Tunnel of Light, Prison Planet, Cloning — Thoughts/Perspectives based on Seth’s Books/Other Works

I have been hesitant to post the following thoughts/ questions below, because to some (maybe many) they sound outrageous. I’m not usually very vocal or outspoken in forums or any type of social media. I mostly just read. However, I decided to just do it.

I’m new to this forum but not completely new to the Seth books. All of the Seth materials and books I have read have been so very inspiring and truly life changing for me. Above all other sources of information about who “WE” are and our purpose as humankind (through Jane Roberts and Robert Butts) the Seth material seems to be more credible and valid than almost any other material I’m aware of.

In addition to Seth, however, there are MANY other resources and writers who claim to know/understand the “secrets” of life/living on this planet, in this “world”, and in this Universe; “Wars in the Universe”; “Galactic Federations”; why we’re here; and our seeming “fate” to relive the same pain and suffering, over and over again by endlessly re-incarnating into the same life if we don’t “wake up” to who we really are. There are also some who believe in the “End Times” and about the enter the “Machine Kingdom”, especially with the nanotechnology and mRNA being included in the vaccines for CV19.

I’ve read there are some (many New Agers) who think, believe, and espouse the concept that this is a “prison planet”. That we are here on this planet NOT of our Free Will. That our “souls” have been “hijacked” by advanced “beings” (aliens, nefarious advanced “entities”, and/or human scientists working as part of the Military Industrial Complex or higher). Many, in fact believe, that we possess an “artificial soul”; that our “light bodies” are nothing more than “overlays” of our real “hijacked” soul.

I’ve seen/read some of these same people warn against “going into the light” at body death because it is a “soul trap”. I’ve also read that (beyond the cloning that the Nazi’s experimented with) there are claims that we (our “mad scientists”…for lack of better words) are able to clone people. That, most high level politicians and many recording artists, have been cloned.

For most people, these are “conspiracy” theories” and sound so far fetched that anyone who would believe them would seem crazy. However, there are MANY who believe much of the above and even worse. At one time, I believed much of it, but Seth has made me re-think much of this. He has made a major impact on me. I “feel” the truth in his words/work. He has helped me remove the “fear” around the process of dying and made living this life much more meaningful.

My questions to members of this forum who know Seth’s work: Do you think any of this is possible? is even, at all, possible to clone anything more than just a body? Does Seth in any of his works mention cloning? Do you think it’s AT ALL POSSIBLE for consciousness to be cloned or “hijacked”? Does Seth address anything remotely similar to any the questions/topics?

Just wondering your thoughts (anyone’s here) on any of the concepts mentioned above — From a “Seth” perspective.


I don’t believe any those. I haven’t extensively read Seth, but I think that I have a good understanding of his most important teachings, and none of them supports such hypotheses, not even remotely.

To anybody asking what is, and what isn’t, I suggest not to listen to any guru, dogma, author, or other external source, but to turn inwards and tap into their own individual source of knowledge and guidance. Put aside all your existing beliefs and expectations, ask your inner-guidance and you’ll get answers. That is what I do.


Thank you, inavalan, for replying and your view. Did you ever hold any beliefs or views that changed as a result of reading or listening to Seth material?

Since childhood, I questioned the religious “narrative” I was raised to believe, and more recently (within the past 10 years or so) I began to find all these “external” resources that aided my search for a “truth” that made sense to me…that resonated within. You are absolutely correct in stating that “going within” for answers rather than listening to guru’s, dogma, or other external sources is the best (and only true way) of finding our “truth”. However, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Tao, Buddha, the Gnostic Texts, writings on cave walls, … are external sources, including the Seth books/material. I also realize that many do not believe in the things I commented on/questioned. But, these other sources are “out there”, just like Seth, and these (and other external sources) are what we base our “truths” on.

As a “human consciousness”, I believe there are many others in this world who are going through what has been referred to as an “awakening”. This awakening, to me, is realizing that we are so much more than what we have been led to believe, specifically, by religion and religious dogma.

