Focus on changing problem beliefs or inserting new beliefs?

So lets say you were unemployed and needed a job. How would you solve this problem? Would you try to find the beliefs that caused you to not have a job, then try to change them or would you simply focus your efforts on beliefs that would draw a job to you?

The same I guess would apply to any area where you are having difficulty in love, health or whatever. I sometimes have trouble finding the belief or beliefs that cause my problem and I notice I focus on that rather than focusing on the beliefs that will generate what I want. I was under the impression that you had to first find out why, then go into changing but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Any suggestions?

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There are a number of general comments/suggestions in the Material that come to mind.

That said, I prefer to not speak generally and, rather, deal with the specifics at hand as this allows me to give a much fuller response, usually.

What, exactly, is the situation?

Hi Byron! I changed the topic to be a better summary of your question, I hope that’s all right.

I actually think this is an excellent topic by the way and wouldn’t mind hearing general answers or specific ones, as something might make a good example.

This doesn’t address your question at all, but it’s good to remind myself and everyone that of course it’s the present conscious beliefs (as I think you’re aware) that must be dealt with, as looking for problems in the past is a trap.


@Christopher No problem. The more eyeballs this topic gets, the better. :smiley:

Lots of different issues with me, but in this instance, finding work.

One detail is not much to go on so I’ll answer your earlier question in simplified form:

It behooves you to know your beliefs re: work/life before seeking a job; that said, what you are not consciously aware of will become manifest so that you do become so. If you do not know the beliefs in play in this area in your life, papering over with ones you want will not root out the ones that are limiting you.

Otherwise, simply do predream suggestion every night. “I want a suitable job” repeated over and over while falling asleep might be a good one. Also, Seth 10 min. daily exercise in NPR is great to create new beliefs. It starts “For a certain amount of time…”

If you detail what your general history is, your feelings, where you are, today, etc., the process of writing usually brings up beliefs. If you share them, here, we may be able to see your ‘forest’ for your ‘trees’. :slight_smile:


I’ve also got 2 bi-polar and depressive family members with anxiety issues living me, putting a lot of pressure on me and makes it hard for me to do the simplest of things. One of them also has borderline personality disorder, so yipeeeee! Its been years living with them (they havent been able to live on their own) but it’s finally gotten to me and started to impact my mental health as well, aside from putting my life on hold for the last 8 years. (they’ve stolen my 20’s, lol) I know karma doesnt work in this fashion but I sometimes feel like I’m repaying them for some wrong from another life, lol.

I definitely DO NOT want children after years of this. I cant take taking care of anyone else anymore

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That sounds difficult.

How about work, though–your feelings, history, conflicts, wishes?..

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Hey Byron! I actually wrote it up to share with someone else but it occurred to me that you might find it useful as well, check out my recent excerpt topic Seth on sacrifice and false humility.


Adopt the following, one at a time.

I deserve great abundance.
I have great abundance.
I listen to my inner self.
I have wonderful intuition.
I act on my intuitions.
My life flows in a joyful, rich, fulfilling manner.

Of course, trying on new beliefs may bring up other issues to be dealt with.


love it, Clark!

the night before my birthday (June) I got symbols of abundance (: been reminding myself ever since / every once in awhile; but still need more reminders! which I get everywhen & everywhere! thank you!

you too - & everyone - look out for great abundance all around you.

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I’ve had much success programming/creating my reality since I first picked up the Seth Material in the old NYC 8th St Bookstore back in the day. To think I could have gone to some sessions but didn’t, well. it is what it is. Took the Silva Method because of Seth and Jane. And a bunch of other stuff too. Trouble is that you do have to be careful about what you wish for, as sometimes there are unforeseen consequences. I worked over all my beliefs and B. Systems numerous times and it appeared i had successfully cleaned the house out, basement to attic. At this point in my life I’m still finding myself spewing up bits and tiny chunks of childhood/past/alternate/ancestral, etc. negative core belief flotsam. And also hoping at least I’ve resolved all my old karma, as it seems to be i’m experiencing instant karma mostly, nowadays.

