Migration of Sethies from FB to another forum

I would love to continue our discussions of Seth, but not on FB. Linda, Lynda, Rachel and others - anyone willing to continue the fabulous discussions here??

What is your fear of Facebook? I’ve been inspiring people with Seth philosophy for over ten years so far without any problems whatsoever…because I create good vibes and my 1,000s of members love it. Visit SETH FORCE – The Adventure in Consciousness Continues, or, me, Ronald H. Card, and I have to offer The Seth Museum Collection comprising all the top, iconic Sethian, Jane and Rob treasured artifacts of the golden age of Seth. I am a practicioner of the material since 1974. Thanks for looking, ron

I have no fear of FB, Ron. I CHOOSE to make a stand and wish to eliminate FB from my life. I blocked you on FB because of your nonsense, because I CHOSE to not deal with it. If I can do the same here, I will.

Hi Dinazanne, I don’t recall you from way back, that was ancient history, however, I’ve evolved beyond any possible nonsense you seem to think of, as I went through stages of development and fulfillment, as all speakers do, and I have thousands of Seth forum members who look forward to my Seth presentations. You are “projecting” and I wish you well on your own adventures in consciousness.

FYI, I’m involved with Kate and Oshara of the Seth House at 458 in Elmira in its purchase and renovation resulting in the focal point of future Seth studies and conferences and a home for my Seth Museum Collection, as the Seth House is where it all began. In the dream state, Jane and Rob as well as members of the Seth entity family, or, We Are Seth, are fully aware of what has taken place and they give their blessings on our endeavors and accomplishments…There are no coincidences or accidents, you know. Cheers.

PS, you have created your own negative opinion of FB, which is your right, and it does not extend to anyone else, you see. Others see FB for what it is, a platform for the exchange of ideas and information. For my Seth teaching efforts, i get thousands of LOVE feed-backs, so my members tell me that I am doing something right and fulfilling for we all create out own reality.

Go away, Ron.
Stop commenting on my thread, please.
I have no interest in what you believe and have no desire to communicate with you.

Here’s the block users thread:

I don’t engage in the FB groups and I haven’t been all that active here, but im always interested enough to pop now and then and join in when an idea or a thread or post elicits an impulse to participate. I’ve been thinking about this forum more and more recently, so I may post on a more regular basis. I’ll see what I feel. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum (as it’s your first thread I believe even if you’ve been a member for longer). :purple_heart:

Thank you! I wondered if there was this possibility. Excellent!

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Dinazanne, My, that’s mighty “Sethian” of you, LOL. Have a nice reality creation, ron.

hahaha, “Go away Ron” - thats like talking to a Mosquito! :smiley:


Oh, Ron! The Mighty Sethian, who blocks people on FB when they don’t buy his yada yada. :smiley: - now you can block me here too, Ron! lol

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Hi Diana, I just had the impulse to check! And you have the pleasure of Ron from the get go, lol

Welcome to Christopher’s site. I havn’t got anything to say just now since this forum operates in a different way. I am used to just posting quotes without any commentary. :slight_smile:

We’ll see how it goes.

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I’m hoping you might put a word in with Linda to copy/paste her daily posts that she does on FB to here? I miss seeing them.
I’m so glad you checked and found me, lol. And yes, Ron from the get go, lmao. Another place to block him… or not… might be fun to get his goat some, lol…

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My, what a pleasant surprise to see Rachel, one of my early Sethian sparring partners, surface after all these years. I trust things have gone well for you since the Yahoo days. Well, it is all Facebook now as FB IS the modern direction platform for Seth studies. Since we’ve chatted, I’ve obtained ALL the TOP Jane and Rob iconic
Sethian artifacts from Laurel that this translates to The Seth Museum Collection, as I am the curator, custodian and conservator of these cherished items, thoughtfully and lovingly preserved and cared for by me as these items bear a direct, distinctive provenance to Jane and Rob and Seth, and my intent is to share them with Seth enthusiasts who will have the unique opportunity to see, touch and experience them first hand at some point in the future when I journey to Elmira and display at The Seth House. And I expect to see you all there, when the dust settles. I wouldn’t have any of this if it were not meant to be, and Jane and Rob and Seth wholeheartedly approve…there are no accidents nor coincidences – Seth. It was in the “cards” all the time…cheers, ron

Oh my. Ron’s House of Cards collapsed and he had to poach of someone else’s life work to find a smidgeon of meaning to his own existence. Tough times, Ron.You have my sympathy! :smiley:

Probabilities, Ron. They all come about. Nothing was ‘meant to be’ - but thats the part that is beyond you since it doesn’t fit your official narrative.


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Dear Rachel, Are you aware that Jane BLOCKED Seth many times throughout her nearly 21 years of channeling Seth? Seth would come back in the next session and complain…if Jane didn’t like what Seth was about to come out with, she blocked Seth…Cheers, ron.

Now Rachel, you are “projecting” upon me, just check in with Rick Boyd about projecting, and, Rick is now teaching Seth on Facebook, and he posts on my outstanding Seth forum, do check it out, Rick remembers you vividly. Out of 8 billion people on earth, Jane and Rob and Seth MEANT for me to have all the top Sethian items as this was worked out in a probable future reality from the past…projected forward, and it became a reality. Your disbelief in this does not detract one IOTA from its reality, you see, it was meant to be…cheers, ron

hahahahahahaha - gawd. I have a vivid memory too, and I trust my own honesty and integrity - not yours, or Rick Boyds! Both of you have problems in that department. You can twist and turn and abuse the ideas in the material - but thats not going to change anything. What is, is – period.

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Dear Ron, of course I am aware of that, and also why,

Your desperate search for excuses in the material is pathetic. You are not the continuation of this material and when you kick the bucket you will know what you do not know now. Your intents and motives. – Clear as a bell.

wakey wakey

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Since you choose to project NEGATIVITY, negativity will come right back to you, for what goes around comes around and you sound rather bitter for some reason; you get what you project. My card house stretches to the stars, LOL…and, like Seth says, I don’t need permission to speak…ron