I wonder how much did Jane and Rob learn to consciously create their realities

I wonder how much did Jane and Rob learn to consciously create their realities …

From what I read and browsed, their lives didn’t seem to have particularly benefited in happiness, health, longevity, well-being, professional success, and other yardsticks we use to measure our earthly lives, and to set our goals.

Even in the last session, four days prior to Jane’s death, there was no sign of imminent (physical) end. Seth was still giving recommendations.

One thought I have on this is that, even after 20+ years of sessions, Jane and Rob still didn’t fully heed Seth’s advice.

I wonder, how much better than those two could the readers of the Seth material do? Seth said that Ruburt and Joseph were more evolved than others personalities, and continuously gave them direct feedback on how they were progressing with his exercises.

Anyway, just reading the material and doing the exercises is, obviously, not enough. Intellectually there can’t be any chance to figure out a better way either, so the only path I can think of is for everyone to turn inwards and contact their own individual source of knowledge and guidance.


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Some years ago when I was facing big changes, that were asking for big decisions, I remember that I talked about my dilemmas with two friends a little older and more experienced than me. I noticed that one of them gave me the best advice (proven so in time) while he wasn’t too happy in his personal life, nor financially. The other one was significantly more successful, but the advice he gave me, honestly and with best intentions, wasn’t that good (again, proven so by time). So, I concluded: listen to X, and watch what Y is doing.

I wondered why there was that discrepancy between the ability of recommending the best decision in a given situation, and the results in their own lives.

At the time, I thought it must’ve been X’s weakness of not following his own better advice (which I still believe it might have been a factor). Regarding Y, I think that his advice was less good because he couldn’t put himself in my shoes, and his advice suited well his personality, but not mine.

I believe that Jane and Rob might’ve been as my old friend X. I remember that they never followed some of Seth’s recommendations (smoking, bed position, financials, and others).

On the other hand, I remember Seth saying that Jane was more accurate in carrying his messages when they were about things that weren’t concerning her directly.

Seth material’s distortions

"(Jane dictates:) I thought you were going to ask me about her recitation of the fifth dimension, which came across unusually well and quite undistorted. You understand that generalized material on the fifth dimension and other matters in no way jeopardizes her present personality, or causes strain or panic. This is one of the reasons why this sort of data comes through so much more clearly than more personal material which her ego may find burdensome.

This will also have something to do with your life readings in some cases, where the personalities involved are closely entwined with your own. This is not to say that you will get false data. It is possible however that along the way true data will become distorted. I am in no way responsible for these distortions.

At later times with your present rate of development, the distortions themselves will be held to a minimum. And now Joseph you will see, I am sure, in which direction I am leading you. The more personal and the more direct the bearing of a question upon your daily life, the greater the distortion is likely to be. What more can you expect?

The material in these cases apparently comes through quite distorted. Again this is beyond my control, in these cases you simply do not understand what I am trying to say. The more you push at a sore point the sorer the point becomes. My attitude in no way prevents prediction per se. At this point your attitude however does stand in the way. I hope to go into this also at a further time, because there are definite reasons for this that have nothing or little to do with you personally, but represent a more or less natural distortion of data along these lines. (Pause.)"

—TES1 Session 13 January 6, 1964

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In my experiences with altered states of consciousness, I noticed that for contacting my inner source of knowledge and guidance, the optimum trance is a light trance (~70%). I don’t hear a voice, and I either see no images, or just poor quality ones. The knowledge and the guidance pop up into my conscious mind directly: I just know it.

To improve the image quality, and to immerse more into the experience I have to deepen the trance, but that comes with less control over the experience, and seemingly with more distortions induced by my beliefs, expectations, and emotions (e.g. when I project into the near future to foresee the final score of a competition).

When we dream, including lucid dreaming, obe, astral projection, we are in a deep trance, so, to bypass the distortion effect, the messages we receive from our inner sources are conveyed to us in symbolical form.

I regularly record and interpret my dreams. In an awake state I can’t ever interpret them, so I get into a light trance, and I ask my inner guide for that dream’s interpretation. In this state I get true information, not symbolical. This works quite nicely.