If I do program my reality nowadays it’s quite simple and usually a real generic image, such as the time recently when i needed a car and my broken teeth fixed (from my x’s rum&coked out attacks). I just saw myself getting out of this nice clean, relatively new car of the color blue which i love, in the dentists parking lot and seeing myself getting back in with a smile and my teeth fixed and usually getting out of the car(just pictured it hazily) in my driveway and smiling on the bluestone walkway to my house. This worked. I was trying to k.i.s.s. as I’m gun shy of going for the big script as i’m afraid i’ll leave something out again. And i have all these talents and they’re like a huge flock of bluebirds nesting in my tree of life and damn if i can’t pick just 1 or 2 and get it on. I’ve read and practiced everything under our wonderful poppa sun and there are days that all this knowledge just sits there like a big juicy, organic soup stew filled with all kinds of wonderful delicious stuff and i haven’t got the ‘wisdom’ spoon to stir the soup and pour it into a wisdom bowl and down my gullet of “know-it-all scorpio, gotta know everything, yes i know, delete my need to understand, but i gotta know it real down deep, truth out fever” and get some honest-to-goodness critical thinking, down-to-earth Praxis, which is what Seth is all about. Not Theory, not all those alleged Scientific Facts(which are really just the theories most acceptable by the majority in positions of leadership).

Okay, so in 1990 i got hit in the chest at 40 mph by a white 83(11) Buick Le ‘Sabre’ driven by an Eleanor(bright one) named ‘Machetti’ that crashed thru my office window and nailed me in the heart chakra and broke ten ribs uniformly, and 9 bulging discs and other etc. stuff. Among this ‘stuff’ were some serious things, like a brain stem injury which complicates PTSD as well as the other stuff so i don’t know if i’m crying for a good reason or because my brain is burping or i’m picking up someone else’s frequency channel, or whatever. I believe it’s about time i’ve healed myself as it’s all about energy and belief systems and why can’t these friggin injuries be healed if i’m an energy being and basically an all-powerful ‘demi’-god with quasi-amnesia? I’ve done pretty well but…Yeh, i do all the fancy sacred light work, geometric crystaline spherical, energy, torus centering and balancing and resonance stuff, and other than a 100 pages of affirmation like goals, I just seem incapable of writing out a script of what i really want for the next 30(?) yrs(got a 10 yr old now too, so no retirement for me yet). I have advice up the wazoo and it’s all good, and some days i’m friggin’ on top of the world, a child of All-That-Is and all’s right in Abhalon. But then, when the roller coaster goes over the next rise…

Where are these new beliefs when i need them. All these wonderful psychics and healers and intuitives give me all these great energy and pep talks and i get it and i agree, but in a day or 2 i’m back at some sort of square one, whether it’s a different square one on another plane or spiral level square or cube 1 or not. I know that eternity means eternity and it just goes on and on and we keep learning. I just seem to be flittering in and out and back and forth thru parallel/alternate lives. like in my dreams. The last marriage I definitely got ‘twilightzoned’ into another alternate reality, karmic or not and i know i asked for it and paid my ticket(as i usually do) and it was another great life lesson and i’ve had so many damned blesson lessons that even this Scorpio w/8 planetary objects in it, and as tuff as i am having chosen all these things to happen to me so i could be accepting of betrayal and having my creative stuff stolen over and over and stand up to bullies and save people and i’ve always seem to get myself into the phoenix thing and get right back up after i get knocked down just like my surrogate granpa Uncle Jack O’Shea taught me. And then try not to get myself back into these scenarios.

I grok(sic) Seth. He is my point man, I probably even know him and have met him in some realities, as all of us Sethians probably feel, at least I did in 1 dream in the 80’s. I’ve read all the Seth books over several times and practiced creating my own reality many many times. I’ve lived in a Safe Universe(Never said it was perfect) and rolled thru almost endless synchronicities. But. Back to the drawing board it seems. Right now I’m again restarting Barbara Marciniak’s(usta know her in the 80’s when i was in the healing, channeling group) book "Path to Empowerment"again. It’s like a whole lot of Seth crammed into 284 pgs and is the most beat up, dog-earred, liquid-spilled, wrinkled, yellow highlighted book I’ve ever had and I’m this will be about the 20th time this year alone, alot of it while i ride my stationary bike, but still …still …

