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In early 2008 I created the Fans of the Seth Material Facebook group, setting it “Public” from the beginning.

In 2014, growth and management of the group became difficult due to Facebook’s lack of adequate tools, so I created Seth Talks, which is ripe with features.

In 2015 Facebook drastically improved their tools, and the driving force for migration vanished. Now they occupy separate but important purposes.


Thank you for creating this site.


Goodmorning, I am Aad from Rotterdam the Netherlands. A small country between England and Germany. Since 1983 i read the Seth books. In 2001, an american friend, pointed me at Abraham/Hicks. And since then my life improoved very much. I know how to get what i want. I am looking forward to your writings and our interactions. I want to thank chris for this beautiful website, and it would be nice he provide a bankaccount so we can donate some money. With kindly regards Aad


Welcome! Glad to have you here!

That’s very generous! But your interest and participation is enough. :slight_smile:

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Gads, Half my posts here get kicked back, must be doing something wrong…ron

hoi Aad (& hi everyone)
for me, it was the Seth Books that improved my outlook on life. between reading my first SethBook (Seth Speaks) & all the others, lies about a quarter of a century; now, I find it difficult to put Seth’s words into practice as my face is always stuck in a SethBook … other than that, I’ve been reading about dreams, NDEs, “afterlives” etc.
I would very much like to better my knowledge of your language, Aad. helaas spreek ik niet goed nederlands (which bugs me a bit) so: could you, by any chance, recommend to me a book or two on the stated (or related) subjects, originally written op nederlands?
I happen to have incarnated & grown up in a country next to yours, & not read many books on our subjects written in my native toungue; there is just one that I can think of right now, it is written by a Swiss reader of Seth Books. in case you might want to read it:
"Träume Erinnern -
eine Anleitung zu bewussterem Träumen"
by Christoph Gassmann
I’ve done some reading here in ST but almost no writing, so I hope I’ll be contributing more as time unfolds. anyway, I’m glad to be here & to meet you all! such fun to see conscious creators from all around the globe.


Hoi Thula I do have Seth speaks in dutch online. Because i am a criminial i can sent you the link in a private post. I do own 9 dutch Sethbooks in dutch which i am willing to put online too. I do own 1 Abraham/Hicks books in dutch. But beware they are not writers as Seth. They are literal, Speakers. I did study german for 2 years on the Mittelschule but it is hard for me to read in German (I always switch Ich liebe and Ich mochte )

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dankjewel, Aad, for your kind offer.

my point is:
I like to read in the language a book was first written in, as well as improve my language skills. so, no SethBooks in Dutch for me, thank you very much.
I’ve sent you an email anyway (:
hard for you to read German? hard for me to speak Dutch! I can read Dutch but need to read lots more to come up with anything at all when trying to actually speak Dutch; so … must pick up a book that’s worth reading (:
in case there are any more Dutch Sethies around:
today, I asked Lot on fb about Dutch books too; she mentioned a couple, & has written one herself! by the title:
‘Beelden in je hoofd. Een handleiding voor beelddenkers.’
(Uitgeverij AnkhHermes)
… I’ll definitely read it.

I was thinking, Chris … this group appears to be quite isolated in cyberspace, since as far as I know, no one will find it except those who are members of Fans of Seth on Facebook - I tried a google search on the words: Seth Jane Roberts, and Seth group - and it doesn’t come up…

Is it listed somewhere else, like groups on Yahoo are?

Indeed it’s not likely to come up in a search since all the Google bot sees is a short description and option to register. I do find that to be, well, a problem. I would like to open it up, nothing is forcing us to use our full names here after all – unlike Facebook. But it’s a community issue. I’m not sure everyone really understands that to be “found” also requires being “open” to some extent. :wink:

We’re on the same wavelength though, I just started approving folks to join Fans of the Seth Material again.

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Well - I have posted in open Yahoo groups for years, using my real name as well, so I didn’t think that was a ‘drawback’ … if this group is meant to be a ‘closed’ group, as such, then not being able to find it serves that purpose. Otherwise I would change the name to Seth Talks Group, since anyone on google looking for a group would put that word into the search engine.


I didn’t purchase sethtalks.com so nobody could find it. :wink: But I’m also going to urge the folks to open up gradually. :relaxed: One of the reasons folks wanted a place away from Facebook was because the Facebook group was public. But this is different since they at least have the freedom of hiding their real name and their friends not seeing all of their posts.


ooh, yes – I forgot about that issue - :-))) (the public/friends seeing their posts thing)

Okay – its your group, Chris, you are in charge. I am open to either closed or open group. :sunny:

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Hi! I followed the link provided in the Facebook Seth group and thought this might be fun. I agree that Facebook conversation for large groups is very difficult.

I am Marsha. I’m 69 years old and I live in Southern California. I read most of the Seth books (through the two volumes of Unknown Reality) many years ago (in the 70’s and probably early 80’s). I found Seth Speaks in a small bookstore, close to my home and I almost didn’t purchase it, because of the picture of Jane, on the outside. I thought it looked kind of scary. But, when I picked it up and read the subject matter on the back, I had to have it…and I couldn’t stop reading, after that.

I did fall away from all of my seeking, when my family started to grow and I just got busy. But, I also became somewhat disillusioned, because at that young age, I guess I expected instant answers and change in my life. I went kind of “agnostic” on everything and left it for a long while. Actually, until just a few years ago. I started reading “The Nature of Personal Reality” again, and then looked for a group on Facebook and found this group. I’ve been mostly a lurker, but contributed in small ways here and there. Facebook is a difficult medium for this.

I’ve recently been studying Abraham, as well, and I am one that believes they are compatible and one in the same. I know, not all Sethians are in agreement over this.

Anyway, very nice to be in this group and I am excited to look around and see what is here. :smile:


Hello Marsha and ditto to all you are telling here. It is much in the same way with me by the study of Seths’…And I have participated with Ricks online Intensive Courses twice as well as his online Conferences.
I am not participating on Facebook. Once signing up to it but soon to find out it was not meant for me… Back in the early 1990s to find a website with Intenational groups studying Edgar Cayce called “The American Sleeping Prophet”. Later on began to study ACIM ( a course in miracles ) where to find many similarities with The Seth Material.
The Seth Material and Seth Speaks are both translated into the Norwegian Language back in the 1990s. But to me, the translations will NOT (my opinion of course) be the same as to read the Seth Books in their original American/English language. I guess it`ll be the same with all translations of books ? Many a time it is dependent upon the Translator(s) as well as the readers "how to grasp it."
BTW: A Norwegian member of the latest Intensive Online Class by Ricks …the class is finished now in April/May 2017…gave me a link to this website Seth Talks ( ST ) and I really liked it ! I am now 71 years old, and resuming my life :smile: LOL, Inger Lise

Hi and thank you.
I’ve decided to register after reading some of the topics and it seemed like a nice community open for good conversations. I enjoy exploring, doing research and experimenting with theories that resonate with me. As someone already mentioned here, to me also it feels good to read Seth books and listen to or watch Abraham-Hicks materials. All taken with appreciation and then experimented with (lived with) to experience how it really resonates in my own current life. Lovely to read about other people’s experiences on this forum.
Greetings to all,


Hi to all. Read the Seth material in the 70’s and am doing a re-do now and so I’m here. Original group in 1977 no longer exists.

I finally finally edited this to say what it should. :grin: