believe and act like its your destiny to do well and achieve things then it will be so!

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An elegant solution, @Martin! The new belief would be “You have a destiny if you believe that you do.”

Conditions I want to experience in life would poured into this new destiny-belief. I’d also add into the mix a belief that this destiny is controlled myself and “the universe” ie my entity. Added benefits would be confidence in outcomes (faith), expectation and desire. Hmm, so instead of having to generate all of these things separately they would be covered by this one master belief.


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I seem to recall Seth saying that before birth we set ourselves a plan, and then we have the free will to continue in accord with that plan or not. But basically speaking it is generally in our best interest to go along with our plan because we ourselves set it after all. But we can choose not to. And there are also many variations within the terms that we have set for ourselves.

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@chris or @Martin or anyone else reading, have you been able to access the plan though? Seems like it would be a hell of a lot easier to know what the plan was and THEN decide whether to accept or reject it. I havent been able to access mine or make conscious contact with my inner self or entity. There have been times where Id ask for things via dreams and Id wake up feeling different, but my inner self/entity seems shy.

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I think if you knew what the plan was in such conscious terms, it would interfere with your ability to cut whatever swath you wished through life, that is likely going to be within the margins of that plan to begin with because I think your predilections in life are the inner hints of what that plan is. Hm. I’m not sure how to explain it. But essentially I think that would make it a hell of a lot harder rather than easier.

The plan probably can’t even be brought into such a conscious awareness without automatically reducing it. That is you couldn’t keep the whole of it in your awareness to begin with, and thus it would interfere. You would judge every action against your concept of it, but knowing whether you acted for or against could be quite slippery.

I remember Seth saying remembering all of your past lives is not the norm for good reason, so that you can have a fresh start. It also makes sense that if you wanted to redeem yourself utterly for something (not for karma, as that doesn’t exist, but rather for personal growth that can take the shape to appear as karma) then it would be best to not be aware of the transgression to begin with, so that you know your actions were natural and of your own accord. And of course so that each subsequent life isn’t simply a correction of a previous life but its own creative experience. We also tend to “reset” overnight when we sleep in much the same way we “reset” when we begin a new life.

I’m mixing some personal opinion in with some Seth information, it would be better if I had quotes. I don’t know if this is correct, just one way I see it.