I got up early this morning, I was definitely gonna work on my script where i’m writing it for my 'imaginary neighbor or friend who is almost, just like me(a suggestion of a friend to get around the ‘careful what you wish for’ thing)whether it was going to be a "I’m gonna just let Synchronicity flow and do everything " script , or “I’m gonna pick out exactly where i want ‘him’ to live and what ‘he’s’ gonna focus on to make good, creative, happy, wonderful, abundant, money doing what ‘he’ really wants to do and not what other people want ‘him’ to do” script, or a combo of both, or even something newer or different script…

But maybe a part of me doesn’t believe this 3rd person script will work. The idea is I write it about ‘him’ until i get ‘him’ the best script i can write, covering all the bases and throw in a disclaimer or two for collateral damage prevention, then turn around and apply it to me using the well worn creative visualizashun techniques i know work. So, okay, this should work, right, Bucky?’ I mean ideas roar thru my mind like a bubbling book(sic), but, but…there is this gap, this chasm, this void that i just, excuse me for being New Age Incorrect, “can’t” make head nor tail of. It’s like i need an agent to get me the things agents do (as i seem to have a very strong natal chart ‘mold’ of everything in opposites, like i succeed-i fail, i’m rich-i’m poor, etc.,.which is kinda interesting to sort out) to perhaps build a bridge of some kind off this cliff and over the huge, vast valley to the mountains beyond, or give me an anti-grav ship to pass over to the ‘other side’ where i can make sense of it all. But then i think that the chasm beyond the cliff’s edge(I usta do these kinda paintings way back when) is the ‘amnesia’ of what it’s like in the higher dimensions and i’m not supposed to cross over to the promised land but figure it all out back behind the cliff’s edge on this side of the chasm? So i’ve got this bookcase full of divination stuff and tables full of all kinds Tarot and Celtic and Angel oracles and cards and a thousand crystals and gems and runes and ogham fews and i ching and several pendulms and i make the ‘angels’ work overtime but, but i’'m always seeking outside me in books and intuitives and signs, etc., when i know it’s all inside me.

But, damn, today if I didn’t get sidetracked again, despite the best preparation and determination in years to do this. It’s like i went into a trance of sublime, mindless, ignorance, busy as a zen bee doing nothing and everything else but focusing on what i want to focus on. So, is it i need a new lens? Can i cop a plea and blame the Brain Stem Injury and the PTSD and the random off again, on again pinched nerves and the Startle Response(SR)? Is my belief that my 3rd eye won’t open or stay open so i can get my own advice really insurmountable? Hearing “Just relax, it will happen, soon, it’s ready” over and over again. I do long and short meditations, breathing exercises, i ignore it, i sing to it, i read tomes on how easy it is. I contemplate on my breath, the dark womb of Mothergod, i try tons of different music, or not. Why back in the 80’s i helped train people to open it. lol. I surround it with healing light and loving, golden, spiralling energy, i connect up my solar plexus and mind, centering and balancing in my heart chakra, i visualize it being healed and that i’m ready to see now, i’m not afraid to see, it’s okay for me to see, etc., etc., …and just when it starts to open, my ‘body/ego’ goes into the shell-shock SR and it closes shut like an iron gate.

