Random discussion about the new forum

Reality Creation for everyone.

This discussion forum is? :slight_smile:

I’m in! Rawr!

must be 20 characters?

We’re free of Facebook, yahoo! (and Google :slight_smile: ) I’ve long awaited this day…


So good to see you Martin. Were you able to login with Facebook or did you use something else? I need someone to test logging in with a Facebook account since that is the most important one.

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: What exactly is reality creation?

I used Google, it said it wasn’t set up to use Facebook. Google was also the least intrusive, I could have used Twitter also but didn’t like the terms of that one (e.g. it can post Tweets for you).

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Well crap, it IS set up to use Facebook, it just isn’t functional apparently. I will need to repair this immediately. I’m going to temporarily set it invitation-only while I resolve this.

Actually correction, I’ll just try and fix it very quickly, haha.

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ron here, stop by and chat
, it’s awfully lonely…

How can I post photos?

Come in ST001 & ST003…

I’m trying to figure out how to reply to your posts…

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I just signed in the regular way; didnt connect any accounts to it and didnt wait for any confirmation email.

Facebook login should now be working correctly.

Ron & Byron, I am going to rename this topic to something like “general chat” and then I am going to branch Byron’s post which was actually on the topic of reality creation to a new topic titled “What exactly is reality creation?” Y’all want to see that? lol.

Hmm assuming I can figure out how. Okay I’m just going to experiment. I wonder if I can pull out Ron’s first post and then Byron’s or if it won’t let me do that.

HAH! Mission successful! Wow that was easy.


I like this. Its like reddit, twitter and trekbbs.com (one of my fav star trek bulletin boards) now to see if I can change the colors.

BTW, thanks @Christopher, for this.

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Great job @Christopher, a new non-visible to everyone Seth forum using cutting edge tech, what more could we ask for !?


Don’t forget the great .com domain name. Naming things is HARD! I bought about a dozen .com’s before settling on the brillliance of this one. I at least think it’s good anyway. Is it good? It’s like a play on “Seth Speaks” except “Seth Talks” and “Talks” is both a verb but also a noun in this case, as in, a place where we have talks pertaining to Seth!


I see I’m replying to myself, LOL…

I click the reply button to Christopher and cannot reply except here to my posts?

Also, my posts are showing up in my Yahoo email box…ron

Cross-posted this to the Facebook topic:

I have set you three to “basic user” instead of “new user” and I have changed the default trust level to “basic user” (for now, while it’s approval only). I really really really hope this doesn’t silence the very useful and unobtrusive tips that appear around the site for new users. I’m sure @ron and everyone else will benefit from those. I’m going to have to look into it.

Anyway you should be able to do some more things now. Like reply more than a few times in a single topic apparently?

Had to wait for a Yahoo email so I could acknowledge my approval along with more info…I’m getting there…hopefully…ron

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Learning curve…ron

I wonder if its possible to create new categories besides the 2 we have now? They would serve as unofficial forums, like “Manifestation”, “Experiments”, “Quotes”.

Actually it might be better to have a forum for each book like “Seth Speaks”, “The Nature Of Personal Reality” etc and then you’d be free to discuss quotes, exercises or whatever from each book in that forum. It might make the material more digestible since there are so many books.

Indeed! I will probably monitor things and create them as I feel they’re needed. :slight_smile:
Quotes might be redundant in particular since just about any topic is centered around quotes. But the nice thing about this software is say if there’s a topic started called “quotes”, and then each quote quickly starts spawning all these different discussion and we’re like, “whoops probably should have done these per topic”, well I can easily spin out those discussions into separate topics. Hooray! Indeed a big topic called “quotes” would probably be a poor organizational structure, but we can make these errors and correct them easily! :slight_smile:

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