Understanding simultaneous time

So I’ve been re-reading NoPR (and getting a lot more out of it this time, yay) and I’ve come to the section where he talks relatively briefly about time being simultaneous and our concept of time being incorrect. Of time basically not existing as we think of it. I struggled a lot with this the first time I read it, and I’m still struggling with it. I try to imagine it being that way, to picture a scenario, and I always end up imagining something where time is chronological. So I’d absolutely love any insight anyone has on this.
Did you all struggle with this? What made it click for you? I might not be approaching it from a good perspective, so any epiphanies or insights relating to this would be great. And any examples of things you’ve personally seen that prove this would be like, amazing.


Hi Lena,

Simultaneous time is not something we can really experience, as such, it would involve details too numerous for our minds to hold at the same time, so to speak … :-))) … but a feel for it can be experienced, either with feelings from the past being felt in the present - two ‘times’ being held in imagination at the same time - and as Seth elaborates in this quote about other lives…

Seth: "Time overlays are versions of master events, in that they occur in such a fashion that one “face” of an overall event may appear in one time, one in another, and so forth. Time overlays are the time versions of certain events, then. These time overlays always exist.

(Pause.) They may become activated, however, by certain associations made in your present, and therefore draw into your present time some glimpses either from the future or the past. So-called present time is thickened, then, by a psychological realization on deep levels of the psyche that all events are interrelated, and that the reincarnational experiences of any given individual provide a rich source of experience from which each person at least unconsciously draws.

Such usually unconscious knowledge is of great benefit to the species itself, so that at certain levels, at least, the knowledge of the species is not imprisoned within any given generation at once, but flows or circulates within the overall larger reincarnational picture. Probabilities are very much involved here, of course, and it is easier for particular events to fall within one time sequence than another. I do not want you to feel that you are fated to experience certain events, however, for that is not the case.

There will be “offshoots” of the events of your own lives, however, that may appear as overlays in your other reincarnational existences. There are certain points where such events are closer to you than others, in which mental associations at any given time may put you in correspondence with other events of a similar nature in some future or past incarnation, however. It is truer to say that those similar events are instead time versions of one larger event. As a rule you experience only one time version of any given action. Certainly it is easy to see how a birthday or anniversary, or particular symbol or object, might serve as an associative connection, rousing within you memories of issues or actions that might have happened under similar circumstances in other times.

Actually, that kind of psychological behavior represents the backbone of social organization as far as the species is concerned, and it is the usually hidden but definite past and future memories of reincarnational relationships that cement social organizations, from small tribes to large governments. To a certain extent, of course, you have been or will be each related to the other. In that light all of the events of time rub elbows together. You brush against the elbow of a future or past event every moment of your lives.

In the culture that you know, such information remains hidden from you. Your main belief systems lead you to feel that your present life is singular, unsupported by any knowledge of prior experience with existence, and fated to be cut off or dead-ended without a future. Instead, you always carry the inner knowledge of innumerable available futures (emphatically).

Roberts, Jane (2012-09-01). Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume Two (A Seth Book) (Kindle Locations 2390-2393). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc… Kindle Edition. © L.Butts

Session 931.


Here is one way to think about it…

Imagine that any 3D reality is like a film, made up of zillions of individual frames. The perception of time from the perspective of any individual in this 3D reality is created by sequentially going through a series of frames, the first representing the time of our “birth” and the last the time of our “death”. But the film is much much longer than that. Now imagine that the individual frames of the film are not static as they are in a conventional film, but rather that each frame can change/evolve as required by events in the “past” or “future” in order that the story told by the overall film be self-consistent. In this way, events in the past or the future can change the present. And from the perspective of a being existing at the level of the film rather than at the level of the frames (where we are), all time is simultaneous.


I see it as similar to radio frequencies. I’m tuned to specific frequencies of perception. But there’s a whole band of data happening at the same time on other stations. I’m just able to receive one station at a time.


Unlike you, when I encountered the Sethian Concept of Time, I jumped for joy! From my earliest memories I always bucked the confines of time and space.Even as a small child. I always felt a sense of other times and places within my consciousness, and all it took to experience them was to focus and turn the volume up or down on whichever reality I wanted to experience at the moment. As I see it, the analogy to radio frequencies made above is a very good one.