This ‘SR’ thing is from the car thru the window in the chest and i understand my body/ego-mind temple is scared it’s gonna get nailed in the sternum again or somewhere else so it just jumps out of nowhere and goes bazooky at the slightest ‘boo’. And mentally, emotionally and spiritually i’m not scared. The 2 times i had the daytime apparition of the sparkling, anthropomorphically shaped 8’ Light Being after the car hit me, the 1st one unrequested, the 2nd one requested, I was thrilled and wanted to communicate, like: "Hello, man, who are you and why are you…BAM!! went the SR. The 2nd time i promised the SR wouldn’t happen if it reappeared to me, and it did reappear, but same way, uncontrollably, i screamed the bloody daylights out of me again and it just disappeared from the bottom up all sparkling like the last part of the ‘beaming up’ scene in Star Trek. So I guess they don’t like scaring people, even if it’s only part of you that gets scared, so i now just get little blue lights to warn me I’m speeding and the ‘mans’ around the bend or a bunch of deer up ahead, etc… So enough constructive or destructive criticism of meself. Any one out there make sense of what i’m saying? Sound familiar. In the same old, same old Belief System Tape loop Blues? Got any tips i haven’t thought of? Like eat broccoli while standing in the crane position chanting an old druid mantra in Irish? Or put all the Seth books between the mattress and the box spring, or just…just…be here now doing all the crazy things i’m doing because that’s what i’m supposed to be doing? Is this the way i’m going to finally empower myself by just surrendering to the fact that i seem unable to ‘make’ or act like i’m not ‘forcing’ it. Is it the Scorpio control thing i need to learn how to ‘not’ control, to surrender to not controlling, to just babble on definitely until, SHAZAM!! I’m on the mountains on the opposite side of my old paintings looking back at the cliffs in the foreground, that people usta say: “Your cliffs are so cool they make you want to just jump off.” There’s a riddle here. And it’s riddling the daylights out of me. See, i even make fun of myself making fun of myself. “That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself in again, isn’t it?” Could be worse. Has been.

Sorry for blathering on but us Sumari Irish have a hard time making a long story short. But maybe this will help me write the script, sometime today as it is now officially New Years Eve 12:03 a.m… Or not.


Sounds like you need to heal, first–career fulfillment, money, etc. are not the most pressing matters in your life, it seems.

I healed PTSD, alcoholism, chronic depression, anxiety disorder and AIDS (3.5 yrs. off meds and healthy!) using ideas the Seth Material. The last 7 years, I drilled down and worked hard with the material–specifically, “The Nature of Personal Reality” and “The Way Toward Health” (as well as using tools available in our world like psychotherapy and naturopathic/allopathic doctor care).

If you believe that you cannot heal PTSD, then you cannot, and you are left in a crazy situation wherein you cannot trust your thoughts and feelings (which WILL lead you towards healing if followed and worked with) and you perceive your brain as aberrant and untrustworthy.

Great problems show great courage and desire–you seek all the abilities and skills that you must have in order to surmount your problems/challenges/opportunities. Having to take some years out to deal with healing seemed a detour to my ego, leading me off in the wrong direction; rather, it is giving me solutions and resolutions to problems that I thought were not even connected to the problems I initially sought to fix and many other unintended benefits.

I would suggest you clarify your thoughts. Perhaps rewrite your message above, for yourself, 20 times if required. It will get shorter and shorter until it is a few short sentences that are at the nub of what is at hand. When your feelings, beliefs, thoughts, etc. are better organized in your conscious mind, it will be much easier to move forward.

In any case, as with ALL problems, I have found, the use of predream suggestion while falling asleep as per Seth’s all-purpose one (“I want healing dreams”, repeated over and over while one is falling asleep) is the most powerful in effect for the least work/effort in life. Seth suggests doing so for a few days to a week for a small matter to a couple of weeks for more significant concerns.

That is the simplest, most powerful single technique in the Seth Material. It is more powerful and impactful if you remember your dreams, and even more so if you can figure out their meaning.

In any case, it is 3 minutes of easy effort that changes one’s life at the deepest levels and engages your own self in dream reality to work on specific problems that are of concern to the ego level of yourself.

I do wish for you a happy new year although I am always content to merely have a happier one!


Came across an old post of mine from Jan 2010 in a Yahoo group. Had the thought, to post it here…I titled it: Perspective.

This is a ‘funny’ story I was told in early January, by an American friend of my brother, a poet and writer who lives here.

A Japanese author died recently and his story is one which few have.

He was in Hiroshima when the first nuclear bomb was dropped in 1945 and survived it.

Since he was only visiting, he decided to return to his hometown, Nagasaki - and got there just in time for the second bomb - which he also survived!

And went on to live to the ripe age of 92.


I read this a couple of times and I like it, wonderfully lucid. I don’t have any new advice for you, just have to agree that letting go of the controlling thing could help - I think Seth said something like that. I have PTSD stuff too. Mine is from childhood and I believe I chose it to balance out some other lives (as Seth said Frank Watts redeemed him.) From this bit of writing, I feel like you are a very creative person with a sense of humor, a wonderful combination, this camouflage world being a funny place sometimes. Seth ahd Jane have taught me to love life even though I believe most of my current one has sucked, so instead of being mean and bitter, I am becoming more or less kind and compassionate, and am at least tranquil most of the time.


