Zeland's "Transurfing" - Extinguishing a Pendulum

Extinguishing a Pendulum

Be prepared for the pendulums to provoke you. When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation or when you receive bad news, you are naturally thrown off balance. In the standard scenario, you ought to worry, be afraid, run away, lose heart or express your dissatisfaction or irritation. Now, do the opposite. Offer an abnormal response. Smash the script and try substitution: replace fear with confidence, despondency with enthusiasm, indignation with indifference and irritation with joy. The essence of the pendulum game is to pull you off balance. You have to break the rules of the game intentionally. Do whatever you like, just as long as it is not what people expect and then, victory will be yours.


Pendulums feed on human energy. For example, when something makes you angry, you express your furry and give your energy away to the pendulum. The pendulums provoke everything, which could potentially evoke strong, negative emotions. When you come across some unfortunate circumstance and react by getting irritated, there is a continuation and the negative situation develops in the same spirit, or new unpleasant situations arise. That is how the pendulum swings. You swing the pendulum yourself when you accept the game imposed on you. Behave differently.
Either don’t react at all or respond in the opposite way altogether and then you will still the pendulum’s sway. Your task is to introduce a different game, your own game, by reacting in an abnormal manner. The sole principle here lies in the fact that when you swing with a different frequency to the resonant frequency, a dissonance is set up between you and the pendulum which causes the pendulum to stop swinging in relationship to your energy, as a result of which, it will leave you alone.

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