Proposing an "excerpts" category or "quotes" topic

We need an outlet for sharing quotes in the style of “I found this intriguing and you might as well, but we don’t necessarily need to have a big discussion about it.” - basically one of the things the Facebook group is good at.

Discussion would be perfectly fine and can either happen among the quotes and excerpts or it can branch off into its own dedicated topics with the “reply as a new topic” feature.

We could perhaps create an “excerpts” category with topics for each of the books. Or maybe that isn’t the best and just a big “quotes” topic would work fine? I’m not sure. I don’t necessarily want to burden the poster with the task of determining which book it’s from. Although maybe it’s a simple enough thing?

Thanks to @Mike for helping me realize we need this outlet.

I welcome everyone’s input!


I’d be interested in a category dedicated to quotes, especially from the Early or Personal Sessions books. If you’re reading them and see a short passage that’s interesting, please share! Doesn’t have to be profound. Could be simply amusing, or just a glimpse into Rob and Jane’s personal lives.


I’ve created an excerpts category. We will see how it goes and re-organize as-needed. :smile:
For instance I’m not sure if a topic called “The Early Sessions” or “The Early Sessions Book 1” would be more appropriate, and so forth.

Sounds good. I would suggest that quotes not be excessively long. Posting an entire session might be going overboard, though some might like that.


I agree. Reproducing the entire book excerpt by excerpt would be a bit scummy. :wink:

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OK, brevity. Understood. I’m now posting the entire Seth Material. Here it is (!) Got it? That didn’t take long…ron

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I knew you’d understand, Ron!

I moved 4 posts to an existing topic: Seth related websites

Collecting all excerpts postings in one place is good. Otherwise, the visitor has to wade through a bunch of messages that are related to discussion around posted excerpts. As a small group, now, it is not a problem; but this will make navigating easier in future, methinks.

Good thinking. :smiley:

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