Thank you anon38262219. I appreciate your reply. (Luci: my ans a little downways) I have done what you suggest, like the healing dreams suggestion & still do & am working on rooting out any negative core beliefs concerning my physical healing. What you may have missed is that I have this involuntary physiological response that is like a tic or spasm that comes out of nowhere. I have healed myself many times of many things & have just come to the conclusion that it will happen when it will happen, trying to force it away by programming or focusing on it seems to bring it about also. So I will continue working the work knowing at some point it will just happen. You misunderstand some things I said but that’s okay. Love it that you have healed yourself. Give yourself many pats on the back, Danny. And Luci: I’m glad you liked my ‘Luci-dity’. I guess I’m clear about what I’m not clear about. In 68 yrs I’ve seen my life ride the roller coaster over & over as Life happens & we are creating it at some level or another. Sometimes it seems as if I’m back at square one & many times I just enjoy the ride, howling away. I have had many adventures, much more than the average person it seems, & there is the flare for the dramatic that some Scorpios like. My natal chart indicates such as what I came in with to use & deal with and a great deal of it is contradictory as I seem to need to balance opposites in myself & in Life, such as the Light & the Dark, Success & Failure, Pleasure & P. etc… Fibromyalgia for instance or whatever it is now called is the body’s nervous system being traumatically shocked so that neurons are continuously firing off alarms & making the body feel inflamed when it shouldn’t be. A small pinch that shud hurt no one, hurts. And pain when it does come is more intense. This is a false reading, I know but it is what it is. However I’ve also noticed that when involved with a pleasurable activity, the feeling of pleasure is also intensified. Don’t know if I’m the only one who has perceived this side of this condition, or has had it happen to, or no one who has or is involved with Fibro has pointed this out before. A very good intuitive I know said that I seem to be trying to live 2-3 lives at once as if I want to get a lot of whatever flotsam & jetsam I, my DNA ancestral line, alternate selves, my soul family, etc., have & do it in just in this one life so i can move on & up to ‘better’ things. This made a lot of sense to me. Thank God I was born with a great sense of humor & congenital mischievnous because some of the PTSD stuff, like sudden, unwanted ‘crying at the drop of a hit thing’ is certainly an opposite to my frivolity. Humpty Dumpty is putting himself back together again & this time is secretly wearing a parachute & protective clothing. This forum is great & I’m glad I discovered it again. I miss having the healing/channelling circles where real people sat in proximity to each other & not over the Cyberian Road. But as I say to my angels or God, when some unexpected ‘experience’, ‘blessing or ‘event’ occurs: “Okay, we can deal with this. Wonder what adventure or lesson(s) we’ll learn today?.” And the 5 boys(ages 10 to 36) I raised all deal with life in that way. Thank you Seth & Jane & Robert, wherever you are, & thank you to all the helpful ‘Sethians’.’


I am in agreement with Luci.

Your issue here may be that you are problem-focusing and not solution-focusing. There is no such thing as “forcing away” in our realities. You can only draw to you what you concentrate on, thus all “forcing away” is really “pulling toward”. You only validate its existence. You wrote so much, you seem to have a lot of experience, you already mentioned affirmations, so maybe this isn’t new to you, but I would suggest a solution-oriented suggestion to your “SR”.

For instance something like this: “I suggest my body displays a calm, even response to stimuli.” Or, “I suggest my body response is appropriate and relaxed.” Something similar on these lines. Put your focus on this. Allow yourself the freedom to forget the term “SR”, or forget what limitations others may have saddled you with via diagnosis, perhaps do some present-minded exercises where things are as you desire them to be. These should be imagined and phrased positively, don’t use words like “not” or “no longer have” or “over the problem of” - talk about what you do want, not what you don’t.

Indeed you don’t want to go problem-chasing. :smile:
Also, if I read you right, you’re having difficulty clarifying what you want for yourself? I think perhaps you should allow yourself to go more general. Instead of thinking do I want this, or that, or the other thing, in 5 years, 10 years, 30 years, you can always say, “I would like clarity in my desires.” or something similar.

