You may call me Seth vs I call myself Seth

So im reading TES volume 1 and Seth clearly says that he calls himself Seth. I also remember seth splitting hairs and later saying “I never told you my name is seth.”

"you may call me whatever you choose. I call myself Seth. It fits the me of me, the personality most clearly approximating the whole self I am, or am trying to be. "

Is it that Seth 2 is the whole self he is working towards?

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The distinction Seth made that makes sense of it regards his comments that names are not needed outside physical reality; we must use them, here. Indeed, he views a name as more of a trap that limits awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of self, keeping us within the history and associations attached to it.

So he says to call him “Seth” but says he is nameless.

Simply, calling me a name does not mean that I identify with that name; I just use it for to be practical when I’m somewhere that needs such designations (because full telepathy is suppressed in physical reality).


Hi :wink:
I am new and by this oppurtunity I want to introduce myself :wink: I am shaeshu, come from Germany and my english ( I think you see ) is not the best X) So excuse my faults in grammar and word order :wink:
So and I have my first question:
Did Seth ever related to the egyptian religion? I mean there must be connection, not only because of the name, also there is the death mask of Tutankhamun at the cover…
At this time the personal sessions are not translated into german :confused: Maybe he tells more about his “origin” and the reason why he named himself Seth ( because of the connection to the god ? ). I mean he never called himself a god. An energypersonality and that we are the same… Just our consciousness is not centrated at the " everything- what - is"
Or did he ever explained other religions? I am asking this because my religion is the old egypt… And there are many connections I discern him as a god…
Until now I only read the conersations with seth & the nature of the personal nature…

And if somebody is interested, you can write a personal message to exchange with me. I have some crazy dreams since I begun reading this book. Really mulitdimensional ^^ Its so amazing… And…
Was there a time, where you thought you will be crazy ^^ It is so psychedelic

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