When one loses the need to see physical manifestations of changes effected by massive energy forces

When I was younger, I put a lot of energy into creating my own reality. I threw myself into my dreams, feared nothing, and manifested success in my chosen field. I remained aware of infinite possible realities and drew inspiration from the ancient waves of energy available to all of us.

Now as a young senior, however, I am rapidly losing my need to see the result of my energy in physical form. I feel waves of intimate connection to all the various planes of energy/existence and am content to swim in that ever-shifting reality. Those around me keep trying to “motivate” me to come out of my head. I live in Miranda-world, they say. Life is for living!

But, I’m perfectly happy in my world. Only the demands of beaurocracy force me out of my reverie to deal with bothersome paperwork to keep a semblance of physical support sustaining life.

Have I taken my understanding of the Seth Material too far, or am I simply denying reality? Or maybe they are the same thing?


Hallo Mirajane, the most important is to realize you are free to make your own choices. Just keep in mind that you might be making choices based on false information. Like during a period of hormonal change you can take in a lot of distorted information. Menopauze is one of these periods and its not an easy time even if you do not have a lot of physical troubles. It is very well possible that after spending all this energy on reaching goals in physical existence young seniors as you call it, try to escape a bit by going into ‘theta’ (brainwaves). That is a half dreamy state of mind. (The same happens by the way with young adults.) This overuse of theta might become a habit that inhibits balanced use of your brainwaves.

Seth emphasizes that we can have intense experiences here that are special to this plane. It is your choice wether to have them, but staying in your head will not provide them. ‘Perfectly’ happy sounds like you are without a challenge right now. I think you might like to find out how to use your outer senses and inner senses at the same time. I dare to say that because you are a Seth reader. If your are grounded in your body on earth, your mind can go as far as you want and still come back. More dimensional includes the earthly dimensions, or you wouldn’t be here.
The period you are in now may be very important to you, you may need it for some reason, so embrace it with love.

Thanks for the term ‘young senior’, being one myself, I like it!
Love, Lot Blom


I do a bit of what you describe.
I think the thing is to live life on your own terms and do what makes sense to you. If you are happy and not hurting nobody, then well it’s your choice what you choose to focus on and nobody has the right to tell you any different.

But it’s nice to consider other people’s point of view and fresh perspectives. I mean we learn with contrast.


Have I taken my understanding of the Seth Material too far, or am I simply denying reality? Or maybe they are the same thing?

To me “denying reality” and the goal of the Seth material are not the same thing.

But I wouldn’t be able to advise you, since your state-of-mind is not familiar to me. I only know that Seth encourages to go_into_ the world, not retreat from it. To engage in the world directly. To bring your personal ideas and ‘being’ to others, and to affect your times by being who you are.

Of course you already do this. Its not possible not to affect everything while physically focused.

I only wanted to make the point that using the Seth material, is not the same as ‘denying reality’. :slight_smile:


Mirajane, I can’t anawer your question, but you might consider the value to you of keeping a foot in both realities, so to speak.


It seems to me that you may have attained a degree of success in physical manifestation that means it holds little novelty value for you now. Maybe instead you’re attempting to take it to the next level, so to speak.

Given your successes, would you consider teaching what you know? Perhaps the “waves of intimate connection to all the various planes” that you’re experiencing is the second half of a puzzle you need to solve in order to speak from both perspectives (e.g. physical manifestation and metaphysical communion) in order to make any teaching grounded and precise.


Your message made a big impact on me. It’s just that it has taken me 14 months to read it! Appropos of your wise advice, I have been away from exterior stimulus. You said that perhaps I needed this time, and I believe you were right.

Only recently, let’s say for the past two months, have I begun to feel a stirring of life forces. I have started to do some internal work to firmly grasp what it is I truly believe, instead of floating on a raft of older ideas that are becoming stagnant and boring. “Coincidentally”, I have been receiving unsolicited invitations to join in activities, albeit at a distance, centered around such things as remote group Reiki chakra cleansing and several requests for my “wise” (read: old crone) advice or opinion. Taken in tandem, I am beginning to know that it is time to stick a toe into the flow of life outside my own mind.