Because you wrote so much I fear I may be misunderstanding as well, but hopefully this is helpful.

Again I could be missing your overall point and you may already know all these things, but I will simply risk being redundant:

If you have any physical problems, concentrate instead upon the healthy portions of your body and the unimpeded functions that you have. In the healthy areas, your beliefs are working for you.

NoPR (Kindle Locations 2152-2153).

Emphasizing these quotes because I find them helpful personally.

Each day therefore is an incarnation, so to speak, but not only symbolically — for through soul’s intersection with the flesh, each self mirrors daily its “reincarnational” or simultaneous selves. The same applies on what you may think of as a more practical level, in that each day also holds within it the answers to current problems. If you are aware of a particular problem (challenge), therefore, you can be assured that its solution is as much there and with you as the problem is. (Intently:) The solution is simply the problem’s other side, upon which you may not be focusing. There will even be clear clues as to the proper direction for you to take — these will already be within your experience, but unrecognized because you are concentrating so upon the problem.

NoPR (Kindle Locations 8049-8055).

I am looking for the quote where Seth comments on the old, “ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away” by saying precisely the opposite, ignoring a problem does indeed make it go away in the majority of cases. Yes a particular challenge (better word choice) may be at the level where belief work is necessary, for sure. But even this should be “solution-oriented” so the same approach is necessary. And remember not to look for problems in the past.

If Ruburt would regard his problems as challenges then he would get much better results.

NoPR (Kindle Locations 468-469).

Best wishes James.


In my experiences with the body, pain is manifested physically in a symbolic way when it is not dealt with emotionally–“richocheting” around the body, as Seth said. As Seth said, “You live in a symbolic reality”. There is a meditative technique where you concentrate upon the painful element–works for the body, too. Very hard to do (gets easier with practice). I asked for insights and images and over time material bubbled up; as I deal with this, the body pain is releasing.

Same with crying–initially, I just felt the overwhelming sad feelings. Over time, I realized that I was triggered almost instantaneously (almost too fast to follow consciously)–I saw something which was associated to something in my past which brought up feelings I was not aware of the intensity of. The indirect process was hard to perceive, initially. Beneath this externalization of pain (crying), I always find the deeper feelings/experiences it represents within–a touchstone of sorts.

These externalizations are not random; rather, they are the path to healing if trusted and followed. They give direct feedback (and how) and are like a barometer of success, telling us where we are in dealing with the problem/challenge/opportunity, to use Seth’s words.

Seth talks about a “natural therapy” that we have access to (in Vols. 5 and 6 of the Personal Sessions). It’s unique material in the Seth Material as Seth tried ever harder to help Jane. In doing so, Seth gives strong direction in accessing the healing within. Powerful stuff. Seth does repeat over and over that you can’t solve a problem by concentrating upon the problem; the only way to create a solution is to concentrate upon that. Seth does say do not look for what is wrong within the self.

I found that doing inner probings, I looked to express and uncover feelings, to welcome them, actually. What IS wrong came up in a natural, therapeutic way; but I did not have to look for what was wrong, nor is that the right approach, as we have talked about. There is a key difference. What came up came up in bits and pieces as I could digest and integrate them.


Should these be taken on one at a time in this order or can they be randomized?

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Randomized I would expect.

Those are good suggestions, here is a list of Seth’s suggestions specifically, well, his pre-sleep suggestions:

  • I suggest the organic integrity of the physical organism be maintained.
  • I suggest a harmonious relationship be maintained among all levels of the personality structure.
  • I suggest I only react to constructive suggestions.
  • I suggest my constructive tendencies be given free reign.
  • I suggest I further develop my psychic abilities.
  • I suggest the body rest and refresh itself.

Typed from memory since I have said those every night before bed for years now. :wink: Also the one about psychic abilities absolutely works, FYI.

Edit: I had an error, it’s “among” all levels, not “between”.


You are a life saver Chris, seriously! Why do I not know any people like you in my life haha! I’m so looking forward to implementing all of these. Do you do them one at a time for a period of time or all at once repeatedly? I would assume one at a time? The psychic one would be most exciting to implement considering I’ve been looking for a practical way to develop them. Thank you :smile: