Where is Seth now? Is there any more contact with either Ruburt or Seth?

I was wondering if anyone actually has contacted Seth or Ruburt via dreams or via Ouija board?

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Certainly possible. I believe he dropped in on some ESP classmates from time to time I think? Of course having your own inner self take on the guise of Seth is probably more common! Unlimited wisdom there, after all. :wink:

There’s one place Seth isn’t at least, and that’s being channeled through someone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had an out-of-body experience many years ago and met with Seth. Was it really Seth? I believe so. It would be appropriate, however, to bear in mind that the Seth we are familiar with in the books was a composite personality that results from the merging of what Seth is with that of what Jane Roberts is. I believe he covers this in Seth Speaks. I’ve also had conversations with Seth when I was wanting to know what he thought about a book I was working on. Now I challenge every thought that flows through my mind, so I am well aware that I can’t be 100% sure it was Seth, but then what does is mean to be “Seth”? Seth himself said that we cannot understand his reality until we better understand what we are. That said, I asked him about how I could be having contact with him when he said that he would not come through anyone else but Jane. He was very clear that he never said that he would not interact with anyone else but Jane, but that he would not come through anyone else to disseminate information publicly other than through Jane. In his humorous way he let me know that he did not agree to have no contact with anyone else ever again. That was just not his intention. He is only concerned with the distortion of his material that would result were others to speak for him. So anyone who says that they are speaking for Seth, particularly with regard to interpreting the material in his books, is not likely doing so. Still, he is an available resource, but then so is our own inner self.


About 20 years ago, I took an 8 week meditation course. Every week we worked on meeting our spirit guide. He starting out just as a ball of loving energy and each week more details were revealed until I had a clear picture of him. He has been with me ever since, mostly in the background but I always feel him. I was so surprised when I read my first Seth book last year and saw the picture of Seth that Robert drew, because that is exactly what my spirit guide looks like. Is it Seth? I don’t know.


I had a dream a long long time ago where I was attending a party on a New-York rooftop with other people. There was a man there and he was purple(ish) but it was Seth. Years later I started reading the Seth material in earnest and there I came across the description of the rooftop New-York dream party with Seth. I had already attended.
Not impossible since I sometimes get messages out of time.
But that has been the extent of my meeting Seth. He does not drop in to whisper advice and tell me how to lead my life, and that is fine. Where would be the learning if he did?

…ron rambles…The only distance between you and the Seth of Jane, or Seth One–my label, or Seth Two, or Seth’s parent pyramid gestalt entity Seth Two as identified in the Early Sessions as, WE ARE SETH, and I will amusingly call EAS, “Seth’s Daddy,” is purely psychological. That’s it, mental. Now that distance can be short or long depending on your beliefs which hinge on your open-mindedness and ability to creatively think on your own without being unduly influenced by the negativity of others who believe Seth died in 1984, for example. Seth exists as a “vibratory frequency rate,” which is his unique personal identity–personality. As an aside, we all exist as the same as each of us, ourselves, our selves, physical, non-physical, past, present and probable future selves, are but personalty frequency vibrations, and each a unique vibe at that…ron. Seth-WAS, can be accessed in altered states of consciousness, like the dream state through before sleep request and suggestion. You may or may not be able to remember anything, however, due to the degree and quality of the information and the intent of the information you will receive, for generally, you are given tests and lessons designed to help you with your reality creation, and your guides are watching, taking notes, and more dream sessions will be in order…ron

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Fact is I don’t care if my distance to “Seth” is short or lengthy, since Seth specifically said your own inner self is a wealth of information, if not better information than him, always available and especially in the dream state.

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From my point of view “The World View of Seth” is always present, and whatever ideas he put down in the Seth Material are a living technology of consciousness that interacts with us in this dimension as paper and ink (or digital ink).

I’ve never seen the Seth Material / Framework as something static and fixed, but as constantly growing and evolving, like everything else in existence.

Seth also made many specific references during sessions to others who would not be part of the timeframe it was communicated through Rob and Jane, to people who were part of the process, even though they might not read/encounter the material until decades later.

When is Seth? NOW.
The “where” question does not really have an appropriate answer due to the distortion of answering in time based awareness.
you could also look up notes for “Seth 2 / Seth Two” but remember that each personality is its own thing, while part of a larger whole.

So Seth/Jane/Rob is in the 1970s right now dictating. Here’s here and now whenever you pick up one of the books or turn to your inner self for guidance, he’s also in the future as both Seth and Seth Two.


