Who is the man from Calcutta


Did anyone research on this topic?

"SS Chapter 21: Session 586, July 24, 1971 1/97 (1%) christ paul historical saul third
[… 21 paragraphs …]

Now there will be several born before that time who in various ways will rearouse man’s expectations. One such man has already been born in India, in a small province near Calcutta, but his ministry will seem to remain comparatively local for his lifetime.

[… 75 paragraphs …]"

—SS Chapter 21: Session 586, July 24, 1971

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Paul Helfrich wrote something about that. Check the end note (33) page 50 in his “A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview

For more information on Elias’ version of the messiah mythos, see the introductory note to " The nine children of the essence of Rose"

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