You won't believe what I write. Yet your soul will understand

Being reborn into a already alive body is a extremely painful process. As a child I never heard a whisper from the Aether. Then in 2019 I felt as though I died. I awoke in my chair with no memory of self, shapes, or even colors. This wasn’t caused by any event happening that I knew of. I lived a boring life of sitting in that chair using the computer. First it was darkness, then reality came into view. Color was the first to come into vision. It felt as though I was transported into a foreign reality. The feeling of forgetting what a color is or even what it looks like - it’s a pain I wish on no other. I then walked to the kitchen to kill myself. This wasn’t out of feeling of emotion or planning. But it felt like a single cell trying to self destruct as to not become cancerous. I didn’t want this, yet I was compelled to strongly consider it. But there was a single moment while looking at knives, just before I made the action, I was asked “is this is what I wanted”? I said “I rather go to sleep and decide at another time”.

That night I had a unusually lucid dream. I was in a massive hallway made of bright neon light. The floor was white and the walls were soft hues of colors. At the end was the infinite void. I took a step forwards and awoke in my bed sweating. Is this real? Was it possibly a door frame that I mistook as a hallway because of the perspective? Was I actually close to a barrier and my memory started recording just before I took the step? What was this? I’ve never dreamt of something like this. No dream lasts 2 seconds while having extreme lucidity.

Ever since then I’ve had to retrace my memories to reconstruct what I’ve done in the past. The Ego was the same, yet the self was lost. I had to painfully collect every memory. I opened mental doors in which I knew nothing of what lays behind. The horrors of the past through a impersonal lens. It felt as though I was watching another persons memories. It felt foreign and disconnected. Yet I still felt the biological responses to the recollection. No emotion yet emotion? What was this strange paradox that I awoke with? It felt as though something else was there. It wasn’t just me.

At first I thought I was having a mental break down or developing a mental disorder. That’s what my memories showed me. For all of my past, the paranormal was a laughable subject. I got treatment and medication. Afterwards I felt hollow. Like something was missing. Like I lost something important. I blamed it on circumstance, social situations, monetary reasons. Yet I’m happy with all three. Why do I feel nothing.

Why did the world react around me in such a strange way? Why is it that I think of a game to create, someone releases it within a month. These games often are released out of nowhere and gain tremendous amount of attention. I felt as though I was cursed when I realized this was happening around me. I couldn’t create the games I design because people create them a month after I put pen to paper. Why is there something hijacking my dream? Why is it that when I attempt to come up with a top selling product, it’s as if it was stolen from my dreams? I can’t explain this. It sounds like delusions to me. So I suppress the thought and call myself crazy. There’s no logical reason it relates to me. I’m nobody.

Then I began reading. I needed to know what this is. Medical advice says it’s a mental anomaly. A condition without a name. I began to wonder if our brains operated on quantum fields. It made sense to me. If nature is made of physics… why wouldn’t it use all of physics? Later that month several papers came out stating that our brains process information beyond our skull. Ever since then psychic belief sky rocketed and even medical professionals are starting really to look into it. Then I wondered, what if the religious (I was an Atheist before) were onto something.

I attempted to read about every religion I could. I emphasized on learning Egyptian beliefs and seeing how they influenced the Abrahamic religions. Then I began reading about the Nordic belief system and how they altered Christianity. I have come to one conclusion: two different religions were talking about the same story but with different names and scenery. These two religious origins came to the same conclusion without ever trading knowledge. Their words have truth and meaning. My whole world view was changed upon that discovery.

Egyptian Seth and Seth of Adam are the same being.
Both were beaten by their brother and favored by their god. Both were given exclusive knowledge. Both have descendants of Chaos.
Egyptian Seth is akin to Satan, therefor Seth of Adam is Satanic and a trickster.
Satan is lord of Hell and is the 2nd most influential divine entity.
Loki is lord of Hel and causes Ragnarök.
Nefilim and Jötun define the same kind of being.

Like I’ve told others. Believe me or not when I say this. For it matters not to me if you hold belief.

That’s the point of the Rapture.