Many are turning away from these dogmas and beliefs trying to find a “truth” that “feels” right”. Many are still searching/seeking a “truth” that resonates, but with all the books, research, and other materials available (especially since the advent of the internet), it can become quite confusing. “Going within”, is of course, the best way (only true way) of “knowing”, but, many still search for confirmation of these “truths”.

I wish I had been able to attend some of the Seth sessions when Jane and Robert were still alive. The legacy of Seth’s books and many of his recorded sessions through Jane, are such a gift. And, I’m wondering, are there any quotes, passages, or words Seth spoke about that refer to any of these more “present day” topics?

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Lindi, Reincarnation, for example, is a form of cloning, the forming of a new life, a portion of the greater self entity, thrust in different times and circumstances within an earth reality for the purpose of learning to use available energy for positive, constructive purposes and many more purposes, the development and use of talents and skills in creating one’s reality. No harm is befalling earth or its inhabitants unless the harm comes from within earth’s inhabitants. We are loved and cherished by the Stars…ron


True, seek within all your answers and run from anyone who says, follow me for I am I. However, when you showed up on your very first day for school, did your teacher start out by telling you that everything you needed to learn was accessible within your vast inner being, and then the teacher turned around and walked out of class, leaving you hanging and pondering what he or she said…OR, did the teacher tell you that, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the school year TEACHING you the meaning of that statement, that is, how to go about seeking wisdom within. A good teacher takes you by the hand and prods you to seek within by giving examples and suggestions and advice, not just giving you ready-made answers, but showing you the way…within. I simply would not have needed to go to school for 12 years and then on to college if all I need to hear was that my full education was waiting inside me. Teachers are the KEY to applying the information and setting the students on their own way to wisdom and enlightenment. – ron

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@Lindi :

Although Christian by birth and baptism, never really practiced, followed, or believed.

I didn’t read any Seth before starting to form opinions about why I am here, what I am supposed to do, … and such, based on my own experiences with altered states of consciousness.

Surely, some of the opinions I had got clarifications and adjustments, but never directly as result of an external source, Seth included.

I use, and reference Seth only for confirmation of what I already found out myself. I never forget that whatever Jane Roberts channeled was to some degree distorted by her own limiting beliefs, even if she was much better than any other channel I’m aware of.

Talking about awakenings … All of us to certain degree are in a trance, as we don’t perceive the reality. I believe that from this point of view, the modern man is much worse than the primitive man, and that education and society push us deeper into a limiting trance. I see both faith and science as major limiting belief systems, counterproductive to humans evolvement when take beyond the crutch level.


I was an atheist until my mother died, my grief stricken sister paid for me to consult with a Psychic Medium. This woman had trained & studied with some well known Psychics, and confirmed to me without a doubt that my Mother was still exisiting. This led to a conversation about my atheism, so she told me to read Jane’s Nature of reality, it took me 2 years as Seth is so succinct but it totally changed my beliefs.

Last year I was quite depressed, Seth was a challenge to read in that state of mind, so I started listening to Abraham Hicks you tube every morning ( after checking them out) these segments fine tuned Seth’s explanation of Our Point of Power is NOW.

My point is you attract what you believe, and because we are Creators, what you believe is what you create.

Put you emotions into what you want, ignore anything negative, this allows you to let go of fear, and let’s you explore your Source.

Mediation is the most useful tool I have found, & now am in a mental state to be able to read Seth again, as I still consider him to be my touchstone when unsure.


Hello and thanks for your reply. I’m not saying I believe any of the things I placed in my questions, and I don’t spend my days focusing on the topics mentioned in my original post. I put these questions onto this forum to find out if:

  1. anyone was aware of these topics, and if so, your thoughts on the topics, and

  2. If aware of the topics, is anyone aware of anything Seth may have said regarding the topics.

There is so much “out there” on the internet regarding the topics in my post. I am/was wanting to find out if there is any Seth material relating to the topics.