Getting this reminder from sethtalks.com in my email is a perfect example of what I mean. Had I not received it and, more importantly, read it I would not have seen your truly vital message to me. I had no idea about the connection between hormonal changes and theta waves. Your down-to-earth explanation for my (unfamiliar) “perfect” happiness sounds spot on. Whether it is the leveling out of hormones or the vicissitudes of universal energy waves awakening me from my semi-dream state, the time has arrived when my next step is clearly nigh.

I want to thank you deeply for sending your wisdom to me, and if you are still active on the site, I would really like to hear from you again. I had forgotten how fruitful engagement with other Seth thinkers can be.

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You are so right, Jonny! It is not only interesting, but also vital at times to listen to the opinions and experiences of others. It helps us to refine what our true beliefs are. I have been doing this a lot more lately and it is gently pushing me to make some vital adjustments in order to continue my growth and understanding.

Thank you for affirming our right to think independently, regardless of what anyone else thinks. More people might be happier, and certainly more in touch with what they truly believed, if they remembered how to do that. Also important was your caveat of “doing no harm to nobody” is vital - and another thing our present world can use a large dose of!

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I totally agree, Rachel. And besides, the prevailing system has nasty ways of making you face " reality" , at least as it is being defined by the gatekeepers.

In my semi-dream state, (please refer to the response from lotblom above) I was affecting universal wavelengths with every thought that flirted across my mind, just as we all are - always.

And yet, I still get stuck on the idea of “denying reality.” In a way, I believe we all deny reality to a greater or lesser extent. Because what is reality anyway? Can it ever be defined? It is what it is in every sentient being’s mind and belief system. After all, even in something so commonly held as a color. If we are both looking at a sunflower, and I mention what a beautiful shade of yellow it is - and you agree with me…how can either of us know if the other’s idea of “yellow” is the same as our own. In fact, I would venture to guess it most definitely is NOT the same. At least I hope so. It keeps things much more interesting.

I wish I knew how to do that. It has always been vague to me. Ever since I can remember, I thought I had my feet in reality. It’s only as I got older, in my let’s teens say, and other people started telling me that I wasn’t facing reality, or that my reality as I explained it to them was wrong-headed. Only then did I begin to have doubts about what “reality” meant. This questioning is exactly what brought me to the Seth material in the first place. I “discovered” Seth Speaks when I was about 20. I remember that as I read it then, I kept nodding my head as if to say. " Yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT!

So now, 43 years later, I don’t really listen when people tall me I’m denying reality. I mean, I listen, and often their concept of reality, as I understand it, helps me to refine my own concept in a critical thinking comparison sense. The difference is that I am no longer saddled with self-doubt as I was then. NOW, the only other reality that makes me doubt myself is the “other” reality in my own head. The conversation between the realities in my own head never stops. And now that I have lived alone on and off for the last 30 years, I often carry these conversations on out loud - mostly when I’m home alone! And no, I don’t mind if you think I must be crazy. That’s YOUR reality and I honor your right to keep it.

I hope this lengthy response didn’t sound too much like a defensive rant. It’s truly what I believe - at this moment!


I am rereading my streams from the past. I have been away from the site for some time. Upon rereading you response to my question, I am amazed by the truly practical insights you present. The idea of retreating into theta waves had not occurred to me and yet, sounds right on. I also found it interesting to hear that your people also easily fall into this state. No wonder I had no fear and plunged into the world of Broadway as if no one could stop me. In your twenties that confidence is essential if you are breaking barriers to getting the future career you want. However, at my stage of life, although it is oh so comforting, I can see that is counterproductive if one wants a future at all. Thank you for your insights. Still pondering…

How right you are. We DO need to make some contact with that outside word, regardless of how scary it has become because, as you so wisely say, we learn from contrast. Without another voice in your ear besides your own, you are closing yourself to the very “contrast” that will carry you to the next level of understanding. Thank you for your advice.

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