The Seth videos on YouTube where he points to the camera and speaks to YOU, the watcher, specifically… pretty intense. :+1:


Hi Doreen, and thanks for your interest and question. For the past 2 years I have had frequent dream contact with a faculty member, a teacher, from Seth’s greater pyramid energy gestalt, the gestalt that was responsible for Jane’s Seth and Seth Two. This is no different than contacting the Christ gestalt, or Buddha, for that matter. These are separate and distinct energy gestalts and they exist in the timeless. Although all the teachers are nameless, many assume a name for the purpose of reference only because we use language and they use ESP powers. All these gestalts exist all at once, simultaneously, so they are always “here” and “now.” Now, the only distance between an earthling who is requesting contact with, say, the greater Seth gestalt, or, WE ARE SETH, is purely psychological. However, that distance can be short or long, or not at all, depending on beliefs, intents and expectations. You do not need a permission slip to dream access the greater Seth gestalt, believe me. Follow me on my new Seth forum…SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues. Thanks again Doreen

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Ok, again thanks again everyone - it has been awhile since I have read some of the passages you’ll have referenced…surely Seth is out there looking at us and hoping we are strong individuals and that we have started tapping into our own inner strengths and meanings. I did have a dream recently that I went to his house, and a blonde woman answered, I asked for Seth and she told me I could not see him - boo hoo - but what would I say? Hey Seth, hows it going? or Seth, I made it this far, can you let me in for a cuppa? After all, he is not spending his “time” addressing individuals like a Dear Abbey column, he sort of did that and bought the tea shirt. I guess I just would want to thank him for this insight and his personal godliness to care for the development of the human race. That is all I would say. Glad I have some souls to share those thoughts with!

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Hi Ron, I googled your term, and it only points back to this page.
Are you talking about a facebook group, a unique web page or what? Perhaps you could add a link.


Thanks. I hit request to join. Most likely won’t post in there Facebook seems to be full of arguments in just about any group, just curious to see what topics people are talking about, much appreciated

Jonny, my Seth forum is…SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues…on Facebook, do have a look, thanks, ron

…since I posted last, I am now the proud owner of Jane and Rob’s Ouija board, the one that Seth came through on, and it is literally dripping with positive vibes…ron


These are ELEVEN SMOKING GUNS declaring that Seth would never communicate thru someone else. You and others ignore his and Jane’s own words and explanations. He explained that people would use his name as a symbol for their own inner communications–and that this is common and understandable re Seth readers.

I’ve added the CAPS for emphasis only:

Seth (Session 876, from God of Jane): "A woman wrote that she was involved with. . . correspondences in which I was communicating with her, and she was certain that this would prove beyond a doubt my own independent nature, since I [would have given] messages to another medium besides Ruburt. The woman was quite convinced of that.

"Other people have written that I have given them such messages. Another woman dreamed of me, and had an experience in which a child was definitely healed. Now, I did not communicate with those women—but their belief in me helped each of them use certain abilities. One woman has done some writing—not very good—but still, those abilities came to the fore. The other woman was able to use her own healing abilities.

Jane (Ch.9, Seth Material): “Mrs. Brian had a terrific headache while reading the article (about Seth); suddenly she thought she felt Seth’s presence. An inner voice, presumably Seth’s, told her that she had been feeling sorry for herself that she must stop brooding over her health at once, get up, and go out for a walk. If so, she would improve at once…

“We asked Seth about the incident. In this case, he said, Mrs. Brian had used him as a symbol of her inner self, or supraconsciousness, to deliver help and healing influences as well as advice. The experience helped the woman to use her own abilities, and the idea of Seth enabled her to activate her own healing forces.”

Jane (Seth Material; Ch.9): “Several people have told me that Seth communicated with them through automatic writing, but Seth denies any such contacts, saying that his communications will be limited to his work with me, in order that the INTEGRITY of the Seth Material be preserved.”

Seth (ESP Class, 4-17-73): “If you are quick, and if you are intuitive, and if you are courageous, and if some evening you listen to my voice in the proper mood, then you can follow yourself to the heart of yourself, using the voice as a road or vehicle.”

Seth (Session 463): It is quite natural that others…who are experimenting should go through a stage in which it seems to them they are receiving information from me. Suggestion operates, and any trance deeper than ordinary for them can be interpreted in these terms. He (Ruburt) should understand this, and explain it simply to his students.”

Seth (ESP Class, 12-19-72): “Seth Speaks should be called You Speak and You Speak and You Speak. So listen to yourselves.

Jane (from Dreams, Evolution, & Value Fulfillment–Essay 5, 4-18-82): “And–very troublesome to me–came the repeated news that various people were ‘speaking for Seth’ publicly, and charging hefty-enough fees. I felt that my work was being CONTAMINATED, and more, I was annoyed and disappointed by those readers who could apparently be so taken in by those other Seths. As he has said so many times, SETH SPEAKS ONLY THROUGH ME, TO PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE MATERIAL. AND IT IS INDEED THAT CONTRACT BETWEEN HIM AND ME THAT ALWAYS ASSURES YOU OF THE AUTHENTICITY OF SETH’S WORK…”

Seth (Session 454): “My friend here, Ruburt, is my mouth, and speaks for me…I WILL NEVER SPEAK THROUGH ANYONE OTHER THAN RUBURT, simply because there must never be any doubt of the origin of the Seth material.”

Seth (Session 463): "Now, when you see what Ruburt can do occasionally, and the troubles I can have with distortion, then you can be sure that I WOULD NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THE CHANCES FOR DISTORTION BY ATTEMPTING TO SPEAK THROUGH ANYONE ELSE.

Seth (Session 510): "While MY COMMUNICATIONS WILL COME EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH (JANE) AT ALL TIMES, to protect the integrity of the material…”

Seth (Session 15): "Joseph, your part in these sessions is extremely important. Without your participation they could not have begun, nor could they continue. Because of our past alliances the three of us are closely bound together. However, I need the two of you in order to come through at all."The


As I see it, people like Ron don’t realize they use Seth’s name as a symbol for their own inner communication. They make up theories in order to disregard what Seth, Jane and Rob actually said about never communicating thru anyone else. Seth won’t communicate thru anyone else in order to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the material. He did not want many alleged Seth quotes diluting and polluting his material. People like Ron desperately feel they need Seth. They can’t let him go and celebrate their own self.

Ron isn’t alone. There are others who use Seth’s name. They would want us to believe that not only would community nic are they one other, but a multitude of people. Whoever wants to. As if he doesn’t care about maintaining the integrity of his material anymore.

Jane did a great deal of testing. All these “fake” Seth-name users–just say so–and we’e supposed to believe them and disregard Seth himself.

Also, No one ever came up with name"Seth" as an entity to channel until Jane made the name popular. Now, they keep coming.


Who are the “known” people who claim to channel Seth, or use his name etc?
I might like to do a blog post about it, not to shame anybody, but to explore the topic further.
“Story Waters” was one I came across on youtube a few years back, he also published an ebook on Amazon that used the “Seth” name on it too.
I read it out of curiosity, the material was interesting , but seems more a marketing tactic than anything having the name on there for keyword searches etc, as I see no other reason for it.


The two major ones are Story Waters and Mark Allen (or Alan?) Frost. Both run from any serious discussion on this topic while pretending they do not. I wrote a long response to Story’s “Seth” explanation–but I cannot post it on his page. Both he and Frost do not allow true discussion & refuse my posts. So does Ron.

There have been a many people who have claimed to communicate for Seth ever since Jane went public with her material. Seth and Jane repeatedly stated that Seth would only communicate thru Jane in order to protect the integrity and authenticity of the Seth material. Despite this, since her death in 1984, a new bunch of people have been popping up making the same claim—that they now channel or communicate for Seth. They think this is something new—but they are just in a long line of people who have made such claims over the years. Each one of these people have their own twist on it, their common or unique, convoluted explanations as to why “their” Seth is actually Seth or somehow related to Seth—for the name “Seth” is always used. Seth actually explained that it is natural for some of his readers to use his name as a symbol of their own inner communications—and this is what I believe has happened with all these people. It’s either that or they are out and out frauds—which I don’t believe. When a person does not recognize a symbol as a symbol, they take it as fact. And there you have it—why all these people claim to communicate for Seth despite his and Jane’s repeated explanations that he would only communicate thru Jane.

Each person has his or her own explanation as to why it is actually Seth. As I’ve said elsewhere, this would mean that not only was Seth wrong about himself not communicating thru ANYONE else–but rather he would communicate thru MANY others, perhaps everybody.

First, I’d like to explain the significance of people claiming to communicate for Seth, as I see it, and why Seth and Jane spoke up about it consistently with the same explanations.

I take Seth at his word, but I don’t just follow whatever he says. I left Seth class precisely to find my own answers, and not look to or rely on Seth–and I do not and never did see Seth’s words as gospel or dogma.

I give credit to people to think for themselves, and I always advocate that they do. I don’t want anyone to take my word for what Seth may mean, and so I provide quotes (as I did on this site) so they can see or decide for themselves—which I will do in this case as well.

When Seth says something, especially repeatedly, I take him at his word that that is what he means or meant to say. Then, it is up to me to agree or disagree. When it comes to Seth communicating thru others, it is not a murky, mystical concept. It is a rational and reasonable F1 perspective. Seth and Jane both have repeatedly stated that Seth would not communicate thru others in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the material. This is not trying to understand what would happen if pigs had wings and could control people’s dreams. This is straight-forward, everyday thinking.

For example: IF there were 20 posters all claiming to be you, whoever is reading these words, let’s say”Joe” and posting in your name—and saying things you may agree with or may strongly disagree with—it makes sense that over time—people would begin getting the “real” Joe confused with these fake Joe’s. And in time, people would be quoting “Joe” but it would include things you did NOT say or would NEVER say—yet it would be ascribed to you, Joe. You would most likely feel that the integrity or authenticity of YOUR material, thoughts and posts, were being contaminated by these fake Joes—even IF they sincerely believed they were you.

It is a very simple and straightforward concept—that Jane and Seth addressed repeatedly. Seth and Jane, as would you, did not want their work contaminated by fake “Seths” leaving their Seth quotes in their wake…therefore Seth said that he would limit his communications solely thru Jane in order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the material.