A very interesting question. Have often wondered the same, especially given the manner of poor Jane’s demise. I feel that Seth’s revelations about the true nature of reality are deeply profound with powerful awakening potential (not unlike many dedicated spiritual teachers) but not readily grasped. Can often take quite a while for the penny to drop. You’ve really got to think some of the ideas through to get the full implications. Seth is not wrong about how much we are in the sway of our fundamental beliefs & assumptions about reality. Most of us still think its real, despite Seth’s continued insistence that it is a “consciousness projection.” An exotic mirage, a “frequency hologram,” that Eastern cosmology refers to as “Maya.” A product of our mind & emotions cleverly generated by our perceptual apparatus. And yet, even though we’ve often heard it said, “you create your own reality” sounds like a glib throw-away phrase and we trundle on regardless.

It is possible that we do not all measure success the same way. It is also possible that the inherent experiences unique to certain things like health, money, etc. are perhaps what we are really after in the “big picture” of insights and spiritual expansion. My “vibe” from them was that they lived a life that made them very happy. Jane’s death is not a sad thing or a bad thing, it was just the situation and experience she choose for whatever reason she choose it.
I remember as a kid, my family was the poor family in town. We were the family that charity dropped off food and toys to at christmas. We ran around barefoot most of the time in what must have looked like rags for clothing. We must have looked pitiable to others. However, I had a very happy childhood, free of shoes, always had a bike to ride around, we had pets, we had the yard that all the neighbor kids came to, to play in because it was the biggest. And I didn’t even realize that we were poor, it was something I never thought about.
So as for Jane and Robert, it is possible that they really enjoyed their life, no matter what it looked like on the outside.


We can only infer from their written accounts.

Maybe the first thing to clarify is who the “you” in YCYOR. is: conscious (outer-self), subconscious, inner-self. Then, obviously, what is actually "your own reality".

Searching Seth books for “disappointment” opens a window in Jane and Rob’s personal life.

For example this:

"[… 23 paragraphs …]

Reasons have been given to you in the past, but you can break the habit now by expressing your emotions to each other, and so indeed you must. One of the deep disappointments that neither of you have faced is the difference between what your personal relationship is and what it could and should be.

Your relationship is a good one, compared to most an excellent one, but you know your inner potentials, and the potentials of that relationship, and how much you have to some degree failed it. Obviously you have not entirely failed by any means, and you have always maintained an underground basis of loyalty and love; but you are each deeply disappointed with that relationship compared to what you know it can be.

[… 9 paragraphs …]

Now, that disappointment with your relationship is even more pertinent than your individual and joint feelings about Artistic, and your life in that regard. That aspect of your life would simply be another challenge for the two of you to face together if you admitted this deeper disappointment and did something about it.

Ruburt is, again, far better able to help you in that regard than either of you realize. The basic disappointment with each other colors your perspective when you consider the Artistic Card aspect.

[… 6 paragraphs …]

Now. In your relationship you inhibited the expression of joyful and loving emotions first. You were not afraid as much of negative emotions, briefly, because in your family your father found safety in negative emotions. By the denial of hope and the inhibition of joyful emotions he tried to protect himself against disappointment or defeat.

[… 2 paragraphs …]

The same feeling often pervades your own attitude when you think of Ruburt’s symptoms. You think you are being realistic. You are instead giving into old patterns of emotion, and you can break this habit. You are afraid then not of the negative emotional release—which meant, to the degree mentioned, safety—but of the joyful loving emotions. Part of this had to do with your father’s disappointment in business, and his (underlined) reaction to it.

[… 18 paragraphs …]"

—TPS1 Deleted Session December 6, 1971

Short answer from Cate : Jane and Rob never ever learned to trust their inner worlds and emotions. At least, it while Jane lived. But I agree with Whirled Peas, sad though it may look on paper (excuse the pun please) Jane did exactly what she wanted to at that time. Her higher aspects knew just fine the ‘risks’ she would take coming in at the time she did and I believe whole heartedly that she accepted them and came anyway. She blazed a neat little trail for others to follow and regardless of their personal lives, to me she is a bohemouth and forever I will be grateful to her. There, that’s my two pennies spent :kissing_heart: