Random discussion about the new forum


What are your feelings about linking this page to existing Sethian pages? (For instance www.seth-roberts.org)


Do you mean link from here to there? I’m all for having a collection of links. That would be a good topic. I had one on Fans of the Seth Material. Reproducing it here and making it a “wiki” so users can edit it (brand new users won’t be able to, but after sticking around for a while they will) would help keep it up to date.

If you mean those sites linking to us, I think that’s likely to happen on its own in time, once more of us are here.


Are you going to be as ‘hands off’ here as you are on the Facebook page?


I think this is more of a community policing type of environment. As people are more trusted by the system they increase their type of status and are able to do more things. Of course Chris is the Admin. Its an interesting way to manage and Ive never been in this type of environment online.


In the ways that count, yes, as much as possible. We can use the topic category “meta” to discuss the direction of this forum itself and come to agreements. As usual I want this site to represent, and be, us.

We’ve grown large enough though that some small moderation is required. This is why I haven’t been able to approve the hundreds of users attempting to join the Facebook group in a long while - weeding out the spammers and so forth was quite difficult. Most groups handle this by appointing moderators. One of the greatest features of this forum software is everyone contributes to eliminating spam (or harassment or what-have-you) with the trust and flag system in place. It’s kind of a deep topic I could get into elsewhere.

Now I do plan to be very hands-on in the technical aspect. There are many technical features I would like to bring to the forum at some point. Ways to correlate chapters and sessions, perhaps some sort of search engine project that searches the entire Kindle library of all the Seth books and integrates with the forum, these things.

I’m quickly realizing I need to move this information to the introduction, and expand on it a bit. For instance I should point out that all written word on this site is (not technically accurate, but in layman’s terms) free of copyright. Our discussions cannot be owned! Whereas posts in Facebook in fact are copyrighted by Facebook, the company, themselves.


FYI Linda I have now linked to that Seth-Roberts Center / Seth-Roberts Collection page from the Seth related websites topic. :slight_smile:

I have also updated the introduction with what I wrote above.


Thank you, Chris. It sounds as if you are looking forward to this! :sunny:


It appears you did! Happy to see it working, thanks Hayley!


Just logged in now on Facebook
I’m here
It works


Nice!. Bring everyone on down! :slight_smile:


Thank you Chris - this is magical and wonderful and, and, and, just exactly what it is! Much joy and many blessings to you dear Chris.


I joined last night using FB and didn’t have any problem.


Yup, I fixed it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Whoop whoop! Had difficulties with sign in via FB app on iPhone but works fine from iPad mobile app. Just an FYI :smiley:


Hi all! It’s nice to have a fresh start, and I look forward to some excellent discussions!


Seth Talks / Sethtalks - yes, it’s GOOD =D


@chris I’ve been enjoying catching up on the site using my Android phone. At the moment though it doesn’t seem to work for me - if I go to sethtalks.com on the mobile version of Chrome I just get a blank page. Any ideas on what’s happening there? Thanks!


Hmm no idea. A caching issue perhaps? I’m actually writing this from mobile now. Did the situation resolve itself?


Yes, it seems to be working OK now. Not sure what happened!


Hey, this is cool. I like the new setup, it will make me have to think, lol. I do have one quote, though for the relevance of the whole thing: “I said we live in a Safe Universe. I never said it was a Perfect One.” Any comments?