What exactly is reality creation?


@Byron, I don’t think there is a rigid plan in terms of certain events or a ‘mission’ necessarily, I think its more about growing into a more expanded version of yourself that is a natural outgrowth of who you already are. Seth describes a psychic ‘blueprint’ that exists for each person that is like the ideal shape that the person is hopefully growing into. But it’s not a fixed blueprint that’s rigid and doesn’t change, it has a give and take between itself and the individual versions that are progressing towards it.

I don’t know if this is exactly the same thing or not, but because of simultaneous time, a highly advanced version of yourself that has reached all these potentials inevitably already exists, and that self can be communicated with, and probably influences you without you necessarily being aware. As I understand it this is not the same thing as the entity, but all this gets so complex it’s difficult to separate all the different aspects of what Seth talks about.

This ties in with what Jane talks about in her book, Psychic Politics, about the heroic dimension, and about people being ‘eccentric’ versions of heroic or ideal personalities.

I will try to find the quotes about the blueprint stuff which might make this clearer, I think it might be the closet thing to the plan you and @Christopher are talking about.


I’m pretty much a “go with the flow” type, and have learned to handle the things that seemingly come out of nowhere, because I know that on some level I created those things for whatever reason.


I kinda always thought my “purpose” was to study the nature of reality. To figure out how it works. Ever since I was very young. Like 10 years old. Well, I kinda think I sorta did that with the seth material and I’m like “now what?” lol.

I had an atypical childhood existence. Sort of an old soul type of thing and I skipped out on many of the child and teen pains because i just couldnt relate. Now I feel like as I get older I’m going backwards. Like some crazy benjamin buttons type deal. What type of sick and twisted entity do I have, LOL! JK


it doesnt irk you that you dont know why though?


"I had an atypical childhood existence. Sort of an old soul type of thing and I skipped out on many of the child and teen pains because i just couldnt relate. Now I feel like as I get older I’m going backwards. "

Same! I was so shy when I was kid and teenager that a lot of it just passed me by. Now I feel like I’m catching up all the time, weird isn’t it?


I was a very serious child. Not that I couldn’t have fun, but basically serious. Looking at my life, I see that I was pretty serious and conservative until I approached my thirties. Then I went through a nasty divorce, a depressive period, then began to look for myself. I’ve never been religious, but I learned meditation and experienced Zen, and learned that real experience is non-verbal. I discovered for myself all sorts of ways to delve into myself. I resonated with the Eastern methods and felt that I was coming home. When I later discovered Seth it was as if I had found a secret manual of existence. The Eastern methods had shown me a great deal, but it was as if I were watching the secrets of the stage of the universe from the wings. With the discovery of Seth, I became the actor, center stage; the creator. Looking back on all that, I still don’t know what my plan was, except to learn, or re-learn all this, and to observe. It’s as if I have yet to do what whatever it is I came for.


I feel the same way. Maybe we are doing real important work during our dreams, like escorting dead souls into the after-life. Did you have any adult responsibilities as a young kid? Taking care of sick parents or relatives? Maybe we arent here for ourselves but for someone else? Or maybe we did that in a previous life and in this one we are just supposed to get to know ourselves and be comfortable with who we are?


And sometimes answers are right in front of our faces. I’ve been married twice. I believe I had agreed with my first wife to help her bring our children into the world. My second wife had another agenda. It’s funny, but when we met we tripped all over ourselves on our first night out. By that I mean that we stumbled over words, and just basically couldn’t stop laughing. With that went a very real sense of having known the other for a long time and just then meeting again. It was very magical, just looking at each other and into each other, trying to find someone who wasn’t there but was. In December we’ll have been married for 29 years. She’s been ill for 19 or 20 of them, a semi-invalid who’s tired all the time and has various physical ailments. I’m the nurse, cook, driver, etc. It hasn’t been easy, nor has it been fun, but we still laugh at little things and there’s a very strong love on both our parts. I guess we made an agreement in the dreamworld.


“Maybe we arent here for ourselves but for someone else? Or maybe we did that in a previous life and in this one we are just supposed to get to know ourselves and be comfortable with who we are?”

Going by what Seth says, I don’t believe there is any being here for someone else, at least not ultimately. That suggests something like karma or paying off debts. You might be in a position of looking out for someone else or in a certain relationship with them, but it will be what you agreed to as part of your own development. The end result might look the same, i guess, but the underlying reasons behind it would be quite different. There is no such thing as self sacrifice, Seth says. I hope this doesnt sound uncaring or like you’re not supposed to care for others, that’s not what I mean at all, but I think its an important difference. If you have the attitude that someone else could only be ‘saved’ by what you do for them, it doesnt grant them the ability to shape their own reality.


No, it doesn’t irk me, instead I find it comforting just to know that there is a reason. Just having faith that things work out the way that they are supposed to has been my sanity many times!

Sounds like we had similar childhoods, haha! I feel younger now than I did when I was young! Much of that is because a lot of weight and baggage has been lifted from my shoulders thanks to Seth! Never had a lot of friends because I felt older than them, and like you said, had trouble relating to them. I am now at a comfortable point in my life, and feel like I have kind of grown into my true age, if that makes sense.


