Thoughts about the World?

Hello Dreamers,

I’m curious about our thoughts on the collective World/Reality we all share in currently…

  1. How do you feel about it?
  2. What do you think about it?
  3. What are you doing about it?
  4. What are you expecting of it?

Please feel free to share your potential thoughts through the use of any symbols you have chosen to represent them. Don’t feel so constricted within your primary language! I realize the urge to speak in coherent sentence patterns is ingrained deeply within you…

But please consider this thread a free pass to express yourself, within the limitations of text and images, how you feel to each of the questions I have posed.

I’ll begin for example:

  1. ##############LOOP#########???#############LOOP############???############LOOPioqgn[ioniv3r0[v34tj9016915=69090=1=050=foermovfklvammlaaf43qfmq3mqv30[nvt[in09[0q4t09=8259t1-rnk+++++++++++++++++;):(:V :expressionless: y can’t we jus make life a dance?
  2. The majority of us are within loops of self-limiting beliefs, constantly limiting the potentials we hold. Seeking comfort in whatever distractions we can to try and quell our swelling inner restlessness. Generally speaking of course. From what I see, you all are exploring and opening up the potentials of yourselves quite well.
  3. talking :no_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: :thinking: :exploding_head:
  4. a better vibe to ride :ocean: :ocean: :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:
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I do not feel constricted by this language; I’m not sure how punctuation marks or ‘randomised’ collections of letters communicate better, necessarily, given that they still compose the sign systems used by linearised languages. Even if the point is to disrupt the usual use of such signs, a system is still being used to convey meaning.

Ohh? Your perception is the limiter - I have neither any interest in your generic and hierarchic commendation of me as a member of this forum nor any agreement with your limited perception of others’ paths of value fulfillment.

None of your business, lol. But, I’ll say this much: I realise that by asking the question you’re not forcing anyone to answer and that, moreover, the invitation is a genuine one. I don’t wish to narrow my world view by answering questions I consider to suggest precisely the constriction of terms you’ve invited us to avoid. Do you see what I mean?

Welcome to the forum! :blush:

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  1. How do you feel about it?

Energized. Polarized. Noticing more within presence. Compassion. Anger. Curiosity. It’s a bit of a stew.

  1. What do you think about it?

Now is always important. And now it’s more obvious.

  1. What are you doing about it?

Daily practice. Taking responsibility for my field and what I perceive and how I react and what I make with my reality. Inviting and accepting other people’s perspectives. Recognizing the value of everything.

  1. What are you expecting of it?

More knowledge and understanding. More potential unfolding. More coherence, eventually.

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Seth talked about our human notions of “good” and “evil” of “right” and “wrong” as being a very limiting belief we have or a very limiting way we have of trying to make sense of the world and society around us.

He has often said we are here for the experience and in the experience, we tend to grow or expand through the push and pull of our ideas and feelings and beliefs.

So, that being said, the world is just going through what it always goes through. The peoples of the world are just going through what they have been going through for time immemorial, a kind of struggle with their perceived ideas of “good” v.s. “evil.”

We create our own reality. We created todays world situations the same way we have throughout time, with our beliefs and ideas.

You could say the world is just a reflection of our mass consciousness at any given moment in time.

Easy to get caught up in, for sure, especially when the mahem is at your doorstep, but the truth is, if it is at your doorstep you need to examine your thoughts and beliefs on the matter, it is like looking into a mirror, what you see…you are a part of.

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It expresses new meaning through the creative combination of existing symbols ofc. Not unlike a LOL or a LMAO in all caps. The subtleties are there and I chose to express it that way because I felt it as a fun play on the need for standardized structure in communication. I simply invited everyone to explore their responses in as creatively free fashion as you’d like through the existing symbols and languages given on our communication systems. Entirely system the of outside go mean didn’t I.
Just tried to make a playful point at how limited we typically are in expression :frowning_face: Like how languages express emotions in varying ways. Such as Spanish’s ability to express sadness as only temporary within it’s syntax but english expresses it more permanently unless specifically stated: I am temporarily sad. See what I’m sayin?

ok. I’m simply observing the condition of the world as a mirror to our very being. The current human gestalt of value fulfillment, while fulfilling, is limiting. I imagine a personality such as yours has a perception so wide as to recognize the reality that nothing exists as separate from you. We were simply complimenting ourselves on the forum, I set no intention of seeming above you because how could I be above myself? I simply seek the same value fulfillment we all fundamentally grow toward, the one Seth has hinted and espoused on. The core of it’s purpose as a teacher.

As I’ve said, you misunderstood my intent. If anything it was an opportunity to explore your feelings and share your individual ideas in as none constrictive way possible through the medium of this forum and known language/symbols. :confused: But in a way you did and I thank you for the response with all its sassiness :wink:

thx u <3

i will reply2the rest of the comments l8r today! They’re all very interesting

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Welcome! How interesting.

It’s for sure been choppy waves of emotions, but I’m happy to hear you’re stirring the stew evenly and not letting anything stick :^)

For sure, all we have is the moment and this moment is FILLED WITH SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC

Vibe for the tribe!

Certainly feels like all of the world is on the cusp of a new paradigm, as evident by this very forum full of speakers all drawn to the same inner potential. The play we’re in is only going to get weirder and more epic. Science is coming to terms with the knowledge Seth has already shared, spirituality is once again swelling within humanity and a new wind is allowing us the opportunity to sail toward better shores.

With that way of seeing the world you could very well say it was born when you were born and it simply grew with your own creative understanding of it. This moment is a mass reflection, that is certain, and giving energy to chaotic emotions or fears would certainly attract such actualities into your immediate field of being. But I must ask, is this world a healthy reflection of you? Is it satisfactory to you? Does society feel natural? This MASS consciousness of personalities who’s very thoughts, ideas and actions are shaping it’s own home existence. A gestalt of energy that bounces and collides against itself in infinitely creative ways, all quite voluntarily. Forgetting how to recognize itself and its infinitely creative challenge it set for itself.

If you truly understand that we create the situations of the world, are you actively co-creating with it in a manner that strives to align with the dimensions of the Natural inner self?

Mind you I mean no ill will with my questions! But I do challenge your understanding.

Hi Sro, Always happy to have an interesting conversation, and I take no ill will from it whatsoever.
It seems like you are wanting me to weigh in on what I think of the world situation personally, without the influence of a Sethian perspective, is that about right?
Personally speaking, I guess my world view changes depending on how much I am focused on my immediate world (art, music, meditation, health and the well-being of myself and my immediate family and friends, vs the emotions that come from watching the World News and in turn, the USA news channels. I do find the USA and World News channels pretty much full of chaos and discord with people seemingly having little understanding of how they create their own reality.
So is that why we are here, to learn to create consciously; or maybe not, maybe we are here to just experience a wide range of situations that create a place for our cosmic consciousness to play in and with.
Thrown into the mix of my personal experiences here on this planet, is my memory of past lives, which only seems to beg for more questions about what this life experience is all about. But does leave me with the realization that life and death are not a permanent state. A realization that makes me feel very chill and relaxed about the whole thing, for the most part.

If I have not answered your question or misunderstood its meaning, please re-ask in a more simple and direct way. I have nothing to hide and enjoy philosophical conversations.