Stealing Seth Material and making courses from it!

Hi guys
Am samaha from Dubai
I spent 2 years studying Seth Material
And I want to ask you about “gurus” teachers and trainers stealing Seth Material and using it to make money without mentioning Seth and Jane Roberts as their source of information?

What do you think?
And why it dose bother me so much!! * even though I wanted to make a course on Seth and dreams before but I felt shity about myself when I was trying to hide the fact that it’s from Seth Material?!


You should do what you believe to be right, and not get angered ever.

I would add, that many have read or heard Seth’s words but few understood them correctly, because they filtered information through their beliefs. When I read Seth, I rarely pay any attention to what Jane, or Ron, Sue comment. When I read others’ interpretations too.

If one tries to make money of Seth, they should obey the law, firstly, and also give the credit for the knowledge where the credit is due. That’s what decent people do.

For everybody the best source of knowledge is their own inner source of knowledge, when it is tapped without bias and expectations. Most people aren’t even aware they can do that.

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Listen dude, believing you should not have ANY emotion that may come up in you is one of the most dangerous things I’ve heard someone say on here. E-motions. They move, so long as they are not stuffed down. There are no shoulds in dealing with inner emotion. Absolutely do NOT splurge your emotions on to others, but do please please please feel them and allow them to be trusted as part of you, then they will integrate instead of stagnate. And please don’t listen to folks like this dude who tell you what you SHOULD be doing on YOUR inside. In sure you mean we’ll pet, but frankly, that first comment you make in your post is pure bollocks. Just had to say so some poor soul doesn’t take you seriously (I hope)

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You do you boo, credit where credit is due. Make that course and just credit the parts that come from seth. Seth and Jane didn’t own this information, it was given freely. Just keep your conscience clean and do what feel just right. :sparkling_heart:

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Been involved in the Seth material since 1974 and the family of Seth, or We Are Seth, continues teaching right now in, Seth University, Dream Campus – my characterization, and a faculty of No-name teachers teach the endless material and all are welcome for the before sleep dream request, suggestion. The energy available to you is endless and unknown to you…ron.

Gosh Cate, not sure what it is that upset you so. I read the comment by Inavalan about not reacting with anger and felt it was very Zen and Buddhist in nature and nothing that should make anyone angry?

Anger should just be recognized as the tool that it is to aid in the realization that we create every experience we have, not some but every experience. And upon that realization we are then better equipped to begin the journey of creating a reality that will make us feel happy.