Random discussion about the new forum


James, Since you create your own reality, what difference does so-called perfection mean? The way you live your life is your choice, no one elses, so you set your own parameters, safe, perfect, whatever. Your personal beliefs define whether you live in a safe ora not so safe universe. You do this also en masse. My beliefs define mine. That is what is cool…ron


certain constraints due to the fact that we live in a physical body in a physical universe, per NOPR. hi ron, how the heck are ya?


Forty-two posts so far. Seems like a good time for a first post.


More traffic on Facebook, LOL!


Mmmhmmm. This forum is public though, which is kind of special. :slight_smile: It’s Seth outreach… lol. (Actually I just mean it’s more “available” to seekers.)