I’m not new to this concept of “going within”, meditation, shadow work, etc. to find answers. I have been reading Seth books/materials (as well as other sources of this type of information) for several years. I tend to “lean” more towards the Seth materials because (within my own inner feelings, resonance, and beliefs) the Jane Roberts’ and Robert Butts’ Seth Books/materials make sense, to me. I resonate very highly with Seth.

Regarding cloning, it can certainly be done, but I do not believe that science can insert or trap the “consciousness” of the original “person” into a clone. There ARE people who believe this to be possible, though. They (scientists) may be able to COPY traits via DNA, but I don’t believe they can trap a “personality/consciousness” into it’s clone. But, they (scientists) are trying, via AI.

On the issue of the “tunnel of light” seen by some during a near death experience, there are people who believe this “light” is a reincarnation trap; That going through the “tunnel” traps the “soul” into endless rounds of reincarnation (against free will). I’m not sure what to think about this theory. However, I did find a passage in a Seth book where Seth told Robert Butts about this “light”, which “feels” more true than the “soul trap” theory.

Regarding the topic of the earth being a “Prison Planet”, at one time, I very much believed this; however, my opinion is changing (mostly because of Seth’s material).

I realize/understand that we are all, each, on our own personal journeys. I’m still on my “journey”, and I do, very much, believe we create our own personal reality.

The questions that I asked in my original post were “thrown out there” for discussion purposes, and to find out if Seth mentioned these topics ANY WHERE in his books or sessions with Jane and Rob Butts; not because I necessarily believed them.

I have most of Seth’s books, but it takes me a long time to read them, if I find anything I will let you know, but it could be years LOL


LOL! I have most of his books, as well. I’m currently reading three (off and on). I’ve already re-read the first Seth Book, Seth Speaks, twice. (The first time was around 2013; the second time was last year)

Today, I purchased a Kindle version of Speaking of Jane Roberts, by Sue Watkins, which is very interesting.

Thanks for your reply, RedvanWinkle! The more I read from Seth, the more certain things occurring (and have occurred) in my own life are making sense. It’s like, “yeah, I understand this now; I know this; it’s all coming together.”:hugs:

I know what you mean, I find life a lot easier now, Seth helps me stay on course. It’s a comfort to have that confidence.

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It is an interesting question, the “Why are we here?” I wonder that sometimes, I wonder that lately because of what seems like the intense emotional upheaval that seems to be going on right now in the world. I think a lot of philosophers and spiritual leaders try to answer that but seems those answers are always laden with that person’s ideology and beliefs.
I once, back in my 30’s did some extensive meditation and truely believe that I “jacked” into what I would call the greater consciousness of All That Is. And I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers. But I did notice that all the answers were slightly tinged with my own beliefs and theories. So, difficult to say how much any information is “pure.”
To answer specific questions, I do not think a soul can be trapped. I do not think there are prison planets as that says that there is a police force in the universe dishing out punishment, and that makes no sense to me. As for dying, in that same deep meditation period in my life, I asked what it was like to “die” and was shown, and that remains to this day one of the most beautiful experiences I remember and it always brings a tear of joy to my eyes. So, no fear of death here.
What are your thoughts, experiences and beliefs on this?


…ron speaks…Every person is biologically fully capable of initiating “out of body” or “OOB” experiences, trips, whereby the person psychically requests, like in before sleep dream suggestion, or in an altered state of consciousness, that a portion of their consciousness travel to other places or destinations, for whatever reason intended, and return safely to the body and report back to the psyche the events and visions of the particular “trip,” which may or may not be recalled or partially recalled in the waking state.

In this way, the personality becomes sort of a multidimensional tourist visiting other realities and dimensions and other time frames as well, if that is the choice and intent. Such trips are taken in the dream state whereby time and space have no effect. Such trips can be taken alone or with a group of personalities, known friends and also strangers fill the dream “cabin.”

