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This list pairs well with my actionable Seth reminders.

  1. There are two ways to get at your own conscious beliefs. The most direct is to have a series of talks with yourself. Write down your beliefs in a variety of areas, and you will find that you believe different things at different times. Often there will be contradictions readily apparent. These represent opposing beliefs that regulate your emotions, your bodily condition and your physical experience. Examine the conflicts. Invisible beliefs will appear that unite those seemingly diverse attitudes. Invisible beliefs are simply those of which you are fully aware but prefer to ignore, because they represent areas of strife which you have not been willing to handle thus far. They are quite available once you are determined to examine the complete contents of your conscious mind.

    If this strikes you as too intellectual a method, then you can also work backward from your emotions to your beliefs. In any case, regardless of which method you choose, one will lead you to the other. Both approaches require honesty with yourself, and a firm encounter with the mental, psychic and emotional aspects of your current reality.

    —NoPR Chapter 11: Session 644, February 28, 1973

  2. In a manner of speaking, each belief can be seen as a powerful station, pulling to it from fields of probabilities only those signals to which it is attuned, and blocking out all others. When you set up a new station there may be some static or bleed-through from an old one for a while.
    —NoPR Chapter 15: Session 656, April 16, 1973.

    [F]or a time you completely ignore what seems to be in physical terms and “pretend” that what you really want is real.
    —NoPR Chapter 4: Session 619, October 9, 1972

  3. The path of experience is nowhere settled. There is no one road that does not have avenues to another. There are deep veins of probable actions ever available to you at any given time.
    —NoPR Chapter 15: Session 655, April 11, 1973

  4. When you are aware of the existence of the entity and of the soul, you can consciously draw upon their greater energy, understanding and strength. It is inherently available, but your conscious intent brings about certain changes in you that automatically trigger such benefits. The results will be felt down to the smallest cells within your body, and will affect even the most seemingly mundane events of your daily life.
    —NoPR Chapter 9: Session 637, January 31, 1973

  5. Illnesses usually represent unfaced problems, in your terms, and these dilemmas embody challenges meant to lead you to greater achievement and fulfillment. Because body and mind operate so well together, one will attempt to cure the other, and will often succeed if left alone. The organism has its own beliefs in health that are unconscious on your part.
    —NoPR Chapter 17: Session 661, May 7, 1973

  6. No matter what your current situation, the answers lie within your own aspirations and abilities. Often you will hold down or inhibit certain aspects of your experience in order to use others — using those available will automatically free you from inhibitions in other areas.
    —NoPR Chapter 19: Session 669, June 11, 1973

  7. [Y]ou have the right to say “no” to certain situations, to express your desires, to communicate your feelings. If you do so, then in the great flow and sweep of your eternal reality there will be an overall current of love and creativity that carries you. Affirmation is the acceptance of yourself in your present as the person that you are.
    —NoPR Chapter 21: Session 674, July 2, 1973


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