What happens in the case of aborted babies?

I am often so saddened by my choices to have abortions as a youth. I now seem to be very bothered to not know what happened to those children

Do not be sad, those consciousnesses chose their own realities and you agreed in subconscious terms for all is understood in greater terms. – ron


Thank you for your reply

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May I say: we do not need to regret old choices. They are learning experiences.
We make the best choices we can, given the times, the circumstances, our own personal development, and the cultural zietgeist. Be assured, you; your baby & All That Is planned all this beforehand. The baby personality very likely needed only a short time actualizing a physical form to complete it’s mission. It is for the raising of your personal vibration that these questions have come to light now.
Before we take on the physical we all occupy the continuum of All That Is; we are the white light.
You see, for better or worse, I remember where I was before I came here. We call it ‘Home’.
Everything comes from there & everything goes back there when we leave this form. I did not accept my memories fully until I was over 25 years old. Up until that time I read a several hundred books & talked to everyone I could think of to prove my memories wrong. After all, the world I grew up with was nowhere near what I remembered. It was difficult to resolve.
You & your baby personality are following the intents of your Greater Selves. Consciously, we are barely capable to understand our Greater Self; it is too vast. But we can live in harmony with the Overself by leaving a door open to our sub conscious. In the old hippie days it was referenced as: ‘Going with the Flow’, ‘Raising your personal Vibration’, ‘Trust the Unknown’ and ‘Trust your Gut’.
Be at ease, you are Magnificent, to the Overself there is no value judgement, only Love. The sheer intensity of our feelings are what matters, not whether we label it good or bad.
Remember, we have to create material reality every micro second of the day. Matter exists only instantaneously and then reverts back to non-matter (White Light). The big bang did not happen 13.4 B years ago; it just happened this afternoon. To the Overself, time & space are simultaneous.
The physical personality accumulates all the discrete materializations we created into what we know as linear memory. This affords us the illusion that time is linear though it is actually simultaneous.


Thank you, I am so comforted by your words. I am 64 and this happened over 40 years ago. Thank you again

I assume that you posted here for comments in light of the Seth material, and that you already searched it with Christopher’s search engine:


The way I understand it, you have to look not from the point of view of what you did to those fetuses, and the potential children that could’ve been born, but from the point of view of your emotions and thoughts that led to those abortions, from the symbolical meaning that those events had for you.

Seth explained that the events that we experience are a symbolical language used to educate us, as letters are symbols that form words and sentences that convey us information.

From this perspective, only you can interpret what those experiences were meant to teach you, and that may have nothing to do with the immediate, facile, obvious interpretation. The only help you can get with the interpretation can come only from your own inner source of guidance, that you can tap in an altered state of consciousness induced through mediation, prayer, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, …

As I understand Seth’s explanations, the conscious you, your personality, your entity didn’t decide in any way the experience of those fetuses. Maybe they were already inhabited by souls, or not yet, and if they were then they were the ones who decided not to come into this world, not you.

Surely, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter how you behave, what impact your actions, here in physical, have on others. It matters, because your experiences are part of what you incarnated to learn, but it matters only from this perspective, as you don’t inflict anything on anybody who hadn’t accepted it beforehand at an inner level.

Seth explained that there is no single objective reality we all observe, and that each of us lives in their own reality created by their own subconscious, while being telepathically connected to everything else in the wider reality.

So, to conclude, you have to look at those abortions from the perspective of your emotions and thoughts that were related at that time, before and after, to interpret them the same way you’d interpret your dreams. Get in touch with your inner guidance, if you don’t already do that.

The way I understand Seth, no matter your age, your experience now is only about what you do now, your reality that you create now, and it has no causal connection to your past. The past you recall isn’t even the past you experienced, but a probable past created in the present, to the same degree you create a probable future.

The “simultaneous” time is a misinterpretation. It is an instantaneous change / selection of your past and future from all the probabilities.

The physical time is a camouflage, as the physical space is.

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Thank you! Mostly for the link you shared as I had no knowledge of it. I have just been introduced to Seth Speaks and am almost finished-some is a bit hard to wrap my head around but I am loving learning and growing. Thank you again.

…ron speaks…Understand that while the Seth search engine is a great welcoming tool and help to those looking for more Seth references and information, a great starter program, let me point out that it is not complete and all-encompassing by any stretch of the imagination, but it does contain about 80% of Seth from the certain selected Seth books scanned into the logarithm by Chris, however, the results that you get are randomly TRUNCATED, that is, every few paragraphs are PURPOSELY omitted in order to circumvent copyright laws because the copyrights to ALL the Seth material is held, still held, for that matter, by Robert Butt’s second wife, Laurel Davies–Butts, which went to Laurel when Rob passed in 2008. Since Rob passed, Laurel has made her sole source of income by licensing certain portions of the Seth material for book publication, like to Rick Stack and Amber–Allen, for example, who began publishing licensed Seth books in the early 1990s by original arrangement with Rob and Laurel. Laurel and I are super personal friends, and I have obtained my Seth Museum Collection from her beginning in 2013, with the acquisition of Jane’s rocking chair from which she channeled Seth, Rob’s 1968 Seth portrait, the Ouija board through which Seth came through in Dec. of 1963, all the top Rob and Jane artwork, and dozens of iconic Seth, Jane and Rob objects and artifacts, of which my intent is to share with all like-minded Sethians as I am the curator, conservator, custodian and guardian of these cherished items.
The search engine will steer you in the right direction but you then must refer to the book for the FULL session or excerpt, you understand. In addition, not all Seth or Seth-based books are covered by the Seth search engine, because copyrights are held by those authors, like the late, Sue Watkins, and also for a sizeable amount of UN-published, and never before published Seth material, that is, Seth with no book reference, like Ronald H. Card’s many un-published Seth sessions in Rob’s transcript Volume #18, that he obtained from Laurel years ago, and she called it a unique volume containing Seth material that “fell through the cracks” so to speak, containing un-published Christ and Atlantis and Rob’s family information to name a few topics. So, there is considerable Seth information that is simply not included in the Seth search engine, again, about 80% is included, fortunately. If you have questions, please ask me as I have been heavily associated and involved with Rob and Laurel and the material since 1974. Visit on Facebook, SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues. Cheers.

Check ECS#2, May 5, 1970