Here is an appropriate quote

“The mind grows wiser with age when it is allowed to do so. There is even an acceleration of thought and inspiration, much like that experience in the adolescent years. that suddenly brings a new understanding to the aged individual, and provides an impetus that should help the person to achieve greater comprehension - a comprehension that should quell all fears of death.”

The Way Toward Health
Session 1/xx, Page 170


I just remember seth giving an explanation to a couple who had lost a child and he said that the child came back for the parents benefit and not its own. I cant remember what the lesson was, but I guess it doesnt apply since none of us are little children, ha. :slight_smile:

I know Seth says our idea of karma is not correct and true karma involves a balancing of experience. So if you’ve lived previous lives being selfish YOU might decide to live a life in service to others, or if in a previous life you abandoned your family you might experience a life where you had to take care of them. Something like that. No matter the scenario you would choose this ahead of time though.

Still, I keep thinking about poor Frank Watts, a makeup personality as Seth described him. I dont think he had a very good life, on purpose it seems, and I keep thinking how much it kinda sucks. That information did come out early in the contact with seth so maybe there was some distortion? I do notice that that very early on seth seemed more human in his personality. Less serious.


I’m not saying that I never get irked at things, but I stop and start reminding myself of Seth’s words.

That is beautiful that the child came back for the benefit of the parents, how sweet and selfless!

Seth says that our idea of karma isn’t correct because for there to be karma, there would have to be time. Since all that we really have is this moment, the only karma would be of the instant variety, haha!

I feel that there was a lot of distortion with the Frank Watts personality, but there was distortion with Seth too, just not as much. The early days of Frank Watts coming thru were pretty clumsy for everyone because they were all so new at it.


I love helping others, but not to the point where they become dependent and forget how to care for themselves. I have learned to recognize when someone is just being needy, and have learned to keep my distance from such people. It gets to a point where you become an enabler, and nothing that you do will help the person to change.


Byron, Funny you should mention that!
I had a dream a couple of years back in which I was part of a team who’s job it was to help orientate those who had recently passed. There was a huge area where there were a lot of people in line, and there were cubicle like areas with something like curtains. There were several lines, and one of us was at the front of each line directing people to the cubicles where they would get their orientation from other “higher” beings. It was so vivid and has always stayed with me.


Magic happens, and it’s so wonder-full when it does!


Maybe not so much distortion as simplification. Like you say it was very early in the sessions so a lot of concepts hadn’t been explained yet, including probabilities, the nature of ‘time’, and even ‘you create your own reality’. Seth only ever doled out what Jane & Rob were capable of grasping at the time, as he said himself.

I think the early Seth material has to be seen in this context, if something seems to contradict what comes later it’s probably because a better explanation wasn’t possible at that point without some other major concepts being explained first. That said though, some of the very early stuff is fascinating for this reason - it’s very direct in some areas in a way that the later books aren’t, and it makes you see the same ideas from a different perspective. Even with these issues its still probably the most internally consistent system of knowledge I’ve seen.

It’s a difficult one to answer, but it’s obvious that there are people born all of the time into what are objectively far from ideal circumstances. But Frank Watt’s life after being born wasn’t dictated beforehand, he chose what happened through his beliefs, etc. He wasn’t destined for a life of suffering that couldn’t be altered. Mostly likely there are probable Frank Wattses that had quite pleasant, happy lives.

I guess you could question deeper and ask it is morally right for an entity to create a personality that it ‘knows’ is likely - but not definitely - going to have a difficult life. But how many probable selves of ours are there that we’ve spun off without even being aware of it, whose situation is worse or even a lot worse than ours? How much responsibility do we have for that? It seems like ordinary human morality is not so easy to apply when it runs up against the infinitely creative nature of ‘God’ / All That Is. Every personality or probable self etc that is created has its own choices and is free to develop in its own way, so ultimately we’re all headed the same way, just starting at different places. That’s one way you could look at it. But this is tough stuff to think about, no mistake!


I dont think Frank was a full personality. He was a fragment personality.


REALITY CREATION TAKEN TO A NEW LEVEL…from ron by way of Oceanside Rick…

“In the past, for example, the ego accepted only knowledge that came through the
senses through the physical surroundings. Now it is open to inner data to a
large degree…”

“The personality is more integrated, yet through its acceptance of inner data,
the ego, to use the term lightly, has expanded. It has not shrunk. It is now
composed of more various elements from the whole personality…”

…This is a cornerstone for consciousness and for personality development. It
is only a first step, however. Without it, no further development of
consciousness can occur.

This particular step is not attained by all within your system. You are at this
point now. This state has been called cosmic consciousness, but it is hardly

The next step is taken when identity is able to include within itself the
intimate knowledge of all incarnations. Yet in this state the independence of
the various reincarnated selves is not diminished.

Each of these steps of consciousness involves identity with the inner
recognition of its whole identity with All That Is.

As each separate identity then seeks to know and experience its other portions
then All That Is learns who and what it is.

Action never ceases its own exploration of itself.

Seth, Session 309

Byron, In a sense, you are I are also fragments…ron


Frank Watts was not a fragment personality. He was/is an aspect of Seth, incarnationally. Seth said Frank was a “make-up” personality, tying up all loose ends for Seth’s incarnations, and a rather “colourless” one, as Seth remarked.