I wonder why so little activity here?

I see on other forums people extensively using Christopher’s great search engine. Why aren’t they posting here?

Very quiet. :confused: Zen … ? :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Inavalan, I can only speak for myself, and for me, I like to join in when cut and paste information is used minimally to support an idea of thought you want to talk about, rather than the whole thing a long cut and paste. I did like what Seth mentions about emotion driving what we create, it gave me something to think about, a good reminder.

I found those quotes interesting and I wanted to be nice and share. I didn’t add my comments both because I thought the quotes talked for themselves, and because I didn’t want to introduce more distortions in Seth’s messages by interpreting them.

I started this thread not because I felt ignored.

I just feel that it’s a pity for people to extensively use Christopher’s search engine, but to participate only on other forums. I guess that makes a good argument to call them “users of Christopher’s search engine” … I don’t care much for “users”.

I noticed that you and I have different ways of looking at Seth, and at life (not only at using quotes). That’s okay with me. I don’t believe I’m always right, and even when I believe I am I don’t care to convince others about that.

You shared some great personal experiences related to subjects discussed here, and I appreciated that.

For me, it is about the conversation, the personal exchange, that is what I love to join in on. Yes, the quotes speak for themselves, but what did you want to have a conversation about in regard to them?

When it comes to Seth, I find his words to be very dense, even a paragraph can be packed full of a new idea and concept. Sometimes when I read Seth, I am lucky to get a couple of paragraphs in before I have to stop and think about the implications of what he is saying. It is a very intricate tapestry he weaves.

But take just the point of how important it is to understand emotion and emotional content of any idea or situation, in order to move or sculpt it, to use it to create new things. That alone, just that one sentence could be enough to spend weeks on exploring.

Is it a distortion to share your thoughts and feelings about Seth? We are all here to learn and share, otherwise, why not just read the material by ourselves? There is magic that happens in the discussion, magic, insight, encouragement and we inspire each other to do and try more.

As I said … You misinterpreted my words and intention. That I call distortion. I assume you aren’t aware of that.

I hope my quotes didn’t prevent you from starting to discuss something you wanted to. If so, I apologize, and I’ll reduce the number of my threads that don’t expressly call for a discussion.

I don’t believe in magic …

I started this thread hoping to stimulate participation, but after reading your post I wonder if I should post here anymore. No blame intended.

I think you, just like everyone else, comes here for the interaction and exchange of ideas. Everyone sees the world differently. I value that difference of perspective. I value your perspective. I am sorry if what I said offended you to make you feel your posts are not valuable. I responded to your query wanting to know why your thread did not have much activity because I think of you as a friend on this site, someone I exchange ideas with once and awhile, and it seemed like you wanted some feedback, and again, it is only my perspective offered. But it seems I did not communicate very well because you doubt you should post here anymore.
Your propensity for absorbing information is probably more intense than my own, I am easily overwhelmed by what feels like to me, a lot of text to read and comment on when I feel I do not specifically understand what it is I am to comment upon. I shy away from that.
You are a Seth friend, you asked a question, I tried to answer as best as I could.
So sorry I offended you.
I do very much believe in magic. For me it is the chocolate sauce of life. However, that does not mean that because we disagree we can no longer talk about Seth. Hope you change your mind, and continue to post and discuss ideas here.

I don’t post a lot online anywhere. I have occasional bursts of activity, then silence. At least, that’s my present pattern. I read all the posts though and much appreciate others’ contributions at times I have nothing to add myself.

Most post in the Facebook group because it is the largest and most active, it’s called the network effect—users join the largest network because that network is the largest.

(Back when I created this group, Facebook was experiencing a spam problem and poor tools, but that changed.)

Participation here is publicly indexed by Google though.

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Thanks. I figured that out after I read the header of the site. I don’t use facebook.

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