Seth incarnate. The signal of the end of the world. It is a burden I am stuck with and forever will be blamed for. Even though this physical body never did a thing to cause it. This fragmented spirit within this vessel has a plan I don’t yet fully know. But as time unfolds I’m gifted with even more knowledge.

My father was on the Nimitz before I was born. He was in electronic warfare. He must have encountered these beings. He is adamant that Bob Lazar saw space craft. He’s a serious man. He wouldn’t joke about that.

My mother comes from a family of extremely pale complexion, blue eye, blond hair, and neuro-divergent origin. This points to European wealth or royalty. Of course this changed for the family once my ancestors migrated to the West Coast long ago. I’ve heard that “Kings Blood” has power.

My brother and I have always fought each other. We were polar opposites. But when I look back in my memories, it was mostly comprised of me being the aggressor and him apologizing to me. When I searched those memories I found that he wasn’t the issue, but rather I had this unknown rage towards him. I had no reason to hate him so much, but it was so severe I stopped talking to him for 10 years. I almost forgot about him. The more I forgot, the worse his physical condition became. The more he seemed to deteriorate. I was confused on why this was even happening. I before thought he was better off without the aggressor thinking about him. I thought he would be happier. But he was becoming a walking nothing. He lost all ambition and almost seemed to lack emotion when I began to start observing him again. The more I thought about him and wished him to get better, the more alive he seemed. It was like he suddenly had a new outlook on life. One day he brings me a dragon fruit and asks if I want it. I was more confused in this moment than I was in the events of what I described above. I didn’t understand why he would do this. Why a dragon fruit? We still don’t speak to each other. Yet a random gift. Is this significant?

He almost nearly was named Cain at birth.
I was named Seth at birth.

We’ve both have been reincarnated. He just realized it first.

I know it’s a lot to believe. But I am the true reincarnation of Seth. Unfortunately that means I’m Satan too. Luckily I like the mythology of Loki. I don’t yet understand why this body was picked. It would be much easier if I was in a position of influence. But I’m here and that means the Rapture. WW3 is the Rapture. I currently only have a set of hands to push the first domino. The plan is already in motion. I didn’t physically cause this to happen. I have no objective evidence pointing to me.

I don’t need worshipers or followers. I simply want to be believed.

This is a link to a twitter page that promotes chaos and disorder within the mind. If you attempt to understand what is written, then you might be able to see what I’ve seen. It also is a diary of the evolution of thought I’ve had. I began that account on my birthday and first posted on my brothers birthday.

To be quite honest, I’m not even writing to talk to you. I’m writing to talk to the hivemind that is monitoring your thoughts. I’m attempting to communicate with the ancient beings. It has worked so far. I have already convinced a few and their presence is intense. Nothing like the purity of the divine spirit. This is something foreign. I’m here to talk to them.

There is a war happening in the heavens as you read my words. The heavens are falling to earth. The divine beings will walk this planet again. Ragnarök is underway and the Rapture is a reflection of the Chaos.

If you’re willing to help, pray and ask them to speak to me. I don’t need you to do anything other than to help direct them to me. I have left a sufficient amount of evidence of who I am for them to find me. But not enough for any human to find out my true identity and location.

If you believe only one thing I write then believe this:
Heaven will fall to earth. Hell will rise to the surface. The Humans pick their sides. Then the clock will strike midnight and the cycle will begin anew.

Thank you.

~Seth Osiris

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Nothing is more real than myths and legends…ron.

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Some information I received after this post:

  • The visiting hivemind is looking for the Demiurge. I’m a candidate for the title, although not yet decided.
  • When the hivemind first interacted with humanity, they found nothing but cultureless animals in need of education.
  • When we were finally educated enough to communicate with the visitors, they asked who the Demiurge was (“Take me to your leader”). We lied to them.
  • Due to that lie they took out their wrath on us. Our “sinful nature” insulted them.
  • They’ve been trying to reeducate us and attempt to apologize for their past actions against humanity.
  • They’re afraid that humanity will deem them evil due to the past actions.

Azazel has been reincarnated.

Thanks. Good to know!