Why Are We Creating This Current Stream of Events?

We have, as a world society, created this current Pandemic. In America, we have out of control fires burning up California, we have hurricanes back to back blasting the south. We have the most intense political divisionism we have seen in a very long time. We have so much revolution happening around the murders and brutality by police that it has expanded and is being recognized and supported around the world. That is a lot, and that is just USA.

I think this is interesting, horrible, yes, but interesting. Seth always explained anyone’s part in what was going on in their lives, and the world at large; the underlying issues propelling the events.

Feels like an energy surge right now. Like a tidal wave that is about to break shore but hasn’t yet. Still sucking water out to sea, gathering up a really big wave of energy and change.

Would love to hear what anyone thinks on this, from an analytical, observational point of view.


To me, it’s obvious. Anger, fear, hate are out of control, and reflected in everyone’s reality, more or less, function of one’s level of anger, fear, hate.

You obviously see the reality through the filter of your beliefs. It doesn’t even matter if you’re right or wrong, it matters how you respond emotionally to stimuli.

For example, you used words like “murders and brutality by police” that trigger anger in you, and in those that read your post (both in those who agree with you, and in those who disagree; both in perpetrators and in victims on all sides). It doesn’t matter if you’re correct or not. Anger, fear, hate will always materialize into more situations that yield anger, fear, hate.

So, your small part in bettering this world could start by being careful with the impact you bring into the world with your words.

Based on past interactions, I don’t expect you to agree with me. And you’re one of those preaching love … (!)

Actually I do agree with some of what you say, my description does say how I feel about what is going on and of course my attention adds to it (good point). But not sure I could look at what is going on with the police and describe it as love, kindness, happiness or joy.

I do get that it is all an illusion, and you can not really kill anything or anyone, but I do find myself lately getting caught up in the melodrama for some reason. But something is gnawing at me, like I am missing a piece of the puzzle???

Anger, fear, hate have been out of control for a long time, am thinking there is more to it than that.

Not sure I would say that I preach love, but I do preach happiness, or at least strongly believe in it, could be considered the same thing I guess.

It occurs to me that it could be possible to use this global energy, that seems to be heightening.

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To me the hurricanes and wild fires are largely a result of humanities blatant disregard for it’s natural environment.

To me the police and the pandemic are a result and reflection of humanities lack of feeling of it’s own creative power. Here the theme is one of control and how humanity seeks control to offset it’s internal feelings of insecurity.

The underlying question is then why does humanity feel insecure in itself? The answer here is largely one of a lack of emotional development. Humanities’s right to power and anger and to be met there, has not been supported. Seth said humanity while it may be technically quite advanced at an emotional level it is severely underdeveloped comparatively.

Anger is an emotion, fear is an emotion that need to be met and supported and affirmed in mutuality and the feeling of insecurity underneath needs to be healed. This we can only do in connection with each other. Hate is a sentiment that is a cover/defense against unmet pain…usually sadness. When humans can learn to make room for these repressed emotions then they don’t need to creep out or explode out into the world scene in the dysfunctional ways they currently are.

Emotions are the most powerful forms of energy at our creative disposal. It’s important we work with them in concrete ways and not marginalize them through philosophical abstractions.

That’s why, in the past, I submitted for discussion quotes from Jane’s channeling of Seth, and didn’t interpret them, because as we can see from this thread too, we read the same quotes and understand different things based on our biases.

We came to this thread with our own interpretations, and leave it no better, maybe a little worse because we get put off a little by the others’ lack of “correct interpretation”.

What’s the use of it?

That always seems an intriguing way to interpret something, to think of it as a dream and break it down into parts, also, it puts some emotional distance between the viewer and the viewed, which I think helps for clearer assessing.

I do find myself wondering a lot about what is going on and why is it going on. Your observations seem accurate to me, that as the human race, we are working out our issues, personally/globally, microcosm/macrocosm.

I think about all the planets and civilizations out there and that have ever been, and compare where this planet it at and conclude that this planet must be some kind of kindergarten, a place to figure stuff out and learn about ourselves and each other (including all life on this world.)

Not sure how a topic can be discussed without bringing into the picture our biases and beliefs. But it is those biases and beliefs that I think, make for interesting discussion and oftentimes leads to an expansion of thinking, which for me is the whole point.

It has occured to me, the possibility, that there is no “correct interpretation” and just a myriad of experiences we are all trying to understand, with a fundamental lack of bigger picture understanding, that we all create different things and for different reasons.

I once attended a lecture of someone who was very “Bible” oriented in their belief system. Everything she experienced, for her, was based on the belief structure that is presented in the Bible, no wiggle room. I thought, at the time, her conclusions are incorrect because she does not understand the bigger picture, that for one, the Bible is make believe, and just a lot of stories written by and interpreted by too many people over the ages, to be any kind of truth or represent any kind of reality.

Then it occured to me, that what she is doing, is really no different than what anyone else is doing. That we all interpret though nothing more than our personal belief system. And what we are interpreting, is the meaning of the things that we ourselves have created and the experiences that we have with those creations.

So at the end of the day, is there any one solid truth?

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I agree with you. I feel some of us have created these events and situations to raise conciousness and ‘ascend’ as many others as we can. Perhaps something like a big pole shift (what I think is referenced by the Christian ‘Rapture’) is coming, and we are aware of that on some level. Thus, we are creating as big of a breakdown of the mainstream societal illusion of reality as possible. I believe it could be possible for humanity to live in a more Utopian way at this time in history, following current events and what comes after. If only we do well now! Who knows? That’s just a theory.

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MoonTongue, I like your theory, it speaks to me of hope and positivity. Personally, I would love to live on a planet that embraced a more Peaceful co-existant way of being.

I hope to choose more wisely next time around.

Thank you. I like to think you chose wisely this time, and you will find out what I mean by that at some point. Do feel free to get in touch if you want to talk. :hugs:

MoonTongue, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed by the seemingly chaotic nature of this planet, but then I go off and read / listen to Seth or Abraham and come away with this feeling that, “ok, I get it, here to figure out how to consciously manifest in very distracting circumstances.” I mean, nothing difficult about being a monk, raking gravel and meditating all day and being of peaceful mind and heart. But let’s face it, out in the world of wars, famine, pollution, racism, well… that is much more trying stuff, to keep one’s calm and peaceful heart in check.
If I had to throw out a guess as to why I chose this time and place to incarnate, I think that would be it, staying focused while in the midst of so much unrest.

That’s what I end up coming back to. But mine is finding new ways to focus (through creativity/invention/imagination), despite what’s going on. You are doing an excellent job, if that is the case! You are very appreciated and loved. Thank you.

Hi My Friend,
Me too, A big wonderment to me. I have found some current answers in the Elias Sessions, by a genuine wonderfully under-known person named Mary Ennis who has for 25 years been channeling an entity called Elias. He has a lot to say about what he terms ‘The Shift’, something Seth alluded to more than once. David Tate has compiled a book of their sessions on this topic, available from Amazon called “The Shift In Consciousness. A Time of Change: An Elias book.” She also has a website. I found this reference very useful right now and is totally relatable for any Seth reader, there are some differences in terms used, but otherwise it kind of picks up where Jane/Seth left off. Hope this helps and I would love to discuss it further with you!
Take care,

Hi Liza,
I would love to hear more details about what you think is going on, I will look into the information to be sure, but meanwhile, can you paraphrase any of the Shift content? Right now, I have managed to get some emotional distance from it, so feel much more objective than when I wrote the original post. But still, it does feel like something ‘bigger picture’ is upon us.

This could be a 'Hundreth Monkey" moment.

“The psyche knows itself and is aware of its parts. When ego consciousness reached a certain point of biological and mental competence, when experience in the present became extensive enough, then ego consciousness would be at the stage where it could begin to accept greater data. Indeed, it is now at that stage.”
Seth—Unknown Reality Session 686 February 27, 1974

That expansion of consciousness is the next step in our understanding and experience. According to Elias this is where we are - in the active beginning of this shift or expansion. Both Seth and Elias put the final stages of the shift in about 2075 (in current probabilities) So what we are experiencing now is the birthing of this expansion and I suppose like any birth it can be messy, painful and necessary. We are moving away from belief systems that have been with us for many ages and were set up so we could view the world and know it objectively. So we set up this duality of objective/subjective and that is what we learned from. This duality gave birth to good and bad, cause and effect, religion, society, politics, and all that exists under our present belief systems. Basically we have taken it about as far as we can go, and gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess along the way (my words). It is time to remember, rediscover the non duality of consciousness. That seems imperative! Our experiment needs to evolve toward rediscovering the inter-connectiveness of all consciousness. This is something we know in essence but cut ourselves off from in order to have a specific physical experience as a species and in the time of our world. And because our world is creative and messy we create what gets our attention and so we have. Think about what we don’t know of the consciousness of a virus. Why are we drawing such attention through a pandemic, brutality, political insanity (again my words), climate change and so on, ad nauseam? It is because we can not afford to NOT see these things, not any longer. We live in an age (the first one) where within seconds we can communicate and observe what is happening all over the globe. So with that very recent paradigm of instant communication we are reflecting to ourselves that separation, the disconnect within humankind, and our disconnect from the rest of nature. I think we are trying to correct our head long plunge down a path best not taken. We are trying to get our own attention pronto and this mass event that encompasses all those things you mentioned and more all over the globe is saying just that. It has to be heard as our one voice! It is time to move on. But we are often so reluctant to change…darn! My brief take!

“You are moving to the creation of a new expression of your reality, a complete alteration of your physical reality as you know it. In this, not only your technology shall advance and be created differently, but all of your reality shall be altered and shall be different.” (# 328) Elias

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Hi Liza,
Well, wow, thank you for the explanation. A Paradigm shift. Without having read the material, or being as versed in it as you are, it does make a kind of sense out of all the craziness and chaos.

Seems like another voice, Elias, supporting the “you create your own reality” thinking, but with a twist, insofar as, we are in a kind of group transitional period. I mean that certainly sheds a light on the why all the chaos, people be acting out their worst behavior, live it, feel it, be it, witness it, in order to reevaluate.

My theory has always been that this planet, right now, is a kind of spiritual kindergarten, and it is here for that same kind of reason, to experience, express, gain bigger picture awareness, stuff like that. And then, after so very many incarnations, move on to another classroom, another planet, in another time and place. Although, Seth explains time and experience as being non-linear, we would then, already be in every class room at the same time.

So, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Thanks again for the explanation. Looks like I need to do some more reading.

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