An idea occurs to me you might try. First, think about your favorite historical period or periods; include mental pictures and sounds about the clothes, the music, the culture and political climate of the era. Picture any films you may have seen about this time. Don’t question why or try to analyze why you like this era, just let yourself daydream throught it. Next, look into the future. If you’re into science fiction, go inhabit one of the films you liked the best. Again, try to smell it, feel the temperature or the breeze. Do this whenever you think of it. You don’t have to make it a big deal sort of ritual or anything. Just play!

I have a feeling that the more you play with these other times and places, the more they will pop into your head at unexpected moments. Take a few seconds to visit the times and places as they come to you. Once you start to really enjoy these little mind trips, (good ones!), I imagine you will start to understand the oneness of all time.

On a more practical note, consider how time stretches and contracts all the time within the context of our everyday lives. I’m convinced that time actually speeds up anytime I’m trying to get ready to go somewhere. Little things that usually take me a minute or two now take me 20 minutes to do them. What should have taken an hour has actually taken an hour and a half.And I’m late!

Likewise, when I get involved in doing something I love, reading, playing the piano, whatever, as long as I am completely absorbed, time loses al meaning all together. When I look up, what seems to have been an hour has turned in to three.

I would be interested to hear is these ideas work for you. I’ll bechecking from time to time [to time to time to time…]


Thank you for the response! The example of the slides actually makes sense to me and helps a lot, and I hate analogies, so it’s a very good one. :smile:


Seth makes an analogy in either The Early Sessions Book 1, or Book 2, where he refers to, I believe, the entity, and “life traces”. The way the entity dips into physical reality for a “duration”, and this is a life.

We each have our own mental metaphor for simultaneous lives, as is plain from reading the posts on this topic, so I will give my own unique one that works best for me, and of course reflects my personality.

I imagine myself, as my own entity, because we are different and yet not, in front of a board representing physical reality. It’s smooth and glossy, with shades of green like a circuit-board. Above this board are very brightly colored traces of light, that float above it but at one point dip down into the board for a particular length, like the copper traces of a real circuit board. They are brilliantly colored orange, blue, red. Each light is a different personality, and where the light impinges into the board is its experience in physical reality - one of my lives. The lines run horizontal. Some of them are placed further to the right, in appearance of being “further ahead” in time, and some are to the left, beginning further in the past. As the entity sitting before this board, I can see them all at once. They all exist “simultaneously” to me, laid out as they are, I can see their end with as much ease as their beginning.

The lines only impinge upon the board temporarily, it is clear to see that they continue to exist both before and after their length in physical reality, just as the personalities do. As I said each line runs horizontally, parallel to the x-axis, but each is at a different position on the y-axis, so “above” or “below” the other lines when viewed straight on. If the x-axis is “time”, then the y-axis is “probabilities”, for each personality occupies a unique probable world. We have probable selves just as we have reincarnational selves. The y-axis allows some of the lives to have overlapping time periods in physical reality, because they occur in alternate worlds - the many-worlds interpretation. The z-axis, as I already stated, is of course whether this particular personality is “within physical reality” or not, it’s a discrete state of either “in” or “out”. And the particular segment at which the personality is “in” the physical, is one of my lives. If I were to crouch down at eye-level and view the board from the side, I would see this dipping into and out of physical reality by each light along the z-axis, and these would be births and deaths.

Of course this analogy can be extended much further, with say, an entire shimmering cloud of static electricity covering the board. Signals are being continually sent between every light trace on the board, at every time, and every probability, all in communication and influencing each other, as future probabilities influence past probabilities. In fact I suppose if we take it really far, each one of these personality light traces is continually splitting into alternate probabilities, so we have multiple lines of the same color running parallel with each other along the x-axis. Furthermore instead of the z-axis having discrete values of either “in” or “out”, this could be a continuum as well, with much more movement along the z-axis than simply birth and death, but hills and valleys corresponding to entering and exiting the dream state and other alterations of consciousness.


For me, simultaneous time makes a hell of a lot more sense than linear time, since the only “bit” of time any of us actually seem to experience is “now.” Think about it. We may remember the past or imagine the future, but even those experiences happen in the now. If all there is is now, then that now is simultaneous for All That Is. Just the viewpoint from which the simultaneous now is seen seems to change.