The out of body personality fragment is tethered to the home personality by a psychic “umbilical cord” a sort of life-line, if you will, which extends and retracts throughout realities and dimensions visited. That connection cannot be severed unless a physical death is experienced back on the home plane or field.


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[Rick Corti](https://www.facebook.com/groups/4547594198/user/

Been some time consciously since I’ve investigated this.

Seeing this Ronald has brought back into focus.

Thank you my friend !

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Thank you for your opinion on this topic. I’m still reading and learning more from Seth. Like you stated, answers coming from philosophers and so-called “gurus” are pretty much “tainted” by their own ideologies. Admittedly, at one time I believed in the concept of “prison planet”, etc., however, I no longer believe this because of the Seth material and going within to find my own sense of truth.

ron is a personality with a message who happens to be physically focused within the earth field, or plane, whose other portions of “his” consciousness exist in other physical and non-physical fields adjacent and surrounding the earth energy field…within the infinite realm of ALL THAT IS, or the God energy that pervaded all existence. ron’s self-adopted job is to open your minds to the fact that you are unlimited beings and you chose physical life as part of your education process, just like you enrolled in school and in classes at a young age, and you had teachers who helped you understand the taught curriculum. Enough consciousnesses got together and decided a new approach to life by becoming physical and creating a density reality from which to experience and express, so time, as you know it, which, incidentally, does not exist in actuality, was created at the intersection of spirit and flesh, and time ended when the personality later died a physical death and left physical reality and the time condition back on the earth plane. Your planet is a psychological camouflage creation, an illusion, if you will, for the purpose of learning how to handle the energy made available to you for positive, constructive purposes. Non-religious spiritual philosophy teachers, there are many, who have been with us since day one, in your terms, who volunteer their services to the earth field want you to open your minds and realize the true unlimited potential you have, your birthright, and these are your “gifts of the gods” for you to use in creating your reality; that your only limitations are those you choose to adopt out of spiritual ignorance. You come with latent skills and talents that you may choose to develop, or not. The purpose of life on earth is to be here, being, as opposed to not being. You do not need to justify your existence for it was – is your choice to be here and enjoy the physical benefits of planet earth, or, more appropriately, school house earth, and you have a right to be here and live your life on your terms according to your beliefs, intents, attitudes and expectations, to evolve, to emerge more knowledgeable than before, and to help others coming up in the system should you choose. – ron…who teaches on Facebook at…SETH FORCE - The Adventure in Consciousness Continues, and you all are welcome for the asking. See you there…or here…

Hi Lindi,
I like what you say about ‘finding ones own sense of truth.’ I suspect that at the end of the day, that is all there is. I am an ardent follower of Seth and Abraham, and can’t help but notice the contradictions and just difference between the two, although they both seem to be speaking “truth.”
I suspect that there is no one truth, that consciousness is far more playful and plastic that we sometimes think. That there is no solid ground to stand on when it comes to trying to figure this all out.


I agree with you when you say there is “no solid ground” when trying to “figure things out”. I am still more “solidly” in line with Seth than any other. There seems to be more consistency and validity in his message (to me); though, at the end of the day, I have to follow my own resonate “truth”. There seems to be similarities, as well as, contradictory information depending on the source. From Bashar, to Kryon, to RA, to Abraham, etc., etc., etc., there seems to be contradictions and similarities. In the end, I’m coming to believe we must find our own truth; which is what I try to do now. Admittedly, I am finding more personal results in my overall outlook on life because of Seth.

You are all explorers and you must keep records…Seth

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Hi Lindi,
Yeah, I first found Seth when I was about 25 ish, 35 plus years ago, and the information was mind blowing. It hit home, it felt so true and right. I also love that Seth will talk about things the others won’t from hearsay, as I haven’t read anyone other than Seth and Abraham, and Abraham seems like a very safe version of Seth for the masses as he does not outright challenge the God concept that so many peoples religions cling to.
But I always remain mindful that what I think of as the definitive truth, is probably not. That we are still processing information with physical brains and experiences, and that is a narrow field of view.
But just the thought of all the stuff I do not know, really excites me, what adventures await when consciousness is no longer in physical form.
It is going to be interesting.


Hey Lindi,

Despite feeling most confident in Seth’s teachings, I often “venture out” so to speak, into all kinds of interesting beliefs that are out there as well. I suppose its the nature of my curious personality, and the fact that I like to have my mind blown with all kinds of ideas about reality. I definitely have always gravitated to Pandoras Boxes, and excitement and curiosity often leads me to stress and despair over entertaining possibilities that are exciting and novel but ultimately not something I’d hope to be true.

I became rather obsessed with Gnostic ideas for awhile this year, particularly in contemplations around the Demiurge. It seems like the things I find the most fascinating can be the most terrifying at times - the idea of a prison planet, that “god” might not be benevolent and that we could be being deceived, that we live in a simulation, that we are the AI of an alien race, that someone can contact a benign spirit through a ouija board, considered by most to be a tool of evil- and sometimes most terrifying of all, that we are the creators of our own reality and therefore responsible for what that reality is.

I’m studying the Nature of Personal Reality right now, which is my favorite so far (I’ve listened to most of the books on audio many times and am finally getting around to reading them), and I’m working on identifying and changing my beliefs. I’m realizing that a lot of these theories I get stuck on stem from a couple of personal issues: fear of being duped/taken advantage of/evil (likely resulting from the frustration of exploring and discarding so many religious/philisopical ideas throughout life), and as a distraction to disassociate from the physical and get away from the here and now. Its kind of a way to shut out my inner being too, which obviously I’m a bit afraid of, in favor of trying to figure stuff out “logically”. I’m struggling a lot with changing my beliefs right now, and I find that my coping skill when I feel out of control is to seek out new insights from external sources, and be more open to ideas that implicate that I do not actually have control. I don’t tend to look at things much from modern psychological frameworks anymore, but I would definitely fit the category of “existential OCD”, where a persistent fear of uncertainty causes me to get wrapped up in certain theories and concepts at the expense of experiencing my life directly.

It doesn’t sound like you were too haunted by those ideas you mentioned and that you’re trying to find your personal truth, but I figured I’d share my experience as these are realizations I had just now while reading your post (I actually came across this forum while googling various theories). I don’t know much personally about the ideas that you mentioned but I’ve been swept away with wonder at so many “spiritual subcultures” and various frameworks that have theories that are just as far fetched sounding, especially with the internet being as vast as it is. Depending on how convincingly it is portrayed, and what parellels I am able to draw from other belief systems and my own personal beliefs, it can go from absurd and amusing to plausible and believable pretty quickly. Reading your post made me realize how I can become so immersed in such random particular ideas sometimes, trying to determine if they hold any weight, and yet there are so many others out there that I don’t even know about. I may as well have used the time to bake an apple pie from scratch.

But, realizing what’s behind this tendency is giving me insight to the nature of my incarnation I suppose, the things I am trying to understand and overcome. I’m not sure yet how I’ll ever become truly confident with not looking for answers from outside myself or validation on my beliefs from other humans. I doubt anyone is ever fully unconcerned with supporting evidence. That’s why I’m super grateful to have found Seth, because it keeps me sane when it gets too far out there, but even with Seth I find I need to take a break for awhile and take a “default reality” vacation, to play the game and be naïve to all the possibilities for a time.

When I am in a pinch for some Seth wisdom on a specific matter, the search engine at findingseth.com is a lifeline. Unfortunately, since they only provide a snippet of the text it can be rather confusing without having the full context. I did a quick search for “clone” and the available passages likely look to be interpretations of rather creepy dreams and mental heal issues that were offered to students by Seth during Jane’s ESP classes. Without full context or familiarity with the book formats, I imagine any passerby doing a cursory search for certain key words might be quite rattled by what they read! I look forward to obtaining the full book collection at some point so I can look up referenced passages more fully :slight_smile:

Hope you are doing well,

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