Our “official” beliefs—and perhaps the way our synapses tend to be wired as a result—is that we only have one viewpoint, which exists in a linear path going from past to present. But that’s just a story we’ve gotten used to in our nows. The now never changes.

I think Seth was attempting to WIDEN our now with the idea of simultaneous time. It is an idea that is much more true than our simple linear one.


When you think about it, there are simultaneous lives going on here on earth. Millions of them. So, I just take that and imagine the same thing going on in many dimensions. All happening at once and interconnecting here and there…touching one another, influencing one another…

Love the responses, above! All very good analogies.


Wow, Chris. You are an engineer, while I am a more intuitive visualizer. I love to see how many ways different minds can think alike.

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I am wondering about the inner senses these days, and if that inner road is the true nature of simultaneous time - that we can connect more deeply to everything by honing those inner skills


I would like to see a visual graphic of that concept, it would make it a lot easier (quicker) for my mind to understand and therefore relate to. It intrigues me about the symbolism that could be conveyed with a painting, or some kind of collage, something Dali might do it!


It is so interesting to read how other people see or sense current time and simultaneous time. I tend to think of my “real” timeline as a path in front of me, with each day as a block or cube on the path that I inhabit for 24 hours. I see all other timelines stretching out to my sides. The energy from any of these timelines can influence what is going on in my day “cube” depending on what I may be seeking or events of that current day that influence me (big and small). I write history, so I sense that I am always connecting with people from other eras (not like in a seance, but in subtle ways that provides some insight, I think) and that it is my job to tell their stories (and that they want their stories told). I don’t think there’s anything special about this. I am not channeling (smile), so I have to do lots of research to try to get the stories as right as possible. Thanks for the opportunity to comment!


I would recommend reading Jane’s book, the Education of Oversoul Seven (you can get the trilogy). This “fictional” novel dealing with simultaneous time applies concepts in a way that I found entertaining, understandable and is an enjoyable read. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1878424173?keywords=the%20education%20of%20oversoul%20y&qid=1449169291&ref_=sr_1_fkmr1_1&sr=8-1-fkmr1


Happy to find this site today! The visual graphic that I like best is the one my late husband used in leading groups in past life regressions and future life progressions. I’m in a helicopter flying over a huge movie studio with a roof made of glass. I can look down and see that different movies are being made in separate studios at the same time. Most have different settings, costumes, music, and are taking place in different time periods. Each studio has an unlocked door to the next studio, so I can go from one to another to check them out and go back if I don’t like one since it’s all happening at once.


I am still trying to fully comprehend simultaneous time myself but I do recommend the Living a Safe Universe by Lynda Madden Dahl she also has a website that explain as Seth’s concepts in easier to understand terms http://www.sethnet.org/seth-talk-sp-1307787364/itemlist/user/64-lynda-madden-dahl.html
According to Lynda and Seth also, without real trust in every aspect of our lives we cannot completely apply any of the Seth material. Lynda helps us to understand Seth’s idea of trust and how to apply it to our lives while also Sharing her own journey. She is also on Facebook if you want to chat to her. I found her recently and it has helped me a lot with trust and feeling and experiencing as best I can simultaneous time. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Seth: “All appearances of time, and all experience of it, must be psychological.”

Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 2
Session 916, Page 358


And I should add that like Rachel said, and Seth has said also, simultaneous time cannot be fully comprehended/experienced in the physical reality but it can be felt in small ways. What I do when I want to ‘centre’ myself and therefore bring my focus into the Moment Point and therefore get a feel for simultaneous time is I remind myself that linear time does not exist except as camouflage, everything is happening right now and there is nothing but the spacious present. This really helps me get a feel for simultaneous time.


I concur. The whole Oversoul Seven Trilogy really brought the concept down to terms I could understand.
It may seem to be a simplification of some ideas which are very difficult to grasp, but one thing it did for me was to make me aware of how deeply the concept of linear time is embedded in our language.


Seth: “The moment is remembered because the emotions experienced at the time almost completely fill the psychic space, forcing all other experiences out. The stronger the emotion the more vivid the moment becomes, the more totally it is recalled. And even in future years such past instances can be experienced as vividly as any present experience. In other words, to some large extent such a strong emotion unites experiences and knocks down the artificial barrier of past, present and future.”

The Early Sessions, Book 4
